Palestinians in raptures as Yaqoub Shaheen wins Arab Idol TV contest

Thousands take to streets of West Bank and Gaza to see and observe the triumph in the extremely popular pan-Middle East present

Palestinians have taken to the road to observe the success of the compatriot Yaqoub Shaheen in the Middle East tv that was extremely popular talent-show Arab Idol.

This years closing, filmed in Lebanon, was between Ammar Mohammed, a Yemeni, and two Palestinian opponents, Shaheen from Bethlehem and Ameer Dandan.

After he was named as the victor, a patriotic tune was performed by Shaheen while sporting the Palestinian flag on his shoulders, singing the line: My assurance and my oath, my blood is Palestinian.

Arab Idol victor Yaqoub Shaheen, center, with Yemeni contestant Ammar Mohammed (left) and fellow Palestinian Amir Dandan onstage through the last on Saturday. Photo: Anwar Amro/AFP/Getty Images

In Gaza as well as in the occupied West Bank a large number of individuals had stuffed road coffee shops and restaurants, a lot of them having booked their seats ahead of time, so that you can look at the closing on big screens that are public.

This is a day that is nationwide. A national historical day for Palestine, said Mohammed Abu Ali, 40, sitting together with his lovely wife and three kids in a cafe in Gaza viewing the closing.

Crowd watching the display in public places embraced one another, whistled and cheered as Shaheen was named the 20 17 Arab Idol.

Tons of taxi drivers touring the roads across Gaza honked their horns and played a few of the tunes performed throughout the months by Shaheen -long programme.

The crowd, which votes by text, chooses the victor of the display, on the basis of the British show Pop Idol. Yemeni and Palestinian politicians encouraged supporters to vote in support of the favoured candidates and telephone businesses provided offers that were specific to encourage voting.

Palestinians observe Yaqoub Shaheens success in Bethlehem on Saturday evening. Photo: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images

On the initial night of the closing, Friday, a high profile Palestinian delegation headed by the presidents son attended the display in Beirut in the MBC studios.

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, who was in Lebanon for the state visit, hosted the three finalists at his home that was embassys.

In the studio several Yemenis were also present for the closing, wearing traditional clothing in help of Mohammed and chanting and dance, but to no accessible

There are faces of political success and musical. Now it’s musical, but we expect one day we’ll have our political success, said the Palestinian guy observing along with his family in Gaza, Abu Ali.

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