Protesters in Mexico show solidarity with Women’s March

Mexico City (CNN)Under a piercing sun and the careful look of the Angel of Independence monolith, protestors in Mexico City shouted, “Love, not dislike, makes America excellent.”

Organized by a union of females’s groups in uniformity with the Women’s March on Washington, United States and Mexican residents came together to form a human wall along the capital’s main road, Paseo de la Reforma, shutting the city’s primary artery for around an hour and taking advantage of the custom of Mexican self-reliance and civil demonstration.
The presentation spilled out from the pathway in front of the United States embassy, where protesters guaranteed high metal barriers a number of lots feet far from the structure, paying attention to tunes of social modification like Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up” and John Lennon’s “Imagine.” The demonstrators held indications with anti-Trump messages consisting of, “We will not let Trump’s wrongs reject our rights,” and “Abort undesirable presidencies.” The occasion had a festival-like, household and dog-friendly environment, with very little cops existence.
      Protesters in Mexico show solidarity with Women's March

      Protesters in Mexico show solidarity with Women's March

      The workplace of Mexico’s President Enrique Pea Nieto tweeted Saturday afternoon about a telephone call he had with Trump previously in the day. Inning accordance with his workplace, the Mexican president revealed a desire to collaborate on an equally useful program with a concentrate on regard for the sovereignty of both countries.
      Trump has actually stated his love for Mexicans and a desire for relationship in current weeks, yet continues to require a brand-new and more powerful wall along the US-Mexico border-paid by Mexico . The Mexican federal government has actually consistently shown it will not spend for the wall. The dispute over the wall’s payment, in addition to Trump’s mass deportation propositions , risks to remove the NAFTA offer, and his previous remarks explaining some Mexicans as”rapists”and bad guys have actually left lots of Mexicans afraid of the future.
      In a video published on Twitter, right-leaning Mexican Senator Juan Carlos Romero Hicks sent out a message to Trump and United States residents.
      “We are going to be next-door neighbors together permanently. Why not develop together an excellent North American neighborhood? “he stated.
      A top-level Mexican federal government delegation, consisting of the nation’s brand-new foreign minister, is anticipated to take a trip to Washington next week to consult with leading authorities from the Trump administration.

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