Veterans ‘burial flags’ snatched from Graceland Cemetery during Memorial Day weekend – Trending Stuff

Burial flags on display screen for the Memorial Day weekend were taken from the Korean War Memorial at Graceland Cemetery in Decatur, Illinois at some point in between Saturday night and Sunday early morning, the basic supervisor of the cemetery informed Herald &&Review .

The 4 taken flags understood for curtaining veterans caskets throughout funeral services determine 5 feet large and are more than 9 feet long. Theyre valued at $150 each.

Cameras will now be set up to keep an eye on the cemetery in order to dissuade burglars, inning accordance with David Goebel, the basic supervisor of Graceland Fairlawn Funeral Home and Cemeteries.


And we’ve touched with the Decatur cops, the Macon County Sheriff’s Office and the Decatur Park Police and spoke to them about doing some more patrolling next year, Goebel informed Herald &&Review.

The flags became part of a collection of contributed flags provided to Graceland for display screen. Theyre just flown on Memorial Day weekend. The flags were contributed by veterans households, Goebel stated, often after the funeral service of the relative.

Each flag that was taken had the name of the veteran connected with it engraved on the material in marker.

It’s depressing that somebody might come out and be so devastating regarding wish to take an American flag, Goebel stated. With our society today, you cannot have anything good, you cannot do anything rewarding, without having somebody attempt and come to damage it.

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