Iranian female photographer banned from stadium covers match from nearby roof – Trending Stuff

Pourtaherian says her dream is for women to be able to cover matches in Irans big football stadiums. Photograph: Courtesy of Parisa Pourtaherian

Pourtaherian studied industrial design at Tehran University but her interest in sports made her pursue photography. She currently works for Photoaman news agency, which specialises in covering sporting events. She has become established in Iran and has covered games in other countries such as Sweden, Germany and Austria.

But covering a football match at home from inside a stadium remains a dream. My first wish is for us women to be allowed to cover matches in my countrys big football stadiums alongside my male colleagues, she said.

I also have another big personal wish, and that is to be able to cover even at least for one time in my life a match by my childhood favourite Manchester United in the Old Trafford stadium. Ill do everything for this dream to come true.

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