How Donald Trump changed the presidency in 7 days

Washington (CNN)Forget the first 100 days. It is just been a week and the presidency is being reinvented by Donald Trump.

Amid a torrent of activity, disruption and demonstration, his campaign promises have been honored by the fresh President’s moves on immigration, trade and international policy — and radically reshaped Washington’s part in national and international issues.
    Some things are clear by the end of the week that is jarring. Trump and Beltway conventions will not have an epiphany and suddenly adopt. As president, he is pleased to make use of the backdrop of the White House to improve his many rhetorical wars and will keep conjuring his own reality.
      His staff is learning the best way to work collectively as they jockey for power. And amid it all, Trump still manages to surprise: business leaders and Lawmakers say the star that is larger than life president and former reality show listens more than he talks.
      But his unorthodox fashion can also be raising questions about whether the political system wills just exhaust. Trump’s conveyer belt of executive orders is a powerful apparatus that is representational, however they have been clearly lacking in actionable strategies and details. Later or sooner, he’ll need to show competence in the more difficult job of shepherding his plan through Congress.
      Trump’s first week in office makes one essential question in its aftermath: Can he successfully rule a nation that is separated and complex without bringing his unpredictable behaviour in order? For the time being, there isn’t any solution.

      Man of action

      Trump is making no secret of his top priority: Pay back the dissatisfied voters who sent him to Washington to blow up matters.
      “Think of everything we can achieve and remember who we must achieve it for,” Trump told Republican lawmakers Thursday in Philadelphia. “Now we must deliver. Enough all talk, no activity. We must deliver.”
      In the delivery column, mark down a executive order calling for the construction of a wall around the southern US border — honoring Trump’s first campaign vow. He is also made it better to deport undocumented immigrants. Trump pulled America from the Trans Pacific Partnership trade pact, rupturing decades of US foreign policy orthodoxy that power was projected through multilateral deals.


      After just a few briefings, flows indicated that the position of Spicer was less than safe. Reports in The Washington Post and The New York Times seemed to lift the lid on antagonism between competing power centers in the West Wing. Trump made clear that he had not been impressed by the performance on Saturday of Spicer — a review which other aides were quick to leak to the media.
      In photo ops, staff including senior advisors Chief of Staff Reince Priebus nearly appeared to be jostling to be in the camera frame to highlight their punch and Stephen Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner.
      When Trump was at the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday, Bannon and Priebus were on opposite sides of the space and had no interaction.
      Senior White House advisors have developed more certain than ever — and more insular which they’re delivering for the Americans who elected Trump. They are convinced they’re outrageously misunderstood — and even being actively sabotaged — Washington pundits and from the national media.
      However, some sources said that political trench warfare was starting to attract on Trump’s team against a mutual enemy — the press corps. Disregard for the media burst to the open late Thursday in a interview by Bannon with The Times.
      “The media here is the opposition party. This state isn’t understood by them. They still don’t realize why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”
      Spicer told reporters Bannon “speaks for himself” and is understood to be “very passionate about his views.”
      He added: “Steve’s views on how the media covers conservatives is very well known and as you said, it’s not shocking.”
      Talking on PBS, Conway said “we should all learn to listen more to America and I think that’s probably Steve Bannon’s central point.”
      One man probably unruffled by the West Wing unrest is Trump. He flourishes amid madness.

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