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Why would Acosta join the Trump team?


(CNN.com)On Thursday, President Donald Trump held a weird news meeting in which he railed from the media, Senate Democrats, as well as the intelligence community. He insisted his former national-security advisor, Michael T. Flynn, had done nothing wrong. He falsely claimed that he’d “the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan.” Oh, and he named his new nominee for secretary of labor, Alexander Acosta. For holding the news conference, that was allegedly his reason, yet it required just several sentences out of around 80 minutes.


On the good side, Alexander Acosta doesn’t have any partisan or especially scandalous positions in his private history. He’s gained support from a wide selection of Latino advocacy teams, both now as well as in days gone by.
The US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce called him an “outstanding choice” for labour secretary. The Hispanic National Bar Association congratulated Acosta on his nomination, noting that he “understands that our nation’s diversity is our strength.”
Back when he was named to head the Civil Rights Division in the Department of Justice, the National Council of La Raza called him a “bridge-builder” and “someone who will listen and act in a fair manner.” With schooling qualifications and his powerful work and possible support from Latino civil groups, Democratic senators could be set by Acosta’s nomination in the uncomfortable position of voting against an experienced nominee that is Hispanic — to reveal their resistance to Trump.
True, Acosta isn’t perfect. His time at Justice was marked by a politicization of the Civil Rights Division. In 2007, McClatchy DC noted that, while serving as assistant attorney-general, Acosta didn’t take issue with Ohio Republicans challenging 23,000 mostly African American voter registrations. We increasing the minimum wage, or don’t understand his views on equal pay for equivalent work. And he’s seemingly ready to step in to an administration which is broadly viewed as hostile to immigrants and Latinos — not to mention reality it self.

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There’s absolutely no doubt that Acosta will be of support to the state as well as Trump. He can be a vital voice for Latinos in the Cabinet. It remains to be noticed, yet, if he can provide some integrity for this , disorderly management that is flailing.

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