Baby Trump Balloon Flies Over Copenhagen Despite Canceled Visit

Phtoographer: Morten Skovgaard

A giant Trump Baby balloon hovered above Copenhagen’s tourist hotspot on Monday as part of a series of demonstrations planned for the U.S. president’s now canceled visit to Denmark.

Thousands of people said on social media they planned to attend a Stop Trump rally at the U.S. embassy planned for later in the day. A pro-Trump parade organized by a group calling itself Danes for Donald Trump attracted less interest on Facebook.

Trump canceled his Sept. 2-3 state visit after his attempt to buy Greenland was rebuffed. The controversy even prompted a viral video by a Danish lawmaker schooling Trump on the merits of wind energy.

“We wanted to give people a vehicle to show their opposition to the president and his politics,” said Morten Skovgaard, who hired the balloon, also known as the Trump Blimp, which become famous worldwide after it featured in Trump’s July 2018 visit to London.

Asked about expected numbers, Skovgaard said: “Judging from the media attention and all the traction on Facebook we expect a massive turnout. Trump would call it huge.”

A Danish computer games entrepreneur, Nicholas Francis, has agreed to cover the costs of the event, estimated by Skovgaard at $7,350.

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