Introducing the new Guardian Weekly – Trending Stuff

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Introducing the new Guardian Weekly – Trending Stuff

Today, I am delighted to reveal a new-look Guardian Weekly, a beautiful magazine featuring our best reporting and writing from around the world.

Before the Guardian launched our first website in the mid-1990s, the only way for most readers outside of the United Kingdom and Ireland to read our journalism was in the Guardian Weekly. Those readers included an imprisoned Nelson Mandela, who described the Guardian Weekly as his window on the wider world.

Launched by our esteemed editor CP Scott in 1919, the Weekly was the Guardians response to the end of the first world war and the new world order being sculpted in the wake of the Treaty of Versailles.

Its aim was to keep readers around the world informed by delivering them the Guardians journalism and to showcase what was best and most interesting in the Guardian, what is most distinctive and independent of time, in a compact form.

Nearly a century later, that purpose remains.

The Guardian Weekly is a curated collection of the worlds most important stories and the most interesting writing published in the Guardian, our Sunday newspaper the Observer, and our international digital editions in Australia and the United States.

Inside the new 64-page magazine you will find a round-up of the weeks most important news headlines, plus in-depth reporting and analysis of the biggest stories of the week.

You will also find the best of our features writing, from long reads to interviews and essays. There is an opinion section featuring famous Guardian voices and new viewpoints from around the world. There is also an expanded arts section, extensive book coverage and by popular demand a page of puzzles.

Photograph: Guardian Weekly

The new Guardian Weekly will now have three editions Australia, North America and a global edition for the UK and the rest of the world.

Guardian Weekly is printed on three continents and delivered to readers across the planet with free postage. Our subscribers help support the Guardian and Observers quality, investigative reporting. Subscribe to the Guardian Weekly today and help us deliver the independent journalism the world needs.

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Thank you.

Katharine Viner

Editor-in-chief, Guardian News & Media

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