Britain’s navy keeps eye on Russia’s ‘ship of shame’

(CNN)Britain’s defense secretary had some extreme words for the Russian armed force on Wednesday as UK warplanes and warships tracked Russia’s only carrier through the English Channel.

“We are keeping a close eye on the Admiral Kuznetsov as it skulks back to Russia; a ship of pity whose objective has actually just extended the suffering of the Syrian individuals,” Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon stated.
The provider and its escort are on their method back to Russia after taking part in airstrikes in Syria. They left the Mediterranean Sea previously this month .

      Britain's navy keeps eye on Russia's 'ship of shame'

      Britain's navy keeps eye on Russia's 'ship of shame'



      At the time, Russia stated the Kuzentsov’s trip was “to guarantee marine existence in the essential locations of the world ocean. Unique focus will be made on securing security of maritime traffic and other kinds of Russian maritime financial activity as well as reacting to brand-new sort of modern-day risks such as piracy and global terrorism.”
      But others took a various view.
      “It’s a program of force and a program of abilities,” Peter Felstead, editor of Jane’s Defence Weekly, informed CNN in October. “In regards to strike objectives, they (the Russians) might simply as quickly have actually performed them with the land-based airplane they currently have in Syria.”

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