Police conduct cross-country search for young mother’s remains

Police conduct cross-country search for young mother's remains

(CNN.com)A purple bag can be an important hint as law-enforcement officers run a multistate investigation to get a girl’s remains, authorities in Boulder, Colorado, stated Friday.

Researchers consider Adam Densmore killed Ashley Mead, the caretaker of his 13-month old daughter, in Boulder and drove a circuitous path to Oklahoma in a 2001 Volvo station-wagon with all the kid and Mead’s body in, Boulder police public information officer Shannon Cordingly stated.
The own body of Mead could have already been partly dismembered outside Shreveport, Louisiana, police stated.
    “There are concerns that some of the victim’s body parts may have been discarded in a variety of communities the suspect passed through after the homicide,” a police news release stated.
    25, Mead, was last seen on Sunday, when she did not show up for work Cordingly mentioned, and was reported lost Tuesday. Also lost was Winter Daisy Mead, the couple’s daughter.
    Authorities believed they may be with Densmore, with whom Mead had “an off and on-again relationship,” Cordingly stated. Law enforcement started hunting and on Wednesday day Densmore was detained in the vehicle outside Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    The infant was in the vehicle, although not Mead. Wintertime, who had been uninjured, is now in the attention of Oklahoma child protective services, Cordingly stated.
    About one hour after Densmore was stopped, a worker of a service station about 35 miles a way in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, discovered a purple bag Cordingly, in the dumpster stated.
    In the bag proved to be a torso, she stated.
    An autopsy was performed in Oklahoma, and and authorities have tentatively identified the remains as Mead’s, according to tat, Cordingly stated, and although no official results are released.
    Boulder authorities said Densmore continues to be detained on suspicion of first degree murder.
    The remainder of the parts of the body of Mead could be in another purple bag that was portion of an established, Cordingly stated.
    “If anyone sees a suitcase placed in an odd location, they are asked not to touch it and to contact their local police department immediately,” police stated.
    “Citizens are asked to be alert for a purple ‘Reba’ brand suitcase in trash dumpsters, along the side of the road or in any other odd location,” Okmulgee police Chief Joe Prentice mentioned, according to CNN affiliate KJRH.
    He mentioned onepiece of the bag set is lost and may be “somewhere between Louisiana and Okmulgee.”
    Inquired where he believed it may be, the leader said: “I think the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.”
    Mead, who has origins in Densmore, and Pennsylvania, from Louisiana, had moved in the past six months roughly, Cordingly mentioned to Boulder.
    Authorities do not have a so-called purpose yet, Cordingly mentioned.
    According to reports from the family relations of Densmore, Boulder cops believe he went south to Raton, New Mexico, left city on Sunday, and arrived Monday in Haughton, Louisiana, Cordingly mentioned.
    Densmore drove Tuesday to Okmulgee to Conway, Arkansas, and Wednesday and then Tulsa, police stated.
    He is now being held in Oklahoma. Prentice stated Densmore waived extradition and could be returned to Colorado by in a few days. It was unclear Friday whether he’d a lawyer.

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