Why punishing the media will backfire on Trump

(CNN.com)The stunning conclusion by press-secretary Sean Spicer to bar CNN.com, The New York Times, Buzzfeed, Politico as well as the Los Angeles Times from a news briefing Friday signs that, for all its bluster and bravado, the Trump White House is a government under siege.

In apparent monetary conflicts of interest, the encounter of the President’s several community mis-statements and troubling ties to Russia, the White House has made a decision to start an all out assault on the information businesses that faithfully report on the myths and foibles of the government.
Be prepared to find out positions close and battle for the people’s right to notice and report on authorities without fear of retaliation. To their credit, the Associated Press and Time walked out of the briefing of Spicer when it became obvious he was attempting to penalize news retailers that were chosen.



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    Trump falsely asserted that intelligence organizations had no notion who tampered with the November election, in a period when American intelligence already understood that Russia was at fault.
    The White House employees, also cowed to to interrupt their supervisor of the tendency of making up things, is put selecting scoreless, plugging leaks, and cleaning up the President’s misstatements, unwinnable fights with media businesses.
    Itis an occupation that is hopeless and can supply journalists — as well as the late night humor writers, our wise-cracking expert cousins — with never-ending chances to tell a contemporary variant of an early story.
    We are chronicling, yet again, a peculiar story about the emperor’s new clothing, as well as a court of flatterers too much gone to understand that, ultimately, folks will begin to see the reality.

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