State Department issues travel warning for Mexico – Trending Stuff

The U.S. Department of State issued a travel warning Tuesday for Americans traveling to certain parts of Mexico.

The advisory warns citizens to avoid traveling to certain locations due to criminal activity.

Areas like Baja California Sur, where the popular tourist destination Cabo San Lucas is, and Quintana Roo, where Cancun and Riviera Maya are located, have seen a spike in homicide rates this year.

“U.S. citizens are the victims of violent crimes, including homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery in various Mexican states,” the travel advisory states. The advisory notes tourist destinations and that resort areas in the country don’t have the same level of crime and violence .


The note adds that “gun battles between rival criminal organizations or with Mexican authorities have happened on streets and in public places during broad daylight,” but that there’s no evidence to show criminal groups in Mexico have targeted Americans based on their nationality.

U.S. citizens traveling may come across government checkpoints, operated by military personnel or law enforcement officials, but in a few areas, criminal organizations have established their own “unauthorized checkpoints” and have murdered or abducted those who harbor’t ceased at them. The warning says that Americans “should cooperate at all checkpoints. ”

The advisory follows a March warning that cautioned U.S. college students from traveling to Mexico during spring break.

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Glen Campbell dead at 81 – Trending Stuff

Country music superstar Glen Campbell has died at age 81, Fox News has learned.

His family declared, “It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved husband, father, grandfather, and legendary singer and guitarist, Glen Travis Campbell, at the age of 81, following his long and courageous battle with Alzheimer’s disease.”  

The star’s publicist confirmed that he died Tuesday morning in Nashville. The legend behind hits including Wichita Lineman” and “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” recently released his final studio album. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease six years ago.

He won five Grammys, sold more than 45 million records, had 12 gold albums and 75 chart hits, including No. 1 songs with “Rhinestone Cowboy” and “Southern Nights.”

His performance of the title song from “True Grit,” a 1969 release in which he played a Texas Ranger alongside Oscar winner John Wayne, received an Academy Award nomination. He twice won album of the year awards from the Academy of Country Music and was voted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005. Seven years later, he received a Grammy for lifetime achievement.

He released more than 70 of his own albums, and in the 1990s recorded a series of gospel CDs. A 2011 farewell album, “Ghost On the Canvas,” included contributions from Jacob Dylan, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick and Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins

“Glens skills to play, sing and remember songs started to rapidly decline after his diagnosis in 2011,” the singer’s wife Kim Campbell said in a press release in April. “A feeling of urgency climbed to get him to the studio one last time to capture what magic was left. It was now or never.”

Campbell revealed he had Alzheimer’s disease in 2011, but he went on to record two albums and play more than 150 concerts. At the time, Kim Campbell said the tour was a way to help her husband combat the brain-ravaging disease and spend time with family members who made up his band and traveled with him. 

He also starred in a documentary about life with Alzheimer’s, “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me.” He won a Grammy for his song “I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” which plays at the conclusion of the documentary. The song also was nominated for a 2015 Oscar.

His wife revealed in March that the singer could no longer play guitar or sing.

In an interview in April, Kim Campbell said, “Faith has always been the central part of our relationship. Im so pleased that as Glen has entered the later stages of the illness, its evident that he has retained his comprehension of God. That really comforts me to know that he has that sense of Gods presence in his life, that hes not alone.”

He was married four times and had eight children. As he would confide in painful detail, Campbell suffered for his fame and made others suffer as well. He drank heavily, used drugs and indulged in a turbulent relationship with country singer Tanya Tucker in the early 1980s.

The music legend is survived by his wife, Kim, their three children, Cal, Shannon and Ashley; his children from previous marriages, Debby, Kelli, Travis, Kane, and Dillon; 10 grandchildren, great and great-great-grandchildren; sisters Barbara, Sandra, and Jane; and brothers John Wallace “Shorty” and Gerald.

In late 2003, he was arrested near his home in Phoenix after causing a minor traffic accident. He later pleaded guilty to “extreme” DUI and leaving the scene of an accident and served a 10-day sentence.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Japan ready to protect Guam, defense minister says – Trending Stuff

In the event of a North Korean nuclear attack on Guam, Japans new defense minister said Thursday that his countrys military could shoot down the missiles before they reach the U.S. territory.

In such a scenario, Japan has the right to activate its Aegis destroyer missile defense system, Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said during a session of the National Diet, Japans parliament.

Any attack against Guam would be considered an existential threat to Japan, the defense minister said, also citing a mutual defense agreement with the United States.

Japan lies only about 620 miles to the east of North Korea, which has conducted numerous missile tests this year. Most of the weapons have landed in the Sea of Japan, which lies between Japan and the eastern coast of the massive Asian continent.

Guam lies about 1,600 miles south of Japan.

Onoderas comments reflected what observers have viewed as Japans growing interest in reviving its military and taking a more aggressive stance in the affairs of the Asia-Pacific region than it has since the end of World War II.

Onodera returned to the defense ministers position just last week following a Cabinet reshuffling by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzu Abe. Onodera had previously served in the job from 2012 to 2014.

In March, Onodera led a study that resulted in recommendations for boosting Japans missile response capability, the Australian reported. His department also recently issued a 532-page report on proposed defense initiatives, the news site said.

According to the Australian, Japan is looking to add upgraded ship-to-air interceptors to double its current defense capabilities.

Meanwhile, Japanese cities have started to stage evacuation drills in preparation for a missile attack, and private sales of nuclear shelters have been booming, the Australian reported.

Previously, Japan has said it would shoot down North Korean missiles only if they were directed toward Japan. But last year, Japan enacted a new defense policy, allowing its military to defend U.S. territories and other allies against attack.

North Korea said it was carefully examining a plan to shoot missiles toward Guam, Reuters reported. The development came as tensions have risen in recent months between North Korea and the United States.

President Donald Trump pledged this week to meet any threats from the North Korean government with a response of fire and fury.

North Koreas government in Pyongyang responded by accusing Trump of going senile.

Gen. Kim Rak Gyom, North Koreas commander of strategic rocket forces, spoke to state media Thursday and launched a number of insults at the U.S. president.

He said Trump is extremely getting on the nerves of American soldiers and has showed his senility again.

Sound dialogue is not possible with such a guy bereft of reason who is going senile, the commander said.

This story includes reporting from the Associated Press.

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Confederate statue furor hits US Capitol, as Pelosi and others seek removal – Trending Stuff

Nancy Pelosi and Democratic lawmakers are ramping up calls to get rid of Confederate statues on display in the halls of Congress, bringing the debate over Civil War symbols across the South to Capitol Hill.

Nearly 10 Confederate-era figures are memorialized in the U.S. Capitol, each sponsored by a state. Mississippi displays Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, in Statuary Hall, for example. Virginia displays Gen. Robert E. Lee in the Capitols crypt.

There is no room for observing the violent bigotry of the men of the Confederacy in the hallowed halls of the United States Capitol or in places of honour Throughout the Nation, House Minority Leader Pelosi, D-Calif., said Thursday.  

But even as many cities consider taking down monuments in the aftermath of the Charlottesville violence in a white supremacist rally, the Democrat-led effort on Capitol Hill faces odds of success.  

The 100 total statues on display are part of the National Statuary Hall Collection and arent chosen by Congress. Each state contributes two figurines, chosen by their state governments, according to the Architect of the Capitol.

These are choices for those states Doug Andres, a spokesman for Speaker Paul Ryan, told Fox News.

One Democrat suggests he wants to change that.

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, considered to be mulling a potential run for president in 2020, said Wednesday he intends to introduce a bill to remove the statues from the Capitol building.

This is just 1 step, Booker tweeted. We have work to do.

On Thursday, tourists packed into the halls of the Capitol on a hot August afternoon to see the monuments. Standing in Statuary Hall from the Jefferson Davis statue, one Capitol tour guide, wearing the coat that was customary, informed one tour group about the latest calls to remove a few of the statues.

So we will see, the guide told the group.

The tourists who visited the Capitol on Thursday expressed varying opinions about the proposal.

They shouldnt be eliminated. Its part of history, if you like it or not, said Gary Kincaid, 82, of Sedona, Ariz..

Its time to make a change was said by others.

It probably shouldnt have been allowed to be put up anyway, said Mark Armstrong, 54, an Illinois resident who is retired from the Army.

Speaking of the Confederates memorialized by the statues, Armstrong, who is black, said: I mean, they seceded from the Union. Its being a traitor.

Another tourist away from the Capitol said he didnt feel strongly one way or the other about the issue, but he appreciated both sides of the debate.

Its tough to say, ” said Damian, who declined to give his last name. Its part of our history, but its part of our history people arent proud of.

Earlier this week, Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz called on her state to eliminate its statue of Confederate general Edmund Kirby Smith in the Capitol.

It is time for Florida lawmakers to call a special session to substitute Florida’s Confederate statue in our nation’s Capitol, Wasserman Schultz said.

Other Confederates memorialized in the Capitol include: Alexander Stephens (Georgia), Joseph Wheeler (Alabama), James Z. George (Mississippi), Wade Hampton III (South Carolina), and Zebulon Baird Vance (North Carolina).

Following the 2015 mass shooting at a black church in Charleston, S.C., Mississippi Democratic Rep. Bennie G. Thompson unsuccessfully pushed legislation to remove Confederate imagery from the Capitol. This week, he renewed his call.

Memorabilia don’t have any place in this country and especially not in the United States Capitol, Thompson said. These pictures symbolize a period of discrimination and segregation that continues to haunt this country and many African-Americans who still to this day confront racism and bigotry.

President Trump on Thursday tweeted his displeasure with the recent push to remove Confederate symbols.

Sad to see the history and culture of the nation being torn apart with the elimination of our beautiful statues and monuments, Trump said. You can learn from it, although you can not change history.

The president made a slippery slope argument, asking: Who’s next, Washington, Jefferson?


The push has accelerated in recent days following a rally of white supremacists, protesting the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, turned violent in Charlottesville last weekend. Since then, politicians in a number of states including Virginia, Kentucky and Maryland have called for the elimination of statues.

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Teens filmed, laughed while man slowly drowned, authorities say – Trending Stuff

Authorities in Florida say that a group of teens recorded the drowning of a man and did nothing as they made fun of his struggles to help.


Jamel Dunn, 32, of Cocoa, drowned in a retention pond July 9. His body was recovered July 14, two days after his fiancee reported him missing. Last week, a friend of Dunn’s family came across the video and forwarded it to authorities in Brevard County.

In the video, which was published by the Florida Today paper Thursday, the teens can be heard laughing at Dunn as he splashes futilely in the water and screams for support.

“Get out the water, you gonna die,” yells one, while another yells, “aint nobody fixing to help you, you dumb (expletive).” As Dunn disappears under the water, one of the adolescents states, “Oh, he just died.”

Investigators say none of the adolescents all between 14 and 16 years old called 911 to report Dunn’s drowning or attempted to help the guy.

“They just laughed the whole time,” Cocoa Police Department spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez told Florida Today. “He was just screaming … for someone to help him.

Police said the teens were identified and questioned by detectives, but it’s unlikely they will face charges, since they were not directly involved in Dunn’s death.

The Brevard County State Attorney’s Office called the video a “tragedy” and said the teens had “no moral justification” for not trying to help Dunn.  

Click for more from Florida Today.

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Trump targets Congress members’ own health plans after ObamaCare repeal falls flat – Trending Stuff

President Trump, hoping to prod reluctant lawmakers to attempt for an ObamaCare overhaul deal, has zeroed in.  

The president’s ultimatum to Congress: Figure out a way forward on health care, or lose a valuable insurance. The advantage allows part of their ObamaCare premium prices to be covered by taxpayers.  

The president will not accept those who said it’s, quote, time to move on, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway said on “Fox News Sunday.”

The president has twice threatened to target the advantage in the wake of Senate Republicans failing to pass their so-called repeal health care program that was skinny on Friday.  

If ObamaCare is hurting people, & it is, why shouldnt it hurt the insurers & why should Congress not be paying what public pays? Trump tweeted on Monday. Over the weekend, Trump similarly warned he would “end” that the “BAILOUTS” for members of Congress if they don’t pass a health bill soon.

The president issued the warning both to the insurer (referring to controversial payments which could be in jeopardy) and to Congress. But his threat to terminate the advantage for the latter, the subject of a long-running Washington battle, could grab lawmakers’ attention — considering allies say he has the authority to follow through.  

I think the president would be absolutely within his rights to cancel the Obama rule that conferred this subsidy on Congress, Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., said. 

The carve-out itself dates back to 2013. 

Under the Obama administration, the Office of Personnel Management decided to grant what is often described as an exemption under the Affordable Care Act allowing lawmakers and their staff to keep getting a government subsidy for health care. 

This required a special OPM decision to categorize Congress as a small business, allowing lawmakers and their aides to get government payments as an employer contribution through the exchange. Absent that, they would have been directed onto the individual exchange which prohibits an employer contribution. 

The decision has drawn criticism from Republicans for years. 

DeSantis said killing the exemption would give lawmakers an incentive to get a health care plan approved. 

I applaud the president for raising this issue and I think if he moves swiftly on it, I think youd see a lot of these members and senators would want to work to repeal ObamaCare very quickly, DeSantis said on Fox & Friends Monday, adding that he personally declines the “subsidy.” 

DeSantis, who introduced legislation in January to end these exemptions, referred to the rules that apply to small businesses with 50 employees or less. Congress, by contrast, employs over 20,000. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., have been outspoken on the exemptions as well, pushing to repeal payments for members of Congress.

Other Americans who are in these exchanges are not getting employer subsidiesits illegal and yet somehow Congress gets a work-around, DeSantis said. 

But in a tweet storm on Saturday, Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy slammed Trump for his threat.

This is a clear threat to Congress: pass my health bill or as punishment I will end health care for you, your staff, & your constituents, Murphy tweeted. Trump isnt saying these things will happen naturally. He has the power to cut off health care for leg branch employees & crater exchanges.

Murphy added moments after, I would argue this is a very serious moment. President making personal threats to us and our constituents if we dont pass his bill.

Conservative groups have also pushed to end the exception for congressional members and staffers. Just last week, 40 leaders of conservative groups wrote the president a letter, urging him expeditiously to end the scheme.

This fraud of instructing Congress to masquerade as a small business was the key to the scheme, because if members of Congress and their staff had signed up for ObamaCare under the individual exchangeas any other American losing employer coverage has tothey would have had to pay their own premiums, the letter stated, telling Trump he has the power to end the scheme by directing OPM to rescind the Obama rule.

White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short said this policy is a perfect example of the swamp-like atmosphere in D.C.

OPM and the Obama administration put out a special ruling that said that members of Congress and staffs dont have to live by this law, he told “Fox & Friends.” 

Short criticized the subsidy for Capitol Hill.

You are currently forcing us to live with this, but you are getting an exemption, Short said.  

Brooke Singman is a Reporter for Fox News. Follow her on Twitter at @brookefoxnews.

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Trump honors veterans at Celebrate Freedom Rally – Trending Stuff

President Donald Trump provided an Independence Day address honoring American veterans numerous whom originated from the Washington, D.C. location to go to the Celebrate Freedom Rally at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

America is a land abundant with heroes, stated Trump at the occasion, which consisted of injured warriors who are clients at the Walter Reed Medical.

During his speech, the president personally saluted World War II veteran Harry Miller for his long-lasting service and injured warrior Luis Avila. Miller got in the reserves at 15, although he was not old sufficient to serve. He battled in Europe and in The Battle of the Bulge. Avila, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, was on a 5th implementation when he was injured, losing his leg, throughout an intelligence reconnaissance objective.

We all bleed the very same red blood, stated Trump, assuring an adoring crowd that America would win once again.


Choirs carried out The Battle Hymn of the Republic and other hymns and debuted a tune with the lyrics make America terrific once again Trumps project motto.

Since the finalizing of the Declaration of Independence 241 years back, America constantly verified that liberty originates from our developer. Our rights are offered to us by God, and no earthly force can ever take those rights away. That is why my administration is moving power from Washington and returning that power back where it comes from individuals, Trump stated.

Our spiritual liberty is preserved in the initial modification in the Bill of Rights. The American creators invoked our developer 4 times in the Declaration of Independence,” stated Trump. “Benjamin Franklin advised his associates at the Constitutional Convention to start by bowing their heads in prayer. Engraved on our currency are the words: In God We Trust.


Evangelical megachurch First Baptist Dallas sponsored the occasion. Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress, who was a strong backer of Trump, stated in a declaration: We have in President Donald J. Trump one of the terrific patriots of our modern-day age and a president who treasures the sacrifice and service of those in our armed forces.

Overwhelming assistance from evangelical citizens assisted move Trump to triumph in 2016. The phony media aimed to stop us from going to the White House, however Im president and theyre not, he stated.

The Associated Press added to this story.

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Virginia law will give drug addicts clean needles – Trending Stuff

A new law in Virginia will permit health departments to provide clean needles to drug addicts in order to help decrease the spread of disease.

The new legislation, signed by Gov. Terry McAuliffe, D-Va., is meant to prevent drug addicts from spreading infections and disease by sharing needles with other people, according to Laura Kornegay, the health director at Central Shenandoah Health District.


A lot of that is driven by an increase in IV heroin use. So we have concerns from a public health aspect about transmission of hepatitis B and hepatitis C with reuse of needles,” Dr. Kornegay told WHSV.

Dr. Kornegay said that drug addicts visiting the health department looking for clean needles will give health officials the opportunity to test the addicts for diseases or push them toward drug therapy.


At least 1,420 people died in Virginia in 2016 from drug overdoses, according to The Washington Post.

The controversial bill will become law July 1.

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Virginia man caught on camera burning American flag turns himself in – Trending Stuff

A male captured on video camera burning an American flag on the front patio of a Richmond, Va. house gave up to authorities, authorities stated Thursday.

Andrew Rosas, 26, of Richmond, was accuseded of arson after he turned himself in Wednesday night.

Jim Tanner, the owner of the house where the fire was set, informed the Richmond Times-Dispatch that he desired Rosas “prosecuted to the complete level of the law.”

“If hes going to burn a flag for no factor at all, who understands exactly what hes going to do?” Tanner informed the paper.

Tanner discovered his flag in ashes on his patio after he awakened Wednesday early morning. He inspected his security cam video and found a male had actually approached his home around 2 a.m., attempted to untie the flag, then took out a lighter to burn the flag when it wouldnt come off. If it had actually spread out, #peeee

Tanner informed regional media outlets the fire might have damanged his house and those of his next-door neighbors.

“These homes are 115-120 years of ages,” Tanner informed WRIC . “They increase genuine fast. Theyre tinderboxes.”


It was not instantly clear whether Rosas would deal with added fees. Burning a flag with malice is a misdemeanor offense in Virginia.


It was likewise unclear exactly what Rosas’ intention was for setting the flag alight.

“I do not believe this had to do with burning an American flag. I believe this has to do with, well, I cannot get this unhooked so I’m simply going to capture it on fire,” Tanner informed WTVR .

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Canadian sniper sets world record with 2.2-mile pickoff of ISIS fighter – Trending Stuff

A Canadian sniper set what appears to be a record, picking off an ISIS fighter from some 2.2 miles away, and disrupting a potentially deadly operation by the terror group in Iraq.

Shooting experts saythe fatal shotat a world-record distance of 11,316 feet underscores how stunningly sophisticated military snipers are becoming. The feat, pulled off bya special forces sniper from Canadas Joint Task Force 2, smashed the previous distance record for successful sniper shots by some 3,280 feet, a record set by a British sniper.

… the true challenge here was being able to calculate the actual wind speed and direction all the way to the target.

– Ryan Cleckner, former U.S. Army Ranger sniper

“The Canadian Special Operations Command can confirm that a member of the Joint Task Force 2 successfully hit a target from 3,540 metres [2.2 miles],” the Canadian military said in a statement.

While officials would not say where the shot took place, the statement noted the command “provides its expertise to Iraqi security forces to detect, identify and defeat Daesh activities from well behind the Iraqi security force front line in Mosul.”

The new record was set using a McMillan TAC-50, a .50-caliber weapon and the largest shoulder-fired firearm in existence.

Ryan Cleckner, a former U.S. Army Ranger sniper who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and wrote the authoritative Long Range Shooting Handbook, called the feat an incredible accomplishment, one that owes as much if not more to the spotters expertise as to the shooter’s skill.

The spotter would have had to successfully calculate five factors: distance, wind, atmospheric conditions and the speed of the earths rotation at their latitude, Cleckner told Fox News.

Because wind speed and direction would vary over the two miles the bullet traveled, the true challenge here was being able to calculate the actual wind speed and direction all the way to the target.

Atmospheric conditions also would have posed a huge challenge for the spotter.

To get the atmospheric conditions just right, the spotter would have had to understand the temperature, humidity and barometric pressure of the air the round had to travel through.

Cleckner said that while the ammunition that Canadian special forces use in the TAC-50 is off-the-charts powerful, with some 13,000 foot-pounds of force when it comes out of the muzzle, the speed of a bullet, a 750-grain Hornady round, is not as important as the aerodynamic efficiency of the bullet.

The key to having a sniper round travel that far and hit a small target has less to do with speed and more to do with the efficiency with which the projectile moves through the air, he said.

Thats because while sniper bullets exit the muzzle at several times the speed of sound they eventually slow down to less than the speed of sound, and at that point they become less stable. An efficiently designed bullet reduces that instability, he explained.

Dennis Santiago, California-based firearms expert and instructor, said the partnership between the spotter and the shooter is critical.

“Equipment is just a starting point. The shooter on a military team will surely be skilled enough to hold hard on the ‘aimpoint’ and fire the shot accurately,” he told Fox News. “The spotter member of the sniper team is responsible for telling the shooter the precise moment the atmospherics align with the calculations they’ve made. When it comes together, it’s ‘mission accomplished’.”

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