Bruce Springsteen plays farewell gig for Barack Obama at the White House

The Boss, a routine visitor to the White House, played a 15-song acoustic set for the president and his personnel

Bruce Springsteen , basically a routine visitor at the White House current years, bade goodbye to the Obama administration by going back to the White House recently for a 15-song goodbye gig for the president and his personnel.

The Springsteen fansite Backstreets, which evaluates every Springsteen program, no matter how difficult it may appear to obtain into, brings a report on the program , approximating participation at 200 to 250.

Springsteen who got the governmental medal of flexibility in 2015 carried out acoustically. He was signed up with by his partner, Patti Scialfa , on 2 tunes Tougher Than the Rest and If I Should Fall Behind.

Backstreets reporter composed:

It was an imagine a setlist Bruce opened with a really quick note of thanks to the personnel and the president who were being honoured prior to introducing into Working on the Highway. That opener led into an amazing Growin Up for a dynamic start, however very little of the set was so positive, with haunting readings of tunes like My Hometown, My Fathers House, and Devils &Dust. The state of mind in the space the entire night both reception and show was not precisely sombre, however it wasnt joyful, either. It was elegiac, Id state. There was a clear sense of something ending, both with the conclusion of an experience for the personnel and the quiet existence of the coming political shift. Bruces manner was absolutely in line with that total ambiance.

The report kept in mind that Springsteen presented the majority of the tunes: prior to Tougher Than the Rest, he mentioned how Barack and Michelle Obama had actually set an example through the 8 years of the presidency; Long Walk Home was preceded by commentary about remaining in a hard minute and preserving optimism.

The program concluded with a couple of words of thanks from Springsteen, prior to Obama thanked both the entertainer and the White House personnel.

The complete setlist:

Working on the Highway
Growin Up
My Hometown
My Fathers House
The Wish
Thunder Road
The Promised Land
Born in the USA
Devils &Dust
Tougher Than the Rest (with Patti Scialfa)
If I Should Fall Behind (with Patti Scialfa)
The Ghost of Tom Joad
Long Walk Home
Dancing in the Dark
Land of Hope and Dreams

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