Hilary Duff mommy-shamed after posting Instagram picture of baby’s pierced ears

(CNN)At first glance, Hilary Duff’s latest Instagram post featuring her daughter playing with a pair of sunglasses is harmless. But some fans looked closer, catching a glimpse of the object that has now become a subject of controversy: a tiny stud in the baby’s ear.

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The earrings appear to be new, as the studs weren’t visible in photos from June. Some commenters are taking great offense to the recent additions, saying the piercings are child abuse. Others are vowing to unfollow the actress.

A lot of people are coming to her defense too, saying that piercing babies’ ears is common in many cultures. One such defender was PreMadonna from the VH1 reality show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

“Get off this post mom shaming … you guys piercing is apart of some cultures how dare you compare it to abuse,” she commented, with an emoji of the Ghanaian flag.

“FYI: 99.9% of latinas get our ears pierced before we even get a bath for the first time. So chill, we’re all good!” another commenter said.

Some compared the ear piercing to male circumcision, saying that if one was OK, so was the other.

Duff’s daughter, Banks Violet Bair, was born last fall and is less than a year old. No matter which side of the debate you fall on, one thing is for sure: The baby looks pretty happy.

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