Greta Garbo said, Iwant to be alone in which film? The Weekend quiz

From quantum mechanics to curry, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

The questions

1 What split in 1054?
2Greta Garbo said, Iwant to be alone in which film?
3 Which hostage rescue was codenamed Operation Thunderbolt?
4 Which Lionel Bart musical had two exclamation marks in its title?
5 Who devised the exclusion principle inquantum mechanics?
6 What parking measure made its debut in Slough in1956?
7 In sport, what is aTUE?
8 Which US city takesits name fromaRoman dictator-turned-farmer?
What links:
9 Viktor Hartmann; Modest Mussorgsky; Maurice Ravel?
10 Was loved by astrong swimmer; the daughter ofLeonata; submarinesnack?
11 Pastoral; toy; utility;working?
12 1792 (1); 1848 (2); 1870 (3); 1946 (4); 1958(5)?
13 Catamaran; corundum; curry; mulligatawny?
14 Rebecca Curtis; Jenny Pitman; VenetiaWilliams; Henrietta Knight?
15Caleb Williams andFrankenstein; TheThreeMusketeers and Camille; LuckyJimand Money?

The answers

1 The Christian Church (East-West Schism).
2Grand Hotel.
3 Entebbe (1976).
4 Twang!!
5Wolfgang Pauli.
6 Double yellow lines.
7 Therapeutic use exemption.
8 Cincinnati (Cincinnatus).
9 Pictures At An Exhibition: did artworks; wrote piano work; arranged for orchestra.
10 Hero: in Greek myth; in Much Ado About Nothing; hero sandwich.
11 Breed groups of dogs.
12 Founding of French Republics.
13 Words of Tamil origin.
14 Racehorse trainers.
15 Father and child authors: William Godwin and Mary Shelley; Alexandre Dumas pre and fils; Kingsley and Martin Amis.

All at sea? Photograph: Steve Gorton/Getty Images/Dorling Kindersley

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