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A 30-year-old man was outraged Tuesday when a judge ordered him to vacate his parents’ home. The order came after a monthslong effort by the couple to get him to leave their  New York residence.

Michael Rotondo appeared in court for 30 minutes Tuesday after his parents, Christina and Mark Rotondo, filed a petition in the Supreme Court of New York State claiming they’ve had enough of their son living under their roof, reported.

State Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood praised the son for doing his legal research and citing a “common law requirement” that required family members to give a six-month notice before eviction.

However, Greenwood called it a simple internet search and said the six-month demand was “outrageous.” Michael, in turn, called the eviction order “outrageous.” He continued to slam the judge’s order outside the courtroom, the report stated.

The eviction drama began on Feb. 2 when the parents left their first note, saying Michael had two weeks to vacate his room at the family’s Camillus home, CNYCentral reported. 

“Michael, After a decision with your Mother, we have decided you must leave this house immediately. You have 14 days to vacate. You will not be allowed to return. We will take whatever actions are necessary to enforce this decision,” the note read.


Michael appeared to take the threat lightly. The Rotondos tried again with another strongly-worded note dated Feb. 13 saying: “Michael Joseph Rotondo, you are hereby evicted…[from the home] effectively immediately.”

“Any action you take that can be construed as threatening or harassing…us or prevents or obstructs our ability to use the house or property…as we see fit will result in your immediate removal from the premises,” the mother wrote.

Michael had 30 days to vacate, as recommended by the couple’s lawyer. The mother warned “legal enforcement procedure will be instituted immediately” if he wasn’t out of the house by March 15, the full note released by stated.

The couple decided to add an incentive and penned a third note five days later saying they were graciously giving him $1,100 to help him find a place to stay. They also offered some advice such as organizing his personal items, selling valuables for money and finding a job.


As the March 15 deadline approached, it seemed like Michael wasn’t budging. The couple wrote another note on March 5 claiming there had been no indication their son would leave.

The note adds, “Be aware that we will take any appropriate actions necessary to make sure you leave the house as demanded.”

Yet, the deadline passed and Michael was still living at his parents’ home. In the last note before the court filing, the Rotondos addressed an issue with Michael’s car that was reportedly still sitting in the parents’ driveway.

The couple initially went to the town’s court in April to evict their son, but was told they could only remove a family member from their home through ejectment proceeding.

Michael said in court on Tuesday his parents didn’t support him when it came to food and laundry — only with a place to live. He said he believed the judge didn’t fully read the case and vowed to appeal the decision.

The parents’ lawyer said the couple was hoping for a court order that the sheriff’s deputies could enforce.

No specific move-out date was provided in court on Tuesday, however the parents’ lawyer said it would be a reasonable enough time for Michael to move out.

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