Deadly Barcelona attack is worst in a day of violence in Spain – Trending Stuff

(CNN)Spain saw one of its most violent times in recent memory for a spate of incidents around the country seemed to be connected to a terror attack Thursday in Barcelona that left 13 people dead and more than 100 injured.

Also Thursday, two police officers in Barcelona were hurt when they were hit by a car, but police were unsure if that was related to the other incidents.

The deadly events started in the morning with a van plowing through crowds on the renowned Las Ramblas avenue, a popular tourist section of Barcelona. Authorities said of the 80 people taken to hospitals, 15 were hurt.

As police searched for the van driver, Spain’s Prime Minister called it an act of “jihadi terrorism.”

Here are the newest developments in a tragic day:

Two suspects — one from Morocco, one by the Spanish enclave of Melilla — were arrested in connection with the Barcelona assault, Catalan Police Chief Josep Lluis Trapero said.

One suspect in the Barcelona assault is on the run. “The driver abandoned the van and escaped from the area,” Trapero stated.

About 115 kilometers to the southwest, there was a second attack early Friday. Catalan police tweeted that five suspected terrorists were killed in Cambrils. Emergency officials said a police officer and six civilians were injured.

One person was killed in an explosion in a home in Alcanar, around 200 kilometers (120 miles) southwest of Barcelona.

Catalan authorities said early Friday they’re “working under the hypothesis that the terrorists taken down in Cambrils were related to the events that took place in Barcelona and Alcanar.”

A motorist ran over two police officers at a security checkpoint at Barcelona, authorities said, and the driver was located close to the city. Both officers did not require hospital treatment and suffered minor injuries, authorities said. It was uncertain whether that incident was related to the terror attack.

ISIS’ media wing, Amaq, said the perpetrators of the Barcelona attack were “soldiers of the Islamic State.” However, ISIS has not explicitly claimed responsibility.

The Barcelona attack was one of the most deadly in Spain since more than 190 people were killed in a March 2004 attack against commuter trains.

Another witness who was hiding in a shop nearby heard gunshots, according to state-run broadcaster TVE24. A third said he saw a van driving “around 80” kph, or 50 mph. He said “there is no doubt it was intentional,” according to TVE24.

Ali Shirazinia, who was cycling alongside Las Ramblas at the time, told CNN he heard “a lot of screams” and saw the crowds split along the busy promenade.

Then he heard what sounded like the driver flooring the accelerator and saw a white van with blue markings come hurtling down the street. “It literally came right down the Ramblas and ran to people on every side,” he said.

“The Ramblas is full of pedestrians, street merchants, street performers, and I saw people flying into the air and everyone was running to the shops on both sides of the Ramblas, a great deal of people were shocked.”

Tourist Susan McClean told CNN she saw a “tidal wave” of people running away from Las Ramblas after the incident.

She ducked into a nearby shop and the shutters were pulled down while police sped toward the scene.

“There was clearly a great deal of distress,” she said.

McClean said she returned to her hotel one street away after leaving the shop.

Two arrests, one deadly explosion

Two suspects who were arrested were taken into custody hundreds of kilometers apart.

One suspect was arrested in Alcanar, around 200 kilometers (120 miles) southwest of Barcelona.

Also in Alcanar, one person was killed in an explosion at a house, Trapero said, adding that incident was connected to the Barcelona attack. But Trapero didn’t say whether the arrest and explosion were tied to each other.

He did say the victim is Spanish and was not on police radar.

The other Barcelona suspect was arrested in Ripoll, about 110 kilometers (68 miles) north of Barcelona and 300 kilometers (186 miles) from Alcanar.

Government officials respond

The Catalan regional government said it was holding an emergency meeting to discuss the incident.

To facilitate police operations, the Catalan emergency services urged people via Twitter to avoid going out or undertaking any other type of movement that was not “strictly required.”

The Spanish royal family tweeted: “They are assassins, simply criminals who are not going to terrorize us. All of Spain is Barcelona. Las Ramblas will return to be everyone’s.”

The Union of Islamic Communities of Catalonia expressed “condemnation and repulse” for the Barcelona attack.

“Faced with this criminal fact, the marriage of Islamic communities in Catalonia reiterates its full commitment to the fight against any kind of terrorism, and it is expected that those responsible for these attacks may be detained and brought before the courts as early as possible,” its statement said.

Barcelona officials ordered all public events to be canceled, and metro and train stations in the area were closed.

NATO chief: We stand united

World leaders were quick to voice their condemnation of the attack and offer support to Barcelona via Twitter.

“My thoughts are with all those affected. We stand united in the fight against terrorism,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

US President Donald Trump said: “The United States condemns the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help. Be tough & strong, we adore you!”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan also gave his support, saying: “London stands with Barcelona against the evil of terrorism.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the attack in Barcelona “revolting,” her spokesman tweeted. “We are mourning the victims of this disgusting assault in Barcelona — in solidarity and friendship side by side with the Spanish.”

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker branded the Barcelona attack “cowardly,” adding: “We shall never be cowed by such barbarism.”

Las Ramblas is a predominantly pedestrianized street popular among tourists in Barcelona. Extending for about three-quarters of a mile through the center of the city, the tree-lined street is especially crowded in the summer, the height of tourist season.

The promenade passes by kiosks, flower sellers, pavement cafes and bars. It includes a number of the city’s most popular sites.

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Britains Financial Power Is Already Seeping Away – Trending Stuff

Britain &#x 2019; s monetary power started dropping away simply days into the Brexit settlements as the European Central Bank looked for authority over an essential market and banks from&#xA 0; Morgan Stanley &#xA 0; to &#xA 0; Nomura Holdings Inc. &#xA 0; expanded strategies to move operations from London to Frankfurt.

The shifts highlight the risk presented to the U.K. &#x 2019; s monetary market by the choice to stop the European Union, made in a referendum a year earlier. They will heighten pressure on Prime Minister&#xA 0; Theresa May &#xA 0; to protect the City of London in any trade offer she strikes with her EU equivalents, who might withstand if they see a financial benefit on their own.

Among the matters at stake in those talks, which started in Brussels on Monday, is whether London can preserve its status as a worldwide center for financing after Brexit or be required to enjoy as company streams to the continent or New York. Such an exodus would endanger a market accountable for almost a tenth of the economy and some 1.1 million tasks.

&#x 201C; There will be a great deal of political pressure to obtain as much of the financing market relocated to the EU as possible, &#x 201D;&#xA 0; stated &#xA 0; Tom Kirchmaier, a fellow in the financial-markets group at the London School of Economics. &#x 201C; The huge concern will be exactly what the last function of the City will remain in Europe. &#x 201D;

The most current shot throughout Britain &#x 2019; s bow&#xA 0; came early Friday when President&#xA 0; Mario Draghi &#x 2019; s ECB stated it will attempt to modify the statute governing its powers to #x &get 201C; clear legal skills &#x 201D; over the cleaning of euro-denominated monetary instruments.

The Frankfurt-based organization stated the modification would #x &protect 201C; a substantially boosted function &#x 201D; for the ECB and euro-area reserve banks in monitoring clearinghouses, especially systemically essential ones situated beyond the EU.&#xA 0; The relocation would likewise assist to clarify how oversight would be shared in between the ECB and other bodies, such as the Paris-based European Securities and Markets Authority. The proposed modification was sent out to the European Parliament and to EU federal governments for approval.

Clearinghouses stand in between the 2 sides of an acquired wager and hold security, called margin, from both in case a member defaults. The dryness of their job belies their monetary power. London &#x 2019; s clearinghouses alone hold about $174 billion of money and bonds as security, compared to Frankfurt &#x 2019; s $62 billion and Paris &#x 2019; s $25 billion.

About 75 percent of trading in euro-denominated interest-rate swaps now occurs in the U.K., inning accordance with Bank for International Settlements information from April 2016. Who need to control them referred disagreement even prior to Brexit. The ECB lost&#xA 0; a lawsuit in 2015, after aiming to bring cleaning inside the euro location.

With Brexit looming, European policy makers are sounding progressively assertive on the concern. Bank of France Governor&#xA 0; Francois Villeroy de Galhau, an ECB Governing Council member, on Thursday&#xA 0; pushed &#xA 0; the case for requiring significant euro clearinghouses to base their operations in the EU, while coworker&#xA 0; Benoit Coeure &#xA 0; on Tuesday hailed an EU Commission proposition on the matter.

Xavier Rolet.

Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

The squabble over place has actually stimulated cautions from the market of increasing expenses. Chief amongst the doom-mongers is&#xA 0; Xavier Rolet, the president of London Stock Exchange Group Plc, the bulk owner of the world &#x 2019; s biggest clearinghouse, LCH.

He has actually cautioned removing London of euro cleaning will cost 232,000 British tasks and force financiers and banks to pay an additional $100 billion over 5 years to trade off-exchange interest-rate derivatives. An LSE spokesperson stated she couldn &#x 2019; t right away discuss the ECB &#x 2019; s declaration.&#xA 0;

Just today, Bank of England Governor&#xA 0; Mark Carney &#xA 0; and Chancellor of the Exchequer&#xA 0; Philip Hammond &#xA 0; joined to caution versus permitting Brexit to harm the U.K. &#x 2019; s monetary market, arguing that doing so might harm Europe too. Hammond stated the &#x 201C; fragmentation &#x 201D; of services would increase rates of monetary items, while Carney required a brand-new system of cooperation in between Britain and the EU over derivatives clearinghouses.

Such overtures were most likely directed at May, who after a devastating election is being pushed to soften her technique to Brexit by focusing more on securing tasks and trade instead of punishing migration, as she formerly prepared. Might was informed Friday by authorities in Europe that her strategy to secure the residency rights of EU people in the U.K. didn &#x 2019; t go far enough.

The European Central Bank head office in Frankfurt

Photographer: Alex Kraus/Bloomberg

Banks #x &aren 2019; t waiting to find the result of the Brexit talks, stressing that the supreme pact will cost them their capability to quickly service clients in the EU from bases in London. The U.K. capital might lose 10,000 banking tasks as an outcome of Brexit, believe tank Bruegel approximated previously this year.

Frankfurt is up until now vanquishing other cities in drawing company from London. Morgan Stanley is near to choosing Germany &#x 2019; s monetary capital as the EU center for its broker-dealer organisation, while Nomura will likewise relocation personnel there following Brexit, individuals acquainted with the business &#x 2019; preparation informed Bloomberg News today. &#xA 0; Daiwa Securities Group Inc. &#xA 0; likewise stated on Thursday it will develop a subsidiary there.

Frankfurt uses distance to regulators at the ECB along with simple access to the bloc &#x 2019; s most populated nation and its most significant economy.

&#x 201C; The relocation of the banks to Europe is a natural effect of the propensity to move the guideline to the ECB, &#x 201D; stated Kirchmaier.

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Nick Kyrgios responds to John McEnroe’s coaching suggestion – Trending Stuff

Nick Kyrgios has a brief action for John McEnroe, who just recently talked about the appealing possibility of a part-time training function with him

Nick Kyrgios has a brief reaction for John McEnroe, who just recently talked about the interesting possibility of a part-time training function with him. McEnroe has actually been an intense critic of the mercurial Kyrgios sometimes, questioning his psychological durability, however he has actually likewise been a huge admirer of his skill.

Commentating at the French Open, McEnroe stated that, if he were to take any part-time training task: The man that would make one of the most sense on paper would be Nick Kyrgios since we are 2 head cases. He did include: But psychologically we are a bit crazy.

Asked about that possibility ahead of todays Queens Club competition in London, Kyrgios was less than pleased. Hes dreaming, Kyrgios snapped.

At No20 on the planet, Kyrgios has actually been taken over by fellow young weapons Alex Zverev and Dominic Thiem in the race for an area the worlds leading 10. Twenty-year-old German Zverev, 23-year-old Austrian Thiem and Kyrgios, 22, are commonly deemed possible next super stars of the sport, with Zverev marking his qualifications by beating Novak Djokovic in last months Italian Open last.

However, Kyrgios rejects feeling any inability as he heads to Wimbledon next month. Ive never ever lost to him so I do not take a look at it and believe it must have been me, Kyrgios stated of Zverev.

Hes an excellent gamer and does whatever. Hes really expert. His consistency appears to be respectable. Hes playing deep through competitions. Hes so young and has fantastic capacity and is going to be competing for grand slams. Has he made the quarter-final of a grand slam? No. Ive made 2.

Kyrgioss luster and on-court shenanigans make him a ticket office attract world tennis, with Queens Club competition choosing him to world No1 Andy Murray to front the competitors primary make use of Saturday. For all his capability, the Canberran confesses maintaining focus is still an obstacle.

I am not thinking of leading 5 [ranking] at the minute, he stated. I am simply aiming to survive every day, aiming to play and put as much effort in as I can. Due to the fact that I understand when I begin planning ahead, just how much time I have ahead, objectives and things, Ill begin losing inspiration and wont attempt.

One gamer Kyrgios thinks can end up being a top-10 gamer is compatriot Thanasi Kokkinakis, on the return path after injury eliminated his 2016 season and dropped him from 65 to 993 worldwide. The 21-year-old South Australian has actually been handed a wildcard for Queens where hell play Milos Raonic first off.

Hitting with him today, his level is so high, Kyrgios stated. As quickly as he gets his body right and as quickly as he gets some more luck, hell be right up there with Zverev and Thiem. , if hes healthy hell produce.. Take a look at exactly what he did versus [Kei] Nishikori at the French Open. He took him to 4, almost 5 sets in just his 2nd match back.

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Juicy Books for Summer – Trending Stuff

It &#x 2019; s that time of year when talk relies on beach checks out, those stories suitable for a tourist &#x 2019; s seaside repose. The best such book is, F. Scott Fitzgerald &#x 2019; s 4th and (no arguing) finest book. It &#x 2019; s set on a beach, first off, releasing the French Riviera as a phase on which we witness, with compassion and pleasure, the bad lucks of the extremely lucky. Its quality lives in Fitzgerald &#x 2019; s eye for trampled glamour, his ear for voices filled with cash, and his permeating wit, as when he explains a lady &#x 2019; s shadowy social position &#x 201C; as the spouse of an arriviste who had actually not gotten here. &#x 201D;

The glitziest prototypes from this season &#x 2019; s mailbag consist of, the most recent installation of Kevin Kwan &#x 2019; s franchise checking out the shopaholic children of East Asian magnates, and, Christopher Bollen &#x 2019; s thriller about a disinherited New Yorker signing up with ruined brats and sundry freeloaders on the Greek island of Patmos. I choose (Flatiron Books, $25.99), the 3rd book by Grant Ginder. The summer season &#x 2019; s most engaging imaginary expedition of abundance and envy, it masterfully socializes the reflective methods of a domestic book with the juicy stratagems of a page turner.

The bride-to-be is Eloise, a rich lady with an American mom, a noble French daddy, and a task in public relations at exactly what the calls among England &#x 2019; s &#x 201C; leading 5 most shallow charities. &#x 201D; Wedding visitors consist of Eloise &#x 2019; s 2 half-­ brother or sisters, Paul and Alice, the kids from her mom &#x 2019; s 2nd marital relationship, to an accounting professional in rural Chicago. And, obviously, the mom, Donna, who &#x 2019; s now both a divorc&#xE 9; e and a widow. She &#x 2019; s likewise a stoner. And can &#x 2019; t discover a thing to use.

The book &#x 2019; s level of sensitivity about the methods which wealth notifies individual relationships is matched by its assessment of how it warps them. The animosity of Eloise &#x 2019; s half-­ brother or sisters &#x 2014; on account of her opportunities and their sense that their &#x 201C; mom constantly dealt with Eloise a little in a different way &#x 201D; &#x 2014; runs deep. The very first chapter discovers Paul and Alice marshaling their resources of web, reasoning, and mathematics access to approximate that Eloise invested $4,500 on invites. Their enthusiastic analysis of paper stock remembers the strength of &#x 2019; s Patrick Bateman, appearing to foreshadow sororicidal trouble.

The bloodshed here, nevertheless, is consisted of to a paper cut Alice sustains when ripping open the invite. Drawing on the injured finger, she winces &#x 201C; at the metal taste: her blood &#x 2009; &#x 2026; &#x 2009; was absolutely nothing however a fistful of cents. &#x 201D; The author can explaining more nuanced mental knots, as when Alice, who operates at a business called Think Big Data, reviews the wealth of her employer, who &#x 2019; s likewise her illegal enthusiast: &#x 201C; Typically, challenging uncontrolled benefit sends her into a rage, a down spiral that starts with aggravation over the ethical wrongness of worldwide inequality and ends with () a sort of ­ solipsistic meditation on all the great things she can &#x 2019; t pay for, however others (read:) can. &#x 201D;

It is Ginder &#x 2019; s nature to lay things on thick, though in an enjoyable method, as if spreading out herbed ricotta on artisanal bread. There &#x 2019; s a bravura set piece where Alice, in England for the wedding event, books a space at the luxurious London hotel Claridge &#x 2019; s to impress Eloise, never ever mind the $6,000 of more charge card financial obligation she &#x 2019; ll accumulate. At check-in, she discovers that Eloise has actually paid not just for the space however likewise for an upgrade and all incidentals. Alice &#x 2019; s response to this work of art of ­ passive hostility &#x 2014; an act of flaunting masquerading as among ­ kindness &#x 2014; is to binge on minibar alcohol, Klonopin, and space service: &#x 201C; I &#x 2019;d like 5 English breakfasts please. &#x 201D; Her desperate self-­ defilement produces a terrific, monstrous scene.

Money is a thorough topic of questions here, on every level &#x 2014; sociological, psychological, and literary. Paul &#x 2019; s partner, Mark, is a behavioral economic expert with an unbecoming fascination with the currency of eminence. Maybe you can think where things are heading when Mark schedules him and Paul to stick with a coworker whose research study includes &#x 201C; the risk-reward analysis of staying faithful in monogamous relationships. &#x 201D;

Alice &#x 2019; s employer, on the other hand, is a recent version of tech-guy vanity. She, for her part, picks the areas for their private suppers by taking a look at the dining establishments &#x 2019; sites and waiting to #x &feel 201C; the odd stimulation she typically experienced while skimming brochures from Room &&Board and take a trip sales brochures from American Express. &#x 201D; leaves the reader sensation both empathy for and condescension towards the unrich brother or sisters, for whom the classification of &#x 201C; individuals we #x &dislike 201D; plainly consists of &#x 201C; ourselves. &#x 201D;

The book is, in this method, specifically appropriate to this summertime of our discontent. The very first summer of the Trump age makes certain to motivate chaise-longue jitters about the climb of wealthy indecency and whether one &#x 2019; s own back &#x 2014; ramrod directly with anti-Trumpism though it may #x &be 2014; might be amongst the very first versus the wall when the transformation comes. The laughter the unique inspires, at Alice &#x 2019; s screwball experiences in status stress and anxiety and at Eloise &#x 2019; s lunatic mission for 3,000 odorless white 10-hour votive candle lights, is cathartic. Like all the very best beach checks out, it consumes the abundant thus lots of frozen grapes.

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Comey testimony leaves questions unanswered about anti-Trump dossier – Trending Stuff

While Thursdays testament by James Comey concentrated on his personal conversations with President Trump, the fired FBI director still deals with concerns postured months back over links in between the bureau and a British ex-spys unproven and mystical anti-Trump file.

Comey was inquired about the file, prepared by previous British spy Christopher Steele, early in his testament on Thursday early morning by Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C. But Comey decreased to respond to in open session, pointing out issues about the level of sensitivity of a few of the product in the report.

His choice not to talk about the concern a minimum of not openly follows his action to this day. Since Monday, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has still not gotten any respons e from Comey in the matter of Steele , and his London-based business, Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. Steeles company was worked with by Fusion GPS, a Washington, D.C. company, to gather opposition research study on then-candidate Donald Trump throughout the 2016 project.

For months, in letters and hearings, a disappointed Grassley has actually slammed Comey for the bureaus failure to offer files asked for and respond to concerns about Steele. Grassley likewise called out Fusion today for supposedly not complying with his committee, sending out a June 7 letter looking for all responsive files and details by June 14 and cautioning that he might think about an obligatory procedure if needed.

As formerly reported by Fox News , Comey thought about the unproven file prepared by Steele to be so crucial, he insisted it be consisted of in January’s last intelligence neighborhood report on Russian meddling in the election. The FBI used Steele $50,000 to substantiate the file, inning accordance with released reports, though the bureau has actually rejected making any payments.

The Steele file became part of the proof the FBI utilized to get a FISA warrant for Carter Page, a peripheral consultant in the Trump project the file called as a figure in Trump project negotiations with Russia. In interviews with Fox News, nevertheless, Page consistently has actually rejected he was the Trump project’s point individual for Moscow, and stated he thinks he was a target of unmasking efforts by the Obama administration.

Questions stay over precisely how the unproven file was circulated on both sides of the Atlantic, especially in between June and December 2016, as it was displayed in parts to a range of political leaders, reporters and intelligence companies prior to being brought formally to the FBI by Sen. John McCain on Dec. 9.

The individual who brought the file to the attention of McCain last fall, previous British Ambassador Sir Andrew Wood, now highlights to Fox News that, Intelligence constantly requires assessing of courseIt is constantly silly to put yourself in a position to pretend to understanding that you do not have.

In an e-mail exchange, Wood stated while he informed McCain about the product, he had not check out and might not attest it. Still, he stated, the product was produced by accountable individuals.

I comprehended that its basic contents were understood to others in the United States. The Senator then scheduled the documents to be given him, he composed, including: “It depended on the Senator to choose exactly what action if any he took throughout the entire procedure. He is understood to me regarding numerous others as a bold patriot. I believe that he functioned as he believed fit because capability.”

Serving as Britain’s ambassador to Moscow from 1995-2000, Wood’s name and his relationship with Steele emerged in British Court files acquired and examined by Fox News as part of Steeles defense in a suit brought versus him by Russian innovation master Aleksej Gubarev. Gubarevwhose business are discussed in the dossierhas likewise submitted a suit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida versus Buzzfeed for releasing the unproven 35 page file completely.

The April 2017 files recognize Wood as “an Associate of Orbis” ( Page 1-Item 5 ), and state he knew the Second Defendant’s [Steeles] intelligence event for the pre-election memoranda. ( Page 2– Item 11 )

But in e-mail exchanges with Fox News on June 6, Wood informed a various story.

“I have actually had no expert relationship with Orbis, he composed. You describe me as an Associate (capital A) and draw some conclusions regarding my function, which exceed exactly what it has actually been, that of a pal to Christopher Steele and an individual to name a few with whom I have from time to time talked about Russian affairs.

When inquired about the function of Fusion GPS in Washington D.C., Wood composed that “I do unknown Fusion apart from that it exists.”

McCain’s workplace has actually not reacted to Fox News most current ask for talk about the file. In a Jan. 11 news release , McCain specified, “Late in 2015, I got delicate details that has actually given that been revealed. Upon assessment of the contents, and not able to make a judgment about their precision, I provided the info to the Director of the FBI. That has actually been the degree of my contact with the FBI or other federal government company concerning this concern.”

Pamela K. Browne is Senior Executive Producer at the FOX News Channel (FNC) and is Director of Long-Form Series and Specials. Her journalism has actually been acknowledged with a number of awards. Browne initially signed up with FOX in 1997 to introduce the news publication Fox Files and later on, War Stories.

Cyd Upson is a Senior Producer at Fox News in the Investigative Unit and of the well-known military history series War Stories.

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Theresa May’s future in doubt as Conservatives forecast to lose majority – Trending Stuff

Britain was moving towards a hung Parliament and Prime Minister Theresa Mays political profession was hanging in the balance early Friday as an exit survey recommended that her gamble in calling a basic election 3 years ahead of schedule had actually backfired stunningly.

The study, produced for the U.K.s 3 significant broadcasters and launched as soon as the surveys closed at 10 p.m., anticipated that the Conservatives would get 314 seats and the Labour Party 266. It predicted 34 for the Scottish National Party and 14 for the Liberal Democrats. The Conservatives held 330 seats in the last Parliament, compared to 229 for Labour, 54 for the Scottish National Party and 9 for the Liberal Democrats.

With arise from 250 of the 650 seats reported, Sky News forecasted that the Conservatives would win in between 308 and 328 seats. Formally, a celebration has to win 326 seats to get a bulk in your house of Commons. The real magic number is more detailed to 323 since of a number of chosen members who do not vote or take their seats.

If validated, the outcome would result in a duration of political unpredictability and might toss Britain’s settlements to leave the European Union into chaos. The pound lost more than 2 cents versus the dollar within seconds of the statement.

If the Conservatives come close to 326 seats, they might form a union federal government with the assistance of numerous Members of Parliament for Northern Ireland. If settlements show not successful, the 2 significant celebrations might try to form minority federal governments a result that might lead to a 2nd basic election in the months ahead.

The predicted outcome is an embarrassment for May, who called a breeze election in the hope of increasing her bulk and enhancing Britain’s hand in exit talks with the European Union. In the wake of Thursdays exit survey, reports recommended that her premiership and standing as leader of the Conservative Party remained in jeopardy.

“If the survey is anything like precise, this is totally devastating for the Conservatives and for Theresa May,” previous Conservative Treasury chief George Osborne informed ITV. “Clearly if she’s got an even worse outcome than 2 years earlier and is practically not able to form a federal government, then she, I question, will endure in the long term as Conservative Party leader.”

The projection was a success in all however name for the opposition Labour Party, which had actually been anticipated to lose seats. The celebration drew strong assistance from youths, who appeared to have actually ended up to enact bigger-than-expected numbers.

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson, who quickly won re-election in his seat, made a savage attack on May in a speech to his advocates.

She stated she was steady and strong, the general public saw that she was weak and unsteady, stated Watson, playing off the Conservative leaders project motto. She stated she was a bloody hard womanthe public saw she was simply a lady discovering all of it a bit too bloody hard.

The next couple of days look really unsure however something makes sure, Watson stated. Theresa May’s authority has actually been weakened in this election.”

Ed Balls, a previous Labour Treasury chief, stated the outcome would harm May’s working out position with Europe.

“I do not see how she can be a reputable and strong figure now to lead these settlements,” he stated.

In a message to advocates, Corbyn stated that “whatever the outcome, we have actually currently altered the face of British politics.”

The outcome might be problem for the Scottish National Party, which was forecasted to lose 20 of its 54 seats though the pollsters warned that there is specific unpredictability around the Scottish projection.

A huge loss might make complex the SNP’s strategies to promote a brand-new referendum on Scottish self-reliance as Britain prepares to leave the EU.

May had actually hoped the election would concentrate on Brexit, however that never ever occurred, as both the Conservatives and Labour stated they would appreciate citizens’ desires and go through with the divorce.

May, who entered into the election with a track record for peaceful skills, was slammed for a dull marketing design and for a strategy to require senior individuals to pay more for their care, a proposition her challengers called the “dementia tax.” As the surveys recommended a tightening up race, pollsters spoke less typically of a landslide and raised the possibility that May’s bulk would be deteriorated.

Then, attacks that eliminated 30 individuals in Manchester and London two times brought the project to a stop, sent out a wave of stress and anxiety through Britain and required May to safeguard the federal government’s record on combating terrorism. Corbyn implicated Conservatives of weakening Britain’s security by cutting the variety of cops on the streets. When 3 guys owned a van into pedestrians and then stabbed revelers in a location filled with dining establishments and bars, #peeee

Eight individuals were eliminated near London Bridge on Saturday. 2 weeks previously, a suicide bomber eliminated 22 individuals as they were leaving an Ariana Grande show in Manchester.

Rachel Sheard, who cast her vote near the website of the London Bridge attack, stated the election definitely wasn’t about Brexit.

“I do not believe that’s in the hearts and minds of Londoners at the minute, (not) almost as much as security is,” stated Sheard, 22. “It was extremely frightening on Saturday.”

That stated, security was far from the only concern.

“It’s crucial, however it’s just one concern among a number of,” stated 68-year-old Mike Peacroft. “I would not always state it’s at the top. Clearly at my end of the (age) spectrum I’m more thinking about things like pensions etc, NHS healthcare plus education, those are actually my primary issues.”

The Associated Press added to this report.

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Didgeridoo is his voice: how Djalu Gurruwiwi embodies the sound of a continent

The Indigenous elder revered by some as Australias Dalai Lama is the spiritual keeper of the didgeridoo. A new exhibition honours his legacy and the immense significance of the Yolngu instrument that is helping to heal a divided country

The old man with straggly hair, long wispy grey beard and wraparound sunglasses sits at the back of the grandstand overlooking the verdant expanse of Alberton Oval the traditional base, if no longer the home ground, of the historic Port Adelaide Football Club.

He is Djalu Gurruwiwi: a Yolngu elder and lawman from north-east Arnhem Land, a songster, healer, virtuoso and master craftsman of the yidaki (didgeridoo), as well as the instruments spiritual keeper. From up here he surveys his Australian Rules team, smiles and nods in approval as his players go through their pre-season paces, calling for the ball and kicking and marking, on this humid morning.

In other Aboriginal nations and among non-Indigenous people, the instrument is known as the didgeridoo or didjeridu variants of the same word that probably has its etymology in English spoken by a European Australian. Yidaki is the Yolngu word and Djalu, the keeper of the instrument in north-east Arnhem Land, is widely regarded across Indigenous Australia as its custodian more broadly.

Djalu, who is aged somewhere in his 80s (Im 86 going on 96), usually rocks a Hawaiian shirt, or something similarly bright and elaborately patterned. But today hes wearing a Port Power hoody that signals a mutual adoption between him and the team.

Djalu likes their brand of footy all right. But his attraction to Port stems more simply from the lightning bolt on the team crest.

Its the lightning. The team is lightning and lightning is us, Djalu says enigmatically, as is his way.

His reference to baywara Yolngu for the power of lightning is itself an allusion to the atmospheric energy and wind enshrined in the yidaki, an instrument with its genesis in tens of thousands of years of north-east Arnhem Land history. In the hands of Djalu, and more recently his sons Larry and Vernon, the yidaki both tells and is the story of their land.

It summons the ancestral spirits and the stories of creationist animals that fashioned the earth, the sea and the sky and all the creatures, human and otherwise, stretching back some 60,000 years. It holds the histories of the clans, not the least the Galpu (Djalu) and Yunipingu (of his wife, Dhopiya) which remain central to thriving Yolngu culture.

And today they have come to Alberton to present yidaki to nine Indigenous Port Adelaide players and several club officials a testimony to Djalus determination, in his lifes twilight, to build bridges with other Aboriginal and Balanda (white, western) worlds.

Djalu Gurruwiwi (right) with his son Larry, who will eventually assume responsibility for taking the yidaki (didgeridoo) to the world. Photograph: Alex Robertson/South Australian Museum

Djalu is well known to audiences in the United States, Britain, continental Europe and Taiwan, where he has played to sold-out auditoriums. People from all over come to his modest house at Wallaby Beach, near the Northern Territory mining town of Nhulunbuy, to sit at his feet and sample his familys hospitality, always in the hope of being touched with his wisdom and insight.

If I shut my eyes I can see inside you, what you feel, he says.

Yet he is scarcely known in broader Australia. Which is why the South Australian Museum is now staging an exhibition, Yidaki Didjeridu and the Sound of Australia, in his honour.

The exhibition, which runs until 16 July, honours the immense cultural significance of the yidaki, the instrument of the Yolngu that has been adopted by First Peoples across Australia. Together with the clapsticks and the Indigenous voice in traditional song, its a haunting, distinctive, meditative sound that has not only come to characterise Australias Indigenous people but perhaps the continent itself.

The exhibition is testimony to Djalus skill as an ambassador between Yolngu, other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the western Balanda.

Stephen Goldsmith, an elder of the Kaurna custodians of the Adelaide plains, says: For Aboriginal people, not just Yolngu, Djalu is our diplomat, our ambassador. We all talk about the Dalai Lama; his role is to embrace all people, to lead with generosity, to enrich our shared understanding of ourselves and each other. Djalu is like that he is a spiritual leader. Yidaki is his voice.

Goldsmith says that as a boy and a young man the sound of the yidaki awoke in him a yearning that bordered on an inadequacy for his inability to play an instrument that was not, traditionally, part of Kaurna culture. He started on a vacuum cleaner pipe, then on bamboo and graduated to the real deal.

It [learning to play yidaki] was a key to finding myself becoming a bit stronger as an Aboriginal man, he says.

Im 86 going on 96, says Djalu Gurruwiwi. Photograph: Alex Robertson/South Australian Museum

While Dhopiya paints the names of Ports nine Indigenous players more than any other AFL club on the yidakis to be gifted to the club, another Kaurna man, Karl Winda Telfer, arrives at Alberton with an old, old instrument covered in cloth.

He gingerly unwraps the yidaki and gives it to Djalu. The old man runs his hands over its smooth exterior, and pats it, as if it were human. Its the yidaki that Djalus brother, who died a few years back, left in Kaurna country with Telfer, who he taught to play.

Telfer explains: Ive just been looking after this yidaki. Now Im giving it back, so that it will go back home where it came from, to north-east Arnhem Land, you know … old man [Djalus brother] teaches me. He gave me permission to play. It shows an ongoing connection between us and the Yolngu … It closes the circle. Im happy now. Im relieved.

Due to their relative isolation, the Yolngu were among the last Indigenous people of the continent to be harmed by invasion and colonisation as the pastoral and mining frontier spread north and west. But they were always outward-looking, establishing commercial and familial ties with the Macassan trepang fishermen of Sulawesi long before first British contact.

After first contact, in the early 20th century, the Yolngu were feared as warriors who fiercely protected their ancestral lands from invaders not least the Japanese who came in, uninvited, to take the trepang after the Macassan traders were effectively outlawed by government. Djalus father, the warrior Monyu, first fought the Japanese fishermen (some of whom were also covertly mapping the northern Australian coast), and he later joined the Northern Territory special reconnaissance unit during the Pacific war.

The story of the Japanese before and after the war when Djalu met in peace with fishermen and pearlers from Japan are all in the Yolngu songlines that cross the rich, red earth of Arnhem Land and go out into the sea, beyond the island, Milingimbi, where Djalu was born and another, Raragala, now deserted, where he grew up.

If I shut my eyes I can see inside you, what you feel. Photograph: Alex Robertson/South Australian Museum

As he ages Djalu becomes more difficult to understand, due in part to an old facial injury and, perhaps, a spell cast by an enemy due to his one-time role as a tribal enforcer (the stories about Djalu seem as endless as the songlines). Sorting the real from the mythical or imagined is not easy for Balanda.

Which is why it has taken years for the young London-based Australian film-maker, Ben Strunin, to make a biopic of Djalu. Titled Westwind (that which Djalus yidaki harnesses) and backed by Film Victoria, Screen Territory and Screen Australia, the movie is due for release later this year.

Strunin, who has toured Europe with Djalu, says the old man deserves all the recognition of our most celebrated music stars his work is helping to heal the divide in this country and beyond. He transforms people wherever he goes. Its a blessing to be in his presence.

Yidaki: exhibition honouring Djalu Gurruwiwi and the didgeridoo opens in Adelaide. Source: Peter Drew

Three thousand people jammed into the South Australian Museum forecourt on North Terrace to watch Djalu and the Barra Band featuring sons Larry and Vernon play. Djalu was unwell before the performance. Larry placed the yidaki against his head and chest, and sounded it. (Its party of a healing ceremony Djalu has shared with countless Balanda, including myself, over the years.)

Djalu performed. But he was later briefly hospitalised.

He is becoming frail; his sons and his grandson, Kevin will eventually assume his legacy and assume responsibility, themselves, for taking the yidaki to the world.

Yidaki its been my whole life, Djalu says. A good life.

Yidaki Didjeridu and the Sound of Australia is open at South Australian Museum until 16 July

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SXSW gets political: All eyes on Trump

Austin, Texas (CNN)President Donald Trump’s name is on everyone’s lips at the 2017 SXSW festival, with performers, experts, advocates and festival-goers weighing in on the 45th president.

While it is not overtly partisan, SXSW has historically drawn a generally progressive group of musicians, artists, writers, experts, filmmakers and activists, including Trump’s latest entertainer foe rapper Snoop Dogg, who performed Wednesday night and is set to join artists to advocate for criminal justice reform in a panel Saturday.
“It’s hard to take your eye off of the Trump train. I think the conference organizers recognize that this year, more than any other year, the conversation will sway toward the political, despite what they would like to happen,” Austin Chronicle reporter Chase Hoffberger, who covered SXSW in the past, told CNN.
    “(SXSW) is not designed to be a liberal thing, but the messaging is often liberal,” Hoffberger added. “Mostly because the industries that are involved are de facto liberal industries.”

    Travel ban rocks SXSW

    Controversy over Trump’s new ravel ban rocked the festival even before it began, prompting SXSW organizers to release a statement opposing the executive order, which bans nationals of several Muslim-majority countries from entering the US, as well as temporarily restricting refugee entry.
    “With the announcement of President Trump’s latest travel ban, SXSW would like to reaffirm its public opposition to these executive orders and provide ongoing support to the artists traveling from foreign countries to our event,” festival organizers said in a March 7 statement.
    The festival then announced a special March 17 showcase featuring “performances by artists from the diaspora of the nations (affected) by the White House’s travel ban.”
    “When Trump tries 2 ban you but you get invited to @sxsw,” Faarrow, a band made up of two Somali-Canadian sisters, tweeted last week.
    The White House did not respond to several requests for comment on this story.
    Controversy over Trump’s executive order resurfaced again this week after several foreign artists said they were blocked from entering the country by US Customs and Border Protection officials.
    The list includes London drummer Yussef Kamaal, members of the UK’s United Vibrations, the lead singer of Danish band Rainbrother, Italian band Soviet Soviet and three members of Massive Scar Era, an Egyptian-Canadian band, who spoke out in an interview with Billboard about their interaction with border officials. Several of these artists are Muslim.
    “He said that he knows that I’ve done everything legally, and that I’m not lying, but he’s still not going to let me in,” vocalist Cherine Amr said, referring to a border official. “He said that people are using the festival to protest but I told him we are not going there to protest.”
    “Our leadsinger Bjarke has been denied access to the US via the usual tunnel. BUT we’re still playing @sxsw. Trump isn’t gonna win this one,” Rainbrother tweeted over the weekend.
    “We will NOT be playing @sxsw. We got hit by the #ExecutiveOrder If you wanna show solidarity RT … #MuslimBan #BLM” United Vibrations tweeted Monday.
    In the past, bands have entered the country on a B-1 visitor visa, which which is issued for tourists but restricts them from any paid work in the US.
    Messages left with CBP were not returned.
    SXSW does not pay performers, but customs officials released a statement Monday announcing that artists must apply for a P-1 visa instead, which is usually used by athletes entering the US temporarily to perform individually or as a group at an internationally recognized performance.
    Jonathan Ginsberg, an attorney for SXSW, said the festival is working with US organizations “in an effort to ensure that both the State Department and CBP continue to treat (performances) as a valid activity in B or visa waiver status.”
    “Commenting on the Customs and Borders comment! Are we an international recognized group?!?!?!??!?!?! NO!!!!!!!” Egyptian heavy metal band Massive Scar Era tweeted Monday.
    Some SXSW performers are internationally recognized, but one of the purposes of the festival is to support new, lesser-known artists with little-to-no experience in the national or international spotlight.
    Questions over the festival’s stance on the ban came along with controversy over what appeared to be a deportation clause applicable to international artists in the festival’s artist performance agreement.
    New York punk band Told Slant shared the language on Twitter and threatened to boycott the event, along with other bands.
    Organizers eliminated the language, which previously stated that the festival could “notify the appropriate U.S. immigration authorities” if they “or their representatives have acted in ways that adversely affect the viability of their official SXSW showcase.”
    “I’m happy that sxsw agreed to make changes to their contract so that it no longer threatens deportation as a means of controlling artists,” Felix of Told Slant tweeted.
    “We will remove the option of notifying immigration authorities in situations where a foreign artist might ‘adversely affect the viability of Artist’s official showcase,'” organizers said in a statement released on the festival’s website.
    “Safety is a primary concern for SXSW, and we report any safety issues to local authorities. It is not SXSW’s duty or authority to escalate a matter beyond local authorities,” they continued.

    Activism is a big theme

    Discussions and debates about Trump and his policies echoed this week in lecture halls, meeting rooms, concert venues and street corners, making the President, who was not invited to speak at the festival, an omnipresent force.
    “This year, the fact that everyone is talking exclusively about world order and Donald Trump, it stands to reason that that’s what the conference will have a bit more of a focus on (that),” Hoffberger said.
    While politics have always had a place at SXSW, this year, the national surge in activism has made its way into panel discussions represented in various festival verticals — technology, film, music and interactives.
    Panels focused on activism in the age of Trump include the following: “Civil Discourse in the Age of a Twitterer-In-Chief,” “From Meme to Protest: What’s Next for Online Activism,” “All the Rage: Female Activism and Altruistic Design,” “For Games to Evolve They Need to Get Political,” “How Elections Change Next Gen Cause Engagement” and “Power & Perils of Digital Activism Meet Up.”
    Tech experts and advocates participated in various Trump-focused panels, including, “Tech Under Trump,” “Tech Advocates and Trump: Best Strategies So Far,” “How Will Trump Steer Car and Transportation Tech?”, “Tech Activism: More Than a Hashtag,” “Trump, China, and Trade Wars: Tech in the Trenches?” and “Head Fakes and Pivots: Trump Punk Sillicon Valley.”
    In the latter, author Baratunde Thurston addressed how the tech industry failed to predict Trump’s win and what lessons could be learned from it.
    The format of the festival also creates room for political discussions and according to Hoffberger, the overlapping of the various verticals on the schedule this year has created more opportunities for politics-based conversations.
    “The festival itself is very kind of do your own thing and put it out there for people to respond to,” the Austin Chronicle’s music editor Raoul Hernandez said. “It’s so big that (organizers) know that they can’t control the party. The genie is out of the bottle.”

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    New drug cuts ‘bad’ cholesterol by 60% on average, reducing heart attack risk

    Trial of 27,000 patients found that those taking drug evolocumab saw their levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol fall

    A new drug can prevent heart attacks and strokes by cutting bad cholesterol levels, scientists have found.

    An international trial of 27,000 patients found that those who took the drug evolocumab saw their bad cholesterol levels fall by about 60% on average.

    The patients in the trial were already taking statins, which are used to reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Despite this, the patients who took injections of evolocumab saw their bad cholesterol levels fall even further. They were also less likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke than those who took the placebo.

    The study found that for every 74 people who took the drug for two years, one heart attack or stroke would be prevented.

    However, the findings, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that the drug had no impact on the rate of cardiovascular mortality.

    Prof Peter Sever, from Imperial College London which led the UK branch of the study, said: This is one of the most important trials of cholesterol-lowering since the first statin trial, published 20 years ago. Our results suggest this new, extremely potent class of drug can cut cholesterol dramatically, which could provide great benefit for a lot of people at risk of heart disease and stroke.

    There are approximately 2.3 million people living with coronary heart disease in the UK, according to the NHS. It is responsible for more than 73,000 deaths a year in the UK, and occurs when fatty substances build up in the arteries, making it harder for blood to get to the heart.

    Prof Sir Nilesh Samani, medical director at the British Heart Foundation, said: Coronary heart disease is the single biggest killer in the UK and worldwide and bad LDL-cholesterol is a major cause.

    While statins have had a significant impact in reducing the risk of heart disease for millions of people, they are not tolerated by everyone and only reduce cholesterol by a certain amount.

    A promising new approach is blocking the action of PCSK9, a molecule which reduces the breakdown of LDL-cholesterol in the liver. Creating new treatments which use this approach could prove life-saving for patients with high cholesterol and those who cant tolerate statins.

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