Florida professor suggests Texans deserve Harvey for supporting Trump – Trending Stuff

A University of Tampa professor of sociology apologized for a tweet on Sunday indicating that Texans deserved Hurricane Harvey because of their support for President Trump in the 2016 election.

“I don’t believe in instant Karma but that kinda feels like it for Texas,” Ken Storey wrote in the original tweet, according to Campus Reform. “Hopefully this will help them realize the GOP doesn&rsquo. ”

Responding to a commenter who pushed back Storey reportedly wrote: “Well, the folks there need to do more to stop the wicked their condition pushes. I’m blaming individuals who support the GOP there. ”

The commenter requested Storey if Trump supporters in Florida deserved a similar fate.

“Yep, people who voted for him here deserve it. ”

After the tweet began to make waves on social networking, the professor tweeted Monday day: “I profoundly regret a statement I posted yesterday. I never meant to wish ill will. I hope all affected by Harvey recover. ”

He ultimately deleted the tweet, according to Campus Reform.

Eric Cárdenas, Director of Public Information at The University of Tampa, told Fox News in a statement: “The University of Tampa stands with the people affected by Hurricane Harvey, and our thoughts and prayers are with all. The comments made by Kenneth Storey were created via his social networking account. They were not made as a faculty member within his capacity, and they don’t represent the University’s views. The University of Tampa condemns these comments and the sentiment behind them. Storey has publicly apologized for his comments. ”

Harvey was blamed for at least three confirmed deaths, including a woman killed Monday in the town of Porter, northeast of Houston, when a large oak tree dislodged by heavy rains toppled onto her trailer home.

A Houston television station reported Monday that six family members were believed to have drowned when their van was swept away by floodwaters. The KHOU report was attributed to three family members the channel did not identify. No bodies have been recovered.

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