Woman’s obit throws in sly dig at Trump: ‘Canada wasn’t far enough’

Woman's obit throws in sly dig at Trump: 'Canada wasn't far enough'

(CNN)The loss of someone you care about is nearly uniformly met with dismay. But frequently there is touches of comedy mixed in, also.

A staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, Robin Porch, died only hours after Donald Trump was inaugurated President.
    So in her obituary, the 62-year old Illinois girl’s family worked in a small nod to her political leanings.
      “With Trump as president, Canada wasn’t far enough, so she moved to Heaven,” the obit reads.
      Her kids are convinced their mom might have approved.
      “Through the election, we constantly teased each other. That is simply what we did,” Porch’s son, Joshua, told CNN.
      As they constantly did when confronting loss, the family held together.
      “We were sitting in the funeral home with all the funeral director going through the obituary. We were making jokes as well as the manager could not believe that we were setting up an obituary joking like this.”
      But, Porch included, “My mom would have appreciated it.”

      ‘She showed us’

      Joshua Porch recalls the time Trump was elected.
      “I asked her what was she going to do now? Was she going to observe the inauguration?” he remembered. “She said something like ‘He Is not my president.’ Therefore I told her ‘Nothing you can certainly do about it now.’
      “She showed us.”
      However, the obit dig is much more than a statement of the political leanings of the family’s.
      “This paints how we deal with things and our sense of humor,” the son told CNN. “It gets who my mom was and who we are as a family. Whoever has been over to get a Christmas or a Thanksgiving or a birthday can attest to that.”

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