‘World’s worst skier’: how it went downhill for Adrian Solano, Venezuela’s Eddie the Eagle

The rookie had just prepared on wheels before arriving in Finland to compete in the Nordic world ski championships

First there was Eddie the Eagle, then Cool Runnings. Now theres Adrian Solano, a Venezuelan skier whose only instruction for handling the Nordic world ski championships in Finland was utilizing wheels under the the glowing sunshine.

Having never prepared on snow, Solano wobbled nervously backwards as he left the starting gate in the FIS cross country championships this week. After slipping down a little hill, he fumbled to the powder. While the others raced past him, and he attempted walking up an incline.

Oleg S. (@AnnaK_4ever)

Adrian Solano from Venezuela in Finland in the FIS World Championships. It had been his very first time on snow as well as on skis. #Lahti2017pic.twitter.com/KR7LTr03y1

February 2-3, 2017

Sports commentators seeing aghast at his close-comedic cross country efficiency have dubbed him the skier living.

But Solano teetered along, unfazed.

From here to the Olympics! he proclaimed within an interview with Norwegian tabloid Dagbladet.

Solanos saga has hit a nerve among Venezuelans and triggered a a small diplomatic spat after the sportsman was deported by France in January while he was attempting to get to Sweden to prepare on snow. Airport migration authorities in Paris supposedly questioned his narrative, believing his trip to the slopes was a ploy to depart on his beleaguered state.

We are going to issue a powerful statement to the French authorities for his or her affront against a Venezuelan sportsman, Delcy Rodriguez, Venezuelas international minister, composed in a tweet on Wednesday.

Adhered back in Caracas, Solanos supporters began a Go-Fund-Me page that introduced him in time just to Finland to contend.

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