Brian Eno: ‘Donald Trump is a complete disaster’

Eno takes to Facebook to clarify his position after US rightwingers interpreted his Guardian interview as encouraging of the newest president

Brian Eno has inisisted that Donald Trump is an entire catastrophe. The renowned musician/producer/thinker/renaissance man took to Facebook in the aftermath of Simon Hattenstones interview with him for the Guardian, released on Monday, to clear up any idea he might happen to be happy about Trumps presidency.

In that interview, Eno said: Ive began to believe Im happy about Brexit and Im pleased about Trump because it gives us a kick up the arse because we werent going to alter anything, and we wanted it. Only imagine if Hillary Clinton wed been business as usual and had won, the entire structure lose the entire Clinton family myth, inherited. I dont understand thats a future I’d especially need. It only looks whereas now, with Trump, theres a possibility of an effective crash, as well as the opportunity to actually reconsider that was grinding slowly to a halt.

In a Facebook post, Eno took issue with all the headline on the Guardian interview Weve been in decline for 40 years Trump is an opportunity to reconsider saying: I didnt use those words because manner (as reading the article would make clear), and theyve been taken (especially by some American sites) to indicate that I support Trump. Anybody familiar with my perspectives will realize that this really is incorrect.

So, can I make something completely clear: I believe Donald Trump is an entire catastrophe. And Brexit is a calamity also. Having said that, what I believe is an even greater catastrophe is the fact that we in the UK as well as the United States and increasingly the remaining planet reside inside political systems that may create illogical consequences such as these.

Eno went to convey that he expected Trump would disclose himself for what he truly is, and the people will roundly and unequivocally reject him and everything he stands for his horrible policies, his jingoism, his conceit, his childishness, his lies, his biases and his small mindedness. In rejecting Trump nicely also begin to take down the full media that is malignant -political structure that so fondly nurtured him.

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