Exiled former president Yahya Jammeh ‘stole $11.4m’ from the Gambia

Adviser to brand-new president claims banished ruler plundered state coffers and shipped high-end lorries by freight airplane in the weeks prior to he left workplace

Exiled Gambian ruler Yahya Jammeh took countless dollars in his last weeks in power, ransacking the state coffers and shipping high-end automobiles by freight aircraft, an unique consultant for the brand-new president has actually declared.

A local military force has actually cominged in, welcomed by cheers, to protect the West African country so that democratically chosen President Adama Barrow might return house. He stayed in neighbouring Senegal, where he took the oath of workplace on Thursday due to the fact that of issues for his security .

At an interview in the Senegalese capital, Barrows unique advisor Mai Ahmad Fatty informed reporters the president will return house as quickly as possible.

Underscoring the obstacles dealing with the brand-new administration, Fatty declared that Jammeh swiped more than US$ 11.4 m (9.18 m) throughout a two-week duration.

Jammeh and his household took a deal of exile after more than 22 years in power and left late on Saturday .

The Gambia remains in monetary distress. The coffers are essentially empty. That is a state of truth, Fatty stated. It has actually been validated by service technicians in the ministry of financing and the Central Bank of the Gambia.

Fatty likewise stated that a Chadian freight airplane had actually carried high-end items out of the nation on Jammehs behalf in his last hours in power, consisting of an unidentified variety of lorries.

Fatty stated authorities at the Gambia airport had actually been bought not to enable any of Jammehs valuables to leave. Independently, it appeared that a few of his products stayed in Guinea, where Jammeh and his closest allies stopped on their flight into exile.

Fatty stated authorities be sorry for the circumstance, however it appeared that the significant damage had actually been done, leaving the brand-new federal government with little option to recover the funds.

The unforeseeable Jammeh, understood for shocking statements such as his claim that bananas and natural rubs might treat Aids, entered into exile under mounting worldwide pressure, with a wave to fans as soldiers wept. He is now in Equatorial Guinea, the home of Africas longest-serving ruler and not a state celebration to the worldwide criminal court (ICC).

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Jammehs significant about-face on his December election loss to Barrow, initially yielding then challenging the vote, seemed the last straw for the global neighborhood, which had actually been alarmed by his relocations in current years to state an Islamic republic and leave the Commonwealth and the ICC.

Barrows advisor disavowed a joint statement released after Jammehs departure by the United Nations, African Union and West African local bloc Ecowas that bestowed a variety of securities upon Jammeh, his household and his partners consisting of the guarantee that their legal possessions would not be taken.

As far as were worried, it does not exist, Fatty stated.

The statement likewise stated Jammehs exile was short-lived which he scheduled the right to go back to Gambia at the time of his picking.

Although the statement was composed to supply Jammeh with optimal security, it does not provide him amnesty, inning accordance with worldwide human rights attorney Reed Brody.

Under worldwide law in reality you cant amnesty particular criminal offenses like abuse and methodical or enormous political killings, he stated in an e-mail. Depending where Jammeh winds up, however, the genuine barriers to holding him responsible will be political.

Barrow will now start working and forming a cabinet with Gambias nationwide assembly to reverse the state of emergency situation Jammeh stated in his last days in power, stated Halifa Sallah, spokesperson for the union backing the brand-new leader.

The presidents main house, State House, has to be cleared of any possible threats prior to Barrow shows up, Sallah included.

The local military force, which had actually been poised to displace Jammeh if diplomatic efforts stopped working, rolled into Gambias capital, Banjul, on Sunday night to protect it for Barrows arrival.

Hundreds welcomed the forces approach to State House, dancing and cheering, while some individuals got soldiers to take selfies.

The force will stay in the nation up until such time the security basic circumstance is adequately redressed, Barrow stated in a declaration.

Marcel Alain de Souza, chairman of the local bloc, stated part of Gambias security forces had to be immobilised, and he verified that Jammeh had actually had mercenaries by his side throughout the standoff. The previous leader likewise had actually asked for a sort of amnesty for him and his entourage and had actually wished to stay in his house town, de Souza stated.

With Jammeh gone, a nation that had actually waited in silence throughout the crisis bounced back to life. Shops and dining establishments opened, music played and individuals danced in the streets.

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