Microsoft Paint to be killed off after 32 years – Trending Stuff

Graphics editing program has been marked for death

Microsofts next Windows 10 update, called the Autumn (or Fall in the US) Creators Update, will bring a variety of new features. But one long-standing stalwart of the Windows experience has been placed on the chopping block: Microsoft Paint.

First launched with the very first version of Windows 1.0 in 1985, Paint in its various guises would be among the first graphics editors employed by many and became a core component of Windows. Beginning life as a 1-bit monochrome licensed version of ZSofts PC Paintbrush, it wasnt until Windows 98 which Paint can save in JPEG.

With the Windows 10 Creators Update, published in April, Microsoft introduced the new Paint 3D, which is installed alongside traditional Paint and features 3D image making tools as well as some simple 2D image editing. But it isn’t an update to first Paint and doesnt act like it.

Now Microsoft has announced that, alongside Outlook Express, Reader app and Reading list, Microsoft Paint has been signalled for death having been added to the features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update list.

Paint 3D. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian

Falling under the deprecated column for apps that aren’t in active development and might be removed in future releases, Microsoft Paints ticket has been called and now its only a matter of time before it is removed like your favorite piece of old furniture from the childhood home.

Paint was never among the most capable apps, and was limited to the bitmap (BMP) and PCX formats before 1998, but if you wanted to scribble something out with your mouse or create a quick cut and paste job, Paint was always there, even on work computers.

The latest version of Paint for Windows 7 and afterwards was much improved, but still considered attribute poor in comparison to other free alternatives such as the third-party Paint.NET.

When Microsoft Paint will be removed from Windows has not yet been confirmed, even though a date for the release of the Windows 10 Autumn Creators Update is equally up in the atmosphere. Whether, like Clippy, Windows users will observe or decry Paints elimination, it will be a moment in the history of Windows as one of its longest-standing apps is put out to pasture.

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US government demands details on all visitors to anti-Trump protest website – Trending Stuff

Privacy advocates call warrant for IP addresses of 1.3 million people who visited inauguration protest website an fishing expedition

The US government is seeking to unmask every person who visited an anti-Trump website in is an fishing expedition for dissidents.

The warrant appears to be an escalation of the Department of Justices (DoJ) campaign against anti-Trump activities, including the harsh prosecution of inauguration day protesters.

On 17 July, the DoJ served a website-hosting company, DreamHost, with a search warrant for each and every bit of information it owned which was related to a website which was used to coordinate protests during Donald Trumps inauguration. The warrant covers the people who own and run the site, but also seeks to get the IP addresses of 1.3 million people who visited it, as well as the date and time of the visit and information about what browser or operating system they employed.

The website,, was utilized to coordinate protests and civil disobedience on 20 January, when Trump was inaugurated.

This case and this particular warrant are prosecutorial overreach with a department of justice under [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions, said Chris Ghazarian, general counsel for DreamHost. You should be concerned for visiting a website that anybody should be targeted.

The warrant was made public Monday, when DreamHost announced its plans to challenge the government in court. The DoJ declined to comment. A hearing is scheduled for Friday.

The government has aggressively prosecuted activists detained during the 20 January protests in Washington DC. In April, the US attorneys office in Washington DC filed a single indictment charging over 217 people with identical crimes, including felony rioting.

Ghazarian said that DreamHost provided the authorities when it obtained a grand jury subpoena after the protests happened. However, the government came back in July with the broader search warrant.

Were a gatekeeper between the authorities and tens of thousands of people who visited the website and the website, said Ghazarian. We want to keep them protected.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which has been advising DreamHost, characterized the warrant as unconstitutional and a fishing expedition.

I cant conceive of a justification other than casting your net attorney Mark Rumold told the Guardian.

Logs of IP addresses dont uniquely identify users, but they link back to specific addresses if no tools are utilised to mask it.

What they would be getting is a list of everyone who has ever been interested in seeing what went on in the protests or attending those protests and thats the aspect. Its a step after you’ve got the list to join the IP address to someones identity, he said.

While the content of a site is illegal such as pirated movies or child abuse imagery wide-reaching warrants for user data are occasionally issued, but speech is seldom prohibited.

This [the website] is first amendment advocacy advocacy’s sort promote and the first amendment was created to protect, Rumold added. Frankly Im glad DreamHost is currently pushing back on it.

Its not the first time that the US government has sought to unmask people protesting against Trump or his policies.

In March this year, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a branch of the homeland security department, ordered Twitter to deliver the phone number, mailing addresses and IP addresses associated with @ALT_USCIS, an account which purported to convey the views of dissenters within the government.

The accounts, whose username is a reference to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, is one of dozens of Twitter accounts established after Trump was inaugurated. The unverified accounts claimed to provide an uncensored view of civil servants who disagreed with Trumps policies.

To protect the identity of the person running the accounts, Twitter launched a lawsuit against the Trump administration, arguing that it would have a grave chilling effect on the address of that account in particular and the many other alternative agency accounts which have been made to voice dissent to government policies.

After public outcry over the administrations overreach, CBP dropped the request.

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US federal department is censoring use of term ‘climate change’, emails reveal – Trending Stuff

Firefighters battle a wildfire in California. Photograph: Noah Berger/AP

In her email to staff, dated 16 February this year, Moebius-Clune said the new language was given to her staff and indicates it be passed on. She writes that we wont change the modeling, just how we talk about it there are a lot of benefits to putting carbon back in the sail [sic], climate mitigation is only one of them, and that a colleague from USDAs public affairs team gave advice to tamp down on discretionary messaging right now.

In contrast to these contentious climate conditions, Moebius-Clune wrote that references to economic development, emerging business opportunities in the rural US, agro-tourism and aesthetics should be tolerated if not valued by all.

In a separate email to senior employees on 24 January, only days after Trumps inauguration, Jimmy Bramblett, deputy chief for programs at the NRCS, said: It is now clear one of the previous administrations priority is not consistent with that of the incoming government. That priority is climate change. Please visit with your staff and make them aware of the change in perspective within the executive branch.

Bramblett said the agencys work on air quality regarding these gases could be discontinued and added when talking greenhouse gases that prudence should be used.

Emails show the talks between staff unsure of what is forbidden. On 16 February, a staffer called Tim Hafner write to Bramblett: I would like to know correct conditions I need to use instead of climate fluctuations and anything related to carbon … I want to ensure to integrate correct terminology that the agency has approved to use.

On 5 April, Suzanne Baker, a New York-based NRCS employee, emailed a query as to whether staff are permitted to publish work from outside the USDA that use climate change. A colleague advises that the issue be determined in a telephone call.

Some staff werent enamored with one worker stating within an email on 5 July that we would rather keep the language as is and stressing the need to maintain the scientific integrity of their work.

In a statement, USDA said that on 23 January it had issued operating procedures outlining procedures to ensure the new policy team has an opportunity to review statements, laws, budgets and regulations .

The statement added: This guidance, similar to procedures issued by previous administrations, was misinterpreted by some to cover scientific publications and data. This was not the case and USDA interim procedures will allow complete information for the new policy staff reviewing policy decisions.

Kaveh Sadeghzadeh of the Natural Resources Conservation Service added that his organisation hasn’t received direction from USDA or the government to modify its communications on some other topic or climate change.

Trump has questioned the veracity of climate change research suggesting that it’s part of an elaborate Chinese hoax. The president has started the process of withdrawing the US in the Paris climate arrangement, has instructed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to scrap or amend various regulations aimed at cutting greenhouse gases, and has transferred to open up more public land and waters to fossil fuel activity.

The nomenclature of the federal government has also shifted as these new priorities have taken hold. Mentions of the dangers of climate change have been eliminated from the websites of the White House and the Department of the Interior, while the EPA scrapped its entire online climate division in April pending a review that will be upgrading language to reflect the approach of new leadership.

The series of emails. Before the emails were released some components were redacted. The Guardian has additional redacted phone numbers, and highlighted passages.

These records reveal Trumps active censorship of science in the title of his political agenda, said Meg Townsend, open government lawyer at the Center for Biological Diversity.

To think that agency staff who report about soil, water and the air that sustains the health of our state must conform their coverage with the Trump administrations anti-science rhetoric is appalling and dangerous to America and the larger international community.

The Center for Biological Diversity is currently suing several government agencies, including the EPA and state department, to induce them to release information.

Although a few of these changes to government websites may have occurred the emails from within the USDA are the clearest sign that staff have been instructed to steer clear of acknowledging climate change or its myriad impacts.

US agriculture is a major source of gases, with 15 percent of the countrys emissions. A USDA plan to deal with the far reaching impacts of climate change is still online.

However, Sam Clovis, Trumps nomination are the USDAs chief scientist, has labeled climate research junk science.

Last week it was revealed that Clovis, who’s not a scientist, once ran a blog where he called progressives race traders and race traitors and likened Barack Obama to a communist.

My son’s tattoo hurt me deeply – Trending Stuff

When Tess Morgan’s son came home she was griefstricken. She knew her response was OTT (he’s 21) but it signalled a change in their relationship

Put out the bunting, crack open the beers, stand there at the kitchen smiling from ear to ear, because hes house our student son is home and the family is together again. And after dinner, after the washing up is done, the others his sisters drift off to watch television, and he says: Would you like to see my tattoo?

I say, Youre joking.

He says, No, Im not.

But still I wait. Any minute hes going to laugh and say, You should see your faces because this has been a joke for years, this concept of having a tattoo the hard man act, iron muscles, shaved head, Jason Statham, Ross Kemp. Hes a smart boy. Maybe during his school years he believed academic achievement’s glory could balance.

His father says, Where?

He says, and touches his bicep.

His shoulder that is lovely.

In the silence, he says, I didnt think youd be this upset.

After a time, he says, It wasnt a whim. I thought about it. I went to an expert. It cost 150.

150? I think, briefly, of all of the things I could purchase with 150.

Its just a tattoo, he says, once the silence goes on that we have nearly fallen into a pit of nothingness over its edge. Its not like I said and came home Id got somebody pregnant.

It appears to me, unhinged that this could have been the better option.

His father asks, Does it hurt?

Yes, I say, cutting across this male bonding. It does. Very much.

For three days, I cant speak to my son. I can hardly bear to look at him. I decide that this is rational. The last thing we need, I think, is an explosion of white-hot words that everybody carries around for the rest of their lives. In any case, Im not sure what it is I wish to say. In my minds eye I stand there, my black-gloved hands being wrung by a bitter woman with lips. Hes done the one thing that Ive said for years, please dont do this. If you did this, I would be upset by it. And its happened. So theres nothing left to say.

I understand. Why would you want to, anyway? If you controlled what they did, youd just pass on your rubbish tip of imperfections. You hope the next generation will be better, stronger, more generous. I understand all you can do as a parent is to pack their luggage and wave as you watch them go.

So I cry. I have a lump in my throat which stops me from eating. I feel like someone has died. I keep thinking of his skin, his skin that is precious, inked like a pig carcass.

My neighbor says, Theres a good deal of it about. So many teenagers are currently doing it. I stare at images of David Beckham with his sleeves, Angelina Jolie all veins and scrawls. Tattoos are everywhere. They seem no option than piercings these days. But I still dont know. Sam Cam with her dolphin that is smudgy, the heavily tattooed at Royal Ascot these people are role models?

My niece had tattooed on her breasts, says a friend, And her father said, you wait, in a couple of years time theyll be vultures.

Its makes me weep. As if the Joker had made face paints from acid. Your youthful passion for ever on screen, like a CD of the Smiths stapled to your forehead. The British Association of Dermatologists recently surveyed just under 600 patients with tattoos. Nearly half of these were inked between the ages of 25 and 18, and almost a third of them regretted it.

I look up laser removal. Which is a possibility, I think in case you want a tattoo removed, miserably, that only works. And Im not in charge here. My son is.

My husband asks, Have you seen it?

My head shakes. Like a kid, I hope that if I keep my eyes the entire thing will disappear.

He says gently. His choice.

But what if he needs to be a attorney?

A attorney?

Or an accountant.

Hell be wearing a suit. Nobody will ever know. And he doesnt want to be a attorney. Or an accountant.

I know. I know.

I meet a colleague for lunch. He knew how much it would hurt me, I say, tears running down my face. For years Ive said, dont do it. Its there for ever, even after youve changed your mind about who you are and what you want to look like. Youre branded, like meat. It can harm your work prospects. People may turn before youve even opened your mouth.

She says, Tell him how you are feeling.

But I cant. To begin with, I know Im being completely ridiculous. This level of despair is absurd. Hes not dying, he hasnt killed anyone, he hasnt volunteered to fight on behalf of a dictatorship. But I feel like a knife is currently twisting in my guts.

I get angry with myself. This is nothing but snobbery, I think latent anxiety about the trappings of class. As if my son had deliberately turned his back Victoria sponge and stuffed his face. I’m aware, also, that I associate tattoos on guys with aggression, the kind of arrogant swagger that goes with vest tops, dogs on chains, beer glasses that are broken.

Is this? Or perhaps, I think, with an lurch of realisation, just what women feel. I stand, a tyrannosaurus that is lone, bellowing in a world I dont know.

Tattoos are the preserve of toffs and offenders. And sailors. In the 1850s, the corpses of seamen washed up on the coast of north Cornwall were strangely adorned with blue, according to Robert Hawker, the vicar of Morwenstow initials, or drawings of anchors, flowers or spiritual symbols (Our blessed Saviour on His Cross, with on the one hand His mother, and on another St John the Evangelist). It is their object and intent, when they assume these signs, says Hawker, to procure identity for their bodies if their lives are lost at sea.

Tattoos, then, were practical.

Perhaps even this was a fashion statement. Or just what you did after too much rum. Later, body art was flirted with by the aristocracy. According to the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich (they know a whole lot about tattoos), Edward VII had a Jerusalem cross on his arm while both his sons, the Duke of Clarence and the Duke of York (later George V), had dragon tattoos. Lady Randolph Churchill, Winstons mum, had a snake on her wrist.

But you can do what you like if youre rich.

In a fog of misery, still on day three, I say to him, Shall we talk?

We sit down with cups of coffee. I open my mouth to speak and end up crying instead. I say, You couldnt have done anything to hurt me more.

He is cool and detached. He says, I think you will need to re-examine your prejudices.

I think, but I have! Ive done nothing for three days! But I dont say that since we arent talking to each other. These are rehearsed lines insults flung across the box. (This is what comes of not exploding in anger in the heat of the moment.)

I say, Why couldnt you have waited until left home? Why now when youre living here?

Its something Ive been thinking about for a long time. There didnt seem any reason to wait.

Which makes it worse.

Im an adult, he says. I paid for it with my money. Money I earned.

But supported you too, I think. As far as I know, you dont have separate bank account for your various income streams. Who knows? Perhaps we paid for it. ” he says, if you thats fine. When Im at home, Ill cover this up. Your house, your rules.

Inside my mind, I think, I thought it was your home.

He states, Im upset that youre upset. But Im not going to apologise.

I dont want you to apologise, I say. (A lie. Grovelling self-abasement might help.)

He states, Im still the same person.

I look at him, sitting there, my son. I feel Im being interviewed for a job I dont want. I say, But youre not. Youre different. I’ll never look at you in precisely the same way. Its a feeling that is visceral. Perhaps because Im your mother. All those years of fretting about sunscreen and green vegetables and cancer and looking after your body allow you to drink milk and taking the dentist you. Then you let some stranger inject ink. Like self-mutilation, it feels to me. If youd lost your arm in a car accident, I would have known. I’d have done everything to make you feel better. But this this is desecration. And I hate it.

We look at each other. There seems nothing left to say.

Over the next few days, my son always covered talks up to me like the row had never occurred. I speak to him, also, but warily. Because Im no longer sure I understand him.

And this is when I realise that all of my endless self-examination was pointless. What I think, or dont think, about tattoos is immaterial. Because this is the point. Tattoos are fashionable. They might even be beautiful. (Just because I hate them doesnt mean Im right.) But my son took a meat cleaver to my apron strings. He might not have wanted to hurt me. I hope he didnt. But my feelings, as he made his decision, were completely irrelevant.

The stars aren’t wanted now: put out every one; dismantle the sun and pack up the moon.

I am redundant. And thats a legitimate cause for despair, I think.

Tess Morgan is a pseudonym

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David Tennant and Michael Sheen to save the world in TV adaptation – Trending Stuff

Terry Pratchett would be over the moon in the casting according to his estate, while co-author Neil Gaiman reminds Hollywood to give both equal credit

The late Terry Pratchett would have been over the moon in the dream casting of David Tennant as the demon Crowley in the forthcoming adaptation of Good Omens, according to the Discworld authors long-time assistant Rob Wilkins.

Amazon confirmed that Michael Sheen will play the angel Aziraphale, and Tennant will take on the role of Crowley, in Amazon Studios six-episode adaptation. Co-authored by Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, the 1990 dream bestseller Good Omens informs of Crowley and Aziraphales tries to prevent the apocalypse, following the birth of the antichrist, Adam, in Lower Tadfield, Oxfordshire.

I swear to god, Terry would be absolutely over the moon. Wed already discussed our fantasy Aziraphale and Crowley, and David Tennant was there, Wilkins told the Guardian. I cant begin to tell you what a fan he was of David and Michael Hed be looking down and are incredibly pleased.

Pratchett had particularly enjoyed Tennants role as Doctor Who, Wilkins added. Terry didnt use magic as a get out of jail free card in his writing, and he felt that after David, Doctor Who used the screwdriver to get himself out of trouble. And Terry would groan, as he’d never use magic in the identical way.

Gaiman, who scripted all six episodes of the coming series, which will be co-produced with BBC Studios, wrote on Twitter after learning of the casting: You go down to the bottom of the garden to compose, and leave your phone behind, and then something like this happens.

The novelist, who just agreed to accommodate Good Omens after reading a letter sent posthumously to him by Pratchett giving him his blessing to do so, also reminded Variety that the book had two authors after the magazines headline referred to the publication as Neil Gaimans Good Omens.

Psst. Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchetts Good Omens, wrote Gaiman, while Wilkins made the same point: My job as executive producer on #GoodOmens is primarily to remind the world the book had TWO FECKING AUTHORS.

Terry Pratchett (@terryandrob)

My job as Executive Producer on #GoodOmens is primarily to remind the world the book had TWO FECKING AUTHORS @Variety.

August 14, 2017

Pratchett expired at the age of 66 in 2015, leaving behind him over 70 books. My job is to be sure the world speaks his name thats what Ive always said since Terry died, said Wilkins, adding that he’d recently joined a writers meeting at Narrativia, the independent production company launched by Pratchett five decades back. One of the authors stood up and said that of the authors that are dead there have been, Terry Pratchett is the most alive. For the next hour of the meeting, I was so filled up with those words, and I have kept them.

Wilkins said that Gaimans scripts would make fans content. He has completely blown us away, he said. They are magnificent This is the Good Omens of my fantasies. It is a dream come true when you have six hours to tell the story, using a film budget. And Neil has taken the words on to the display.

Amazon confirmed the casting in a statement, after it was first reported in Variety. In the announcement, Sheen said that Good Omens was one of his favorite stories since he first read it. To be part of the group is a tiny dream come true. To work together with Neil, who I believe is one of the greatest storytellers of all time, is exciting. And, exactly like the rest of the world, Im a huge fan of Davids so I love trying to save it with him, he said.

Tennant called it a dream gig and a fantasy team, including: I am very excited that Ive been asked to be part of this project. Bring on the apocalypse!

Good Omens will air on Amazon Prime in 2019 and will be broadcast on BBC Two at a later date.

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Confederate statue furor hits US Capitol, as Pelosi and others seek removal – Trending Stuff

Nancy Pelosi and Democratic lawmakers are ramping up calls to get rid of Confederate statues on display in the halls of Congress, bringing the debate over Civil War symbols across the South to Capitol Hill.

Nearly 10 Confederate-era figures are memorialized in the U.S. Capitol, each sponsored by a state. Mississippi displays Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, in Statuary Hall, for example. Virginia displays Gen. Robert E. Lee in the Capitols crypt.

There is no room for observing the violent bigotry of the men of the Confederacy in the hallowed halls of the United States Capitol or in places of honour Throughout the Nation, House Minority Leader Pelosi, D-Calif., said Thursday.  

But even as many cities consider taking down monuments in the aftermath of the Charlottesville violence in a white supremacist rally, the Democrat-led effort on Capitol Hill faces odds of success.  

The 100 total statues on display are part of the National Statuary Hall Collection and arent chosen by Congress. Each state contributes two figurines, chosen by their state governments, according to the Architect of the Capitol.

These are choices for those states Doug Andres, a spokesman for Speaker Paul Ryan, told Fox News.

One Democrat suggests he wants to change that.

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, considered to be mulling a potential run for president in 2020, said Wednesday he intends to introduce a bill to remove the statues from the Capitol building.

This is just 1 step, Booker tweeted. We have work to do.

On Thursday, tourists packed into the halls of the Capitol on a hot August afternoon to see the monuments. Standing in Statuary Hall from the Jefferson Davis statue, one Capitol tour guide, wearing the coat that was customary, informed one tour group about the latest calls to remove a few of the statues.

So we will see, the guide told the group.

The tourists who visited the Capitol on Thursday expressed varying opinions about the proposal.

They shouldnt be eliminated. Its part of history, if you like it or not, said Gary Kincaid, 82, of Sedona, Ariz..

Its time to make a change was said by others.

It probably shouldnt have been allowed to be put up anyway, said Mark Armstrong, 54, an Illinois resident who is retired from the Army.

Speaking of the Confederates memorialized by the statues, Armstrong, who is black, said: I mean, they seceded from the Union. Its being a traitor.

Another tourist away from the Capitol said he didnt feel strongly one way or the other about the issue, but he appreciated both sides of the debate.

Its tough to say, ” said Damian, who declined to give his last name. Its part of our history, but its part of our history people arent proud of.

Earlier this week, Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz called on her state to eliminate its statue of Confederate general Edmund Kirby Smith in the Capitol.

It is time for Florida lawmakers to call a special session to substitute Florida’s Confederate statue in our nation’s Capitol, Wasserman Schultz said.

Other Confederates memorialized in the Capitol include: Alexander Stephens (Georgia), Joseph Wheeler (Alabama), James Z. George (Mississippi), Wade Hampton III (South Carolina), and Zebulon Baird Vance (North Carolina).

Following the 2015 mass shooting at a black church in Charleston, S.C., Mississippi Democratic Rep. Bennie G. Thompson unsuccessfully pushed legislation to remove Confederate imagery from the Capitol. This week, he renewed his call.

Memorabilia don’t have any place in this country and especially not in the United States Capitol, Thompson said. These pictures symbolize a period of discrimination and segregation that continues to haunt this country and many African-Americans who still to this day confront racism and bigotry.

President Trump on Thursday tweeted his displeasure with the recent push to remove Confederate symbols.

Sad to see the history and culture of the nation being torn apart with the elimination of our beautiful statues and monuments, Trump said. You can learn from it, although you can not change history.

The president made a slippery slope argument, asking: Who’s next, Washington, Jefferson?


The push has accelerated in recent days following a rally of white supremacists, protesting the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, turned violent in Charlottesville last weekend. Since then, politicians in a number of states including Virginia, Kentucky and Maryland have called for the elimination of statues.

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Bus seats mistaken for burqas by members of anti-immigrant group – Trending Stuff

Opinions posted on Norwegian Fatherland first Facebook group call seats on Oslo bus terrifying

A Norwegian anti-immigrant group has been roundly ridiculed after members mistook a photograph of six bus seats posted on its Facebook page to get a group of girls wearing burqas.

Tragic, terrifying and disgusting were among the comments posted by members of the closed Fedrelandet viktigst, or Fatherland first, group beneath the photograph, based on screenshots on the Norwegian news site Nettavisen.

Other members of this 13,000-strong group, for individuals who love Norway and appreciate what our ancestors fought for, wondered if the non-existent passengers might be carrying bombs or weapons beneath their garments. This looks scary, composed one. Should be banned. You cant tell whos underneath. Could be terrorists.

Further comments read: Ghastly. This should never occur, Islam is and always will be a curse, Get them out of our country frightening times we’re living in, and: I thought it would be like this in the year 2050, but it is happening NOW, based on and other media.

The picture was posted to get a joke a week by Johan Slttavik, who has described himself as Norways worst net of it, beneath a query What do people think of this?

Slttavik told Nettavisen and Norways TV2 he wished to underline the difference between legitimate criticism of blind and immigration racism, and was curious to see how individuals perceptions of an image are influenced by others around them react. I ended up having a good laugh.

It went viral in Norway after Sindre Beyer, a former Labour party MP who said he’s been following Fatherland first for a while, published 23 pages of screenshots of those groups outraged comments.

What happens when a photo of some bus seats that are vacant is posted to a disgusting Facebook group, and nearly everybody thinks they see a whole lot of burqas? He asked in a post shared more than 1,800 times.

The comments suggested the huge majority of the groups members saw the photo as evidence of the Islamification of Norway, even though a small number pointed it out was in fact an image of bus seats. One warned the group made itself look ridiculous.

Beyer told Nettavisen: Im shocked at just how much news and hate is spread [on the Fedrelandet viktigst page]. So much hatred against bus seats that are vacant demonstrates that wisdom is won out over by bias.

The mind of Norways Antiracist Centre, Rune Berglund Steen, told are harmful Muslims.

Norway recently became the latest European country to propose restrictions on the wearing of burqas and niqabs, tabling a law which will bar them from kindergartens, schools and universities. France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria and the German state of Bavaria all limit veils in some places.

The countrys minority government, a coalition of the Conservatives and the Progress party that faces elections next month, said in June it was confident it would find resistance support.

Per Sandberg, then acting integration and immigration minister, told a media conference that garments like burqa or the niqab don’t belong in Norwegian schools. The ability to communicate is a basic value.

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Australian Justine Damond shot dead by US police in Minneapolis – Trending Stuff

As stepson says, Say officials reveal, body cameras were not turned on: My mum Has Been shot for reasons I dont Understand

US police officers have shot dead an Australian woman who called 911 after hearing a noise near her home in Minneapolis.

Minnesotas public security department said a woman was shot in Minneapolis after two officers responded to a callout about a possible assault on Saturday at 11.30pm local time. The police officers did not have their body cameras.

The woman has been named as Justine Damond, who conducted meditation workshops at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. Damond, initially Justine Ruszczyk, used the name of the guy she was due to wed in August, Don Damond, the local Star Tribune reported.

Her stepson, Zac Damond, stated she had called police.

Two Minneapolis police officers responded to a 911 call of a possible assault just north of the 5100 block of Washburn Avenue S just before 11.30pm Saturday, the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said in a statement, according to the Star Tribune. At one point, an officer fired their weapon striking a woman.

The BCAs investigation is in its early stages. More details will be available once interviews with episode participants and any witnesses are complete The officers body cameras were not turned on at the time and the squad camera did not catch the episode. Investigators are trying to determine if any video of the incident exists.

The two officers involved are on paid administrative leave.

Her stepson said Damond, 40-year-old Sydneysider, was his best friend and passionate.

Basically my mum was taken for reasons I dont know, he said in a video posted on Facebook on Monday morning.

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Trump targets Congress members’ own health plans after ObamaCare repeal falls flat – Trending Stuff

President Trump, hoping to prod reluctant lawmakers to attempt for an ObamaCare overhaul deal, has zeroed in.  

The president’s ultimatum to Congress: Figure out a way forward on health care, or lose a valuable insurance. The advantage allows part of their ObamaCare premium prices to be covered by taxpayers.  

The president will not accept those who said it’s, quote, time to move on, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway said on “Fox News Sunday.”

The president has twice threatened to target the advantage in the wake of Senate Republicans failing to pass their so-called repeal health care program that was skinny on Friday.  

If ObamaCare is hurting people, & it is, why shouldnt it hurt the insurers & why should Congress not be paying what public pays? Trump tweeted on Monday. Over the weekend, Trump similarly warned he would “end” that the “BAILOUTS” for members of Congress if they don’t pass a health bill soon.

The president issued the warning both to the insurer (referring to controversial payments which could be in jeopardy) and to Congress. But his threat to terminate the advantage for the latter, the subject of a long-running Washington battle, could grab lawmakers’ attention — considering allies say he has the authority to follow through.  

I think the president would be absolutely within his rights to cancel the Obama rule that conferred this subsidy on Congress, Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., said. 

The carve-out itself dates back to 2013. 

Under the Obama administration, the Office of Personnel Management decided to grant what is often described as an exemption under the Affordable Care Act allowing lawmakers and their staff to keep getting a government subsidy for health care. 

This required a special OPM decision to categorize Congress as a small business, allowing lawmakers and their aides to get government payments as an employer contribution through the exchange. Absent that, they would have been directed onto the individual exchange which prohibits an employer contribution. 

The decision has drawn criticism from Republicans for years. 

DeSantis said killing the exemption would give lawmakers an incentive to get a health care plan approved. 

I applaud the president for raising this issue and I think if he moves swiftly on it, I think youd see a lot of these members and senators would want to work to repeal ObamaCare very quickly, DeSantis said on Fox & Friends Monday, adding that he personally declines the “subsidy.” 

DeSantis, who introduced legislation in January to end these exemptions, referred to the rules that apply to small businesses with 50 employees or less. Congress, by contrast, employs over 20,000. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., have been outspoken on the exemptions as well, pushing to repeal payments for members of Congress.

Other Americans who are in these exchanges are not getting employer subsidiesits illegal and yet somehow Congress gets a work-around, DeSantis said. 

But in a tweet storm on Saturday, Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy slammed Trump for his threat.

This is a clear threat to Congress: pass my health bill or as punishment I will end health care for you, your staff, & your constituents, Murphy tweeted. Trump isnt saying these things will happen naturally. He has the power to cut off health care for leg branch employees & crater exchanges.

Murphy added moments after, I would argue this is a very serious moment. President making personal threats to us and our constituents if we dont pass his bill.

Conservative groups have also pushed to end the exception for congressional members and staffers. Just last week, 40 leaders of conservative groups wrote the president a letter, urging him expeditiously to end the scheme.

This fraud of instructing Congress to masquerade as a small business was the key to the scheme, because if members of Congress and their staff had signed up for ObamaCare under the individual exchangeas any other American losing employer coverage has tothey would have had to pay their own premiums, the letter stated, telling Trump he has the power to end the scheme by directing OPM to rescind the Obama rule.

White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short said this policy is a perfect example of the swamp-like atmosphere in D.C.

OPM and the Obama administration put out a special ruling that said that members of Congress and staffs dont have to live by this law, he told “Fox & Friends.” 

Short criticized the subsidy for Capitol Hill.

You are currently forcing us to live with this, but you are getting an exemption, Short said.  

Brooke Singman is a Reporter for Fox News. Follow her on Twitter at @brookefoxnews.

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Video shows Trump with associates tied to email controversy – Trending Stuff

Washington (CNN)Video obtained exclusively by CNN offers a new look within the web of relationships now in the center of allegations of collusion between Trump campaign associates and Russia.

The movie shows the future President Donald Trump attending a dinner with an Azerbaijani-Russian family who became Trump’s business partners in Las Vegas in June 2013. It also shows their publicist, Rob Goldstone, who would later send Donald Trump Jr. the mails which have brought the eldest Trump son to the center of the controversy over potential collusion between Trump campaign associates and Russia.

Goldstone, who is also observed in the movie talking with Trump, claimed from the 2016 emails that damaging information against Hillary Clinton surfaced following a meeting between somebody Goldstone described as “the Crown prosecutor of Russia” and Aras Agalarov, an Azerbaijani-Russian billionaire with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Goldstone then offered to establish a call between the younger Trump and Emin Agalarov, the billionaire’s son and a pop star Goldstone signifies, to discuss the information.

The video, obtained by CNN in the wake of the email disclosures, offers fresh insights into the warm relationship between Trump and the Agalarovs, which has been widely reported since Aras Agalarov and Emin Agalarov inked a multi-million dollar deal with Trump to bring the Miss Universe pageant to Moscow in 2013.

The movie was shot on June 15, 2013 at Las Vegas on the eve of the Miss USA pageant where Trump would officially announce the deal to bring the Miss Universe competition to Moscow. The footage, a set of clips from the eve of the Miss USA pageant, documents more than three minutes of connections between Trump, the Agalarovs and Goldstone.

Donald Trump Jr. does not appear in the video obtained by CNN, but several other top Trump associates do — including Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, and his long-time aide and current director of Oval Office operations, Keith Schiller, who are both from the movie.

The clips show Trump engaged in animated conversation with the Agalarov guys and Goldstone.

During dinner, Trump is seated across from Aras Agalarov and beside Emin Agalarov — who in turn is seated next to Goldstone. At one point in the clip, Trump and Goldstone engage in a conversation while the younger Agalarov leans into the table.

Another clip shows a conversation between Trump and the Agalarovs prior to the dinner, where Emin Agalarov introduces Trump to his mother and sister — prompting the future US president to remark on their looks.

“Whoa, look at this! Now I’m glad we’re going to dinner,” Trump says after meeting the mother and sister. “What a beautiful mother you have! Well, you produce good looking stuff, right? Beautiful stuff.”

In one conversation captured on the video, Trump discusses how he came to own the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, noting that the previous owners “didn’t know what they were doing,” prompting laughter from the Agalarovs.

“Miss Universe now is, in the whole world, because you know it’s, like the Super Bowl is a watched, but outside the United States, nobody watches it, it’s one of the largest, I think top three broadcasts in the world,” Trump says, prompting Emin Agalarov to suggest that just the Olympics earn more viewership.

The next day, Trump lavishes praise on the Agalarovs in the Miss USA 2013 red rug, calling them “the most powerful people in all of Russia.”

“These are the most powerful people in all of Russia, the richest men in Russia,” Trump says during the public red carpet ceremony, which was included in the clips obtained by CNN.

In another clip from the Miss USA pageant that year, Trump discusses the forthcoming Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. He lavishes praise on Russia and says he hopes the pageant will help enhance the US-Russia relationship.

“It really is a great country. It’s a very powerful country that we have a relationship with, but I would say not a great relationship, and I would say this can certainly help that relationship. I think it’s very important,” Trump says in response to a query.

“I have great respect for Russia. And to have the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, in the most important location, the most beautiful building, in your convention center, with such amazing partners, I mean it’s going to be fantastic for detente, or whatever you want to say,” Trump continues. “I think it’s a great thing for both countries, and honestly they really wanted it in Russia — badly. … Politically they wanted it.”

Donald Trump Jr. has stated that his relationship with Goldstone did not arise from the Miss Universe pageant.

The younger Trump instead suggested in an interview Tuesday with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, an ardent Trump supporter, that he met Goldstone through a golf course tournament where Emin Agalarov performed.

“I met him through the golf program. I wasn’t even in the Miss Universe pageant, but I met him through out there, so I had a casual relationship with him,” Trump Jr. told Hannity, describing Goldstone later in the interview as “an acquaintance.”

Trump Jr. maintained in the interview that he agreed to the meeting “as a courtesy” to Goldstone.

Trump Jr. said he had only met Emin Agalarov “once or twice and maintained a casual relationship there, spoke about some possible deals, and then to this — the extent of it. They really did not go anywhere.”

Aras Agalarov told Russian radio station BFM that he doesn’t know Trump Jr. personally, though he acknowledges that they “did Miss Universe” together. But Agalarov told BFM that his son Emin Agalarov does know him. Agalarov told BFM he “does not really know” publicist Rob Goldstone either and he says the notion that Goldstone asked Trump Jr. to contact him about some dirt on Hillary Clinton is a “tall tale”.

Scott Balber, an attorney for the Agalarovs, also did not deny the closeness of the relationship between the Trumps and Agalarovs, instead raising a question about Goldstone’s credibility.

“It’s simply fiction that this was a effort to make a conduit for information from the Russian federal prosecutors into the Trump campaign,” Balber said on CNN’s “New Day.” “It’s just dream world since the fact is if there was something significant that Mr. Agalarov wanted to convey to the Trump campaign, I guess he might have called Mr. Trump straight instead of getting his son’s pop music publicist function as intermediary.”

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