How Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Technology Works

The Oculus Quest (both the initial and 2nd design ) have a fascinating history of functions being included long after the hardware is out in the wild. The most popular of these is Oculus Link , which successfully turns the Quest into an Oculus Rift. This function was so effective that Oculus chose to terminate all their headsets however the Quest.

Hand tracking hasn’’ t made rather the splash Oculus Link did, however it’’ s still an incredible function with great deals of capacity. With hand-tracking you wear’’ t requirement controllers at all. Your own hands are digitized into the VR world!

If you have a Quest or are thinking about purchasing one, it’’ s worth understanding how hand tracking works and what it can give the VR experience.

.How Quest Tracks the World.

The Oculus Quest utilizes an ingenious technique towards movement tracking that’’ s frequently described as ““ inside-out ” tracking, which is really various from how movement tracking operated in the past.

When the very first next-generation headsets were launched in the mid-2010s, they used several external tracking video cameras. Unique movement tracking lights on the headset informed the electronic camera precisely where the headset remained in relation to it. With some smart mathematics, that information might then be transformed to extremely precise movement tracking in 3D area. This is how superior VR headsets use ““ 6 degrees of liberty””, likewise called 6DoF.

How Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Technology Works

Quest moves the electronic camera sensing unit onto the headset itself, in this case putting them in tactical areas on the gadget. Other headsets might utilize a lot more electronic cameras to enhance precision. These 4 cams let the Quest take a look at the real life around you and identify what your position is within that area.

That’’ s what permits the Quest to be portable and self-contained. It’’ s likewise the function that permits hand-tracking with the Oculus to be possible in the very first location.

.The Standard Oculus Touch Controllers.

To comprehend what makes Oculus hand tracking so remarkable, we need to begin with the rather ordinary physical controllers that feature the Oculus Quest. Every one is completely motion-tracked by internal sensing units and unique movement tracking markers that inform the Quest’’ s onboard electronic cameras where the controllers are relative to the headset.

When you’’ re holding the touch controllers in VR, they’’ re tracked with extraordinary precision. Utilizing the grip and trigger buttons on the controller, VR software application can develop a persuading experience of getting and controling products. This is utilized to terrific impact in video games such as Half-Life Alyx and The Climb , where gripping products in the VR world is a main part of gameplay.

How Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Technology Works

The Touch Controllers likewise use haptic feedback thanks to gadgets called ““ direct actuators ”, which can develop physical sensations of running into things, vibration and other touch experiences. Thumbsticks and buttons likewise provide a familiar method to walk around a VR area when you can’’ t physically move about in your genuine area.


The primary drawback of this compared to hand-tracking is that you have hooks for hands. You can carry out basic pinching motions with your virtual hands, however that’’ s the degree of it. It doesn’’ t seem like a significant constraint when video games are developed around the controllers, however hand tracking opens a spectrum of brand-new possibilities in VR.

.What Oculus Hand-Tracking Does.

When hand tracking is allowed, you’’ ll see a precise representation of your genuine hands within the VR world. Each motion of your fingers or wrist will be shown in their virtual doppelgangers.

How Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Technology Works

Hand Tracking is no longer a beta function of Quest. It’’ s now incorporated into the os and lots of very first celebration Quest applications. The very first significant advantage here is that if you simply rapidly wish to place on your Quest and see a film in VR or search around the app shop, you put on’’ t need to go through the effort of strapping on the touch controllers. Utilizing simply your hands, you can access system menus and browse around with ease.

Now that hand-tracking is a main function of Quest, third-party app designers can include it to their apps. There are currently a variety of apps that make exceptional usage of the Oculus hand-tracking function, however we’’ re sure designers will discover much more amazing methods which direct hand-tracking can change the VR experience

.How Oculus Hand-tracking Works.

The outcomes of hand-tracking are quite fantastic, however how does it in fact work? Undoubtedly Oculus isn’’ t going to release the precise information of their exclusive option, however we do understand the concepts and innovations included.

First, the on-board video cameras are necessary to making hand-tracking work. Not just do they supply stereoscopic depth details, however likewise visual information for processing by device vision. What’’ s maker’vision? It ’ s a branch of expert system , particularly a field referred to as artificial intelligence. It ’ s the very same innovation that lets your phone ’ s video camera app rapidly recognize faces in an image.

. How Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Technology Works.

Essentially, the software application needs to discover what in the image information supplied by the video camera is a hand and what isn ’ ta hand. This was most likely done by revealing the software application thousands and countless hands in various environments till it might dependably find out a reliable and quick method of informing them apart from whatever else in your space.


Once the software application can produce precise, real-time virtual designs of your hands, app designers can utilize them for anything they can think about. You can now specifically control things in VR!

. Hand-tracked Experiences Worth Trying. If you own an Oculus Quest you can attempt out the Oculus hand-tracking function without having to purchase any specificapp, #ppppp>. As discussed above, it operates in theprimary Quest environment in addition to a couple of first-party apps. There are a couple of worth highlighting when it comes to 3rd-party experiences.

. How Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Technology Works.

The Line is a$ 4.99 narrative experience that likewise functions as an ideal tech-demo for hand tracking. It informs the tale of a scale design town that works on clockwork and tracks.


Our hero Pedro loves Rosa, however he can ’ t leave his fate. Till something brand-new takes place one day. You communicate with their scale design world by utilizing your handto turn knobs, pull levers and fiddle with whatever that you can. It ’ s a direct, brief experience, however can flaunt hand-tracking in a really amusing method about 15 minutes.

. How Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Technology Works.

Waltz of the Wizard ($ 9.99) is another exceptionaldisplay of the innovation. You can utilize your hands to cast spells and engage with almost whatever in the VR world around you. If you ’ ve ever wished to live out the dream of being a wizard who can shoot bolts of lighting from their hands, this is the video game for you!


What do you consider hand tracking on Quest? Have you attempted it? Which video games would you suggest? Share your insights in the remarks.


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