Nuclear Nations Fast Facts

(CNN)Here’s a look at the thing you should understand about atomic states.

States with supported nuclear arms:
260 war heads, 50-60 atomic able intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs)
France – Approximately 290 war heads
    India – 90-110 nuclear war heads
    Pakistan – 90-110 nuclear warheads
    Russian Federation – 1,643 warheads on 528 tactical nuclear delivery methods
    United Kingdom – Approximately 225 tactical warheads
    United States – 1,597 deployed warheads on 785 shipping methods
    States with unconfirmed nuclear-weapons:
    Israel Suspected to have sufficient plutonium for 100-200 nuclear-weapons
    North Korea – It is believed that North Korea could have as numerous as 20 nuclear war heads
    States suspected of developing nuclear arms:
    – In 2003, the IAEA launched a a study about Iran’s key nuclear improvement above an interval of 18 years. The report affirms that Iran has created modest quantities of plutonium and uranium. Iran maintains that it’s building nuclear energy for peaceful motives, its right underneath the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
    Iran currently has a great deal of the foundations required to get a nuclear bomb — such as centrifuges, which would be the devices that change normal uranium to the essential component, highly enriched uranium, required to produce a bomb. Iranian officials insist their nuclear program is meant for peaceful goals. World powers, for instance, United States, need to control the atomic program in Iran to be sure that it stays from having a nuclear bomb, and Iran is eager as it can to keep as much of its own atomic program.
    States which possess the capacity to create nuclear arms, but promise to not have some atomic aspirations:
    Japan – On November 30, 2006, Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso said that Japan possesses the wisdom and capability to make nuclear arms, but has no plans to take action.
    States which have abandoned nuclear-weapons or weapons plans in recent years:
    – Still h AS civilian atomic system.
    Kazakhstan – Although it inherited nuclear war heads subsequent to the fall of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan dismantled them.
    Ukraine – After the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine had the third biggest arsenal of nuclear arms. The arms were transferred straight back to Russia.
    South Africa – Became a “non-nuclear weapons state” in 1991.

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