Trump’s new idea? Walls have lined national borders for thousands of years

(CNN)Walls in between nations are absolutely nothing brand-new. The Romans constructed Hadrian’s Wall about 120 years after the birth of Christ to safeguard the Roman province of Britain from the heathens who resided in exactly what is now Scotland– individuals the Romans described as “barbarians.”

And let’s not even speak about the Great Wall of China, the building which started centuries prior to that.

        But isn’t really this expected to be a brand-new period in worldwide affairs? The period following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the lifting of exactly what Winston Churchill called an “Iron Curtain” dividing Europe? An age where the worldwide system surpassed all and nationwide borders were softened since of worldwide monetary connection?
        Guess once again.


        North Korea and South Korea have actually been divided by a demilitarized zone because fight in between them ended in 1953. Each side consented to pull its soldiers back 2,200 lawns from the cutting edge, developing a 2.5-mile no-man’s land.
        But exists a wall?
        North Korea states there is one. Authorities from the North state that South Korea and the United States constructed a concrete wall along the DMZ in the late 1970s. South Korea and the United States reject this.
        But North Korean authorities firmly insist the wall exists, with earth mounded up versus it so that it can not be seen from the southern side.
        In any occasion, the DMZ would be tough for anybody to cross without bring in attention of the soldiers on either side of it. And Korea– wall or no wall– stays divided in 2.

        Hungary– A wall in development

        As Europe comes to grips with a wave of migration of historical percentages, different nations are developing fences and walls to attempt to keep back the flood, especially Hungary .
        The nation– where authorities state that approximately 1,000 individuals each day are crossing its borders unlawfully– has actually started developing a fence on its southern border with Serbia. The fence will be 13 feet high, authorities state.
        Approximately 80,000 migrants have actually crossed into Hungary this year, the majority of them from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, where a ruthless civil war continues unabated after more than 4 years.
        Most of the migrants wish to relocate to wealthier EU nations such as Germany.
        In addition, Bulgarian authorities are protecting the nation’s border with Turkey by developing a fence topped with coils of razor wire.
        And Britain has stated it will construct a fence more than 2 miles long in Calais, France, at the entryway to the tunnel under the English Channel. Migrants have actually collected in great deals in Calais, wishing to stash in trucks and make the crossing into Britain.

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