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Patriots WR Chris Hogan takes an unlikely path to Super Bowl LI


Houston (CNN)Chris Hogan is the current in a long line of pass receivers who have actually profited of capturing passes from NFL legend Tom Brady.

In the AFC Championship Game, the 28-year-old from Wyckoff, New Jersey, set a Patriots playoff record with 180 getting backyards and he captured 2 goal passes.
“It’ll be something that absolutely I’ll keep in mind for the rest of my profession, and most likely for the rest of my life,” Hogan stated. “Someone informed me that this was going to be a video game that you’ll review 30 years from now and you’ll keep in mind precisely what took place.”

      “He’s been extraordinary,” Brady stated. “I indicate, to lead the league in typical lawns per catch is amazing. He’s made huge plays for all of us season, he made huge plays in the greatest video game of the year for us.”
      After the AFC Championship Game, CNN’s Hines Ward asked Hogan if he had actually ever reflected in his lacrosse days that a person day he would reach a Super Bowl.
      “No, it certainly didn’t ever cross my mind,” Hogan stated. “But you understand, when I began this journey, this was clearly a long shot, an objective that I wanted. When I got here, I simply kept striving and benefiting from whatever.”

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