Kung fu granny, 93, becomes internet sensation in China

(CNN.com)She might be tiny, but Zhang Hexian can pack a punch.

It is among many martial arts moves she is mastered in her 8-9 years of training kungfu. The 93-year old grandma recently became a networking ace that is social after pictures of her training kungfu in China went viral.
For nearly as long as she is able to recall, for Zhang, kung fu continues to be an integral part of her existence.
    “I started when I was four years old,” she tells CNN. “It is my family custom which has continued more than 300 years.”


    And of her newfound net celebrity, Zhang stays fairly small.
    “I never thought about being famous,” she stated. “If folks love kung-fu, my fam can educate them. We’ve been educating folks around here — but I never envisioned we’d get the interest of others all over the world.”

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