Why Syria could be Trump’s biggest problem

(CNN)President Donald Trump has actually evaded his very first huge diplomacy obstacle.

The statement by acting State Department spokesperson Mark Toner that the United States ambassador to Kazakhstan will go to Russian started Syria peace talks in Astana, starting Monday takes pressure off the Trump administration.
    Why Syria could be Trump's biggest problem

    Why Syria could be Trump's biggest problem



      Ceasefire in Syria appears to hold

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    Trump likewise concerns the negotiating table as United States ally Turkey appears to be relying on Putin. Turkey is significantly mad that the United States has actually backed Kurds to eliminate Assad and ISIS in Syria.
    What would Putin desire in return for any handle Syria? Basic, however most likely beyond Trump’s reach to offer: acknowledgment of Putin’s suzerainty in Syria, sanctions raised over his seizure of Crimea and attack into Ukraine, and NATO to step far from Russia’s border.
    That alone is a high order, however to press through an offer that overlooks Middle East allies would amount Obama’s vacillation on chemical weapons, when he promised to strike back if Syria released such weapons, then didn’t. Putin would win, and United States local utilize would wither.

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