The Swedish 15-year-old who’s cutting class to fight the climate crisis – Trending Stuff

Greta Thunberg and friends outside the Swedish parliament Photograph: Michael Campanella for the Guardian

Her teachers were telling her to turn off the lights and save paper, then flying off to New York for a holiday. For Greta, this was just not good enough: Everyone believes that we can solve the crisis without effort, without sacrifice, she wrote in an article widely circulated on social media and translated into English.

While on strike, she has done a lot of homework and read three books, her father says.

She is supposed to be in school, we cannot support her action. But we respect that she wants to make a stand. She can either sit at home and be really unhappy, or protest and be happy.

Greta has Aspergers syndrome, which in the past has affected her health, he says. She sees her condition not as a disability but as a gift which has helped open her eyes to the climate crisis.

The best thing about my protest has been to see how more and more people have been coming and getting involved, Greta says.

I dont care if I get into trouble at school. I believe that one person can make a difference.

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