The day David Hockney took me out for a drive in the Hollywood Hills

Its 1997, Rose Blake is simply 11, on vacation in California, and her artist daddies popular good friend takes them out for a sundown spin in the Lexus

I t was the summer season of 1997, I was 11, and enjoying my recentlies of flexibility prior to beginning at a stuffy all-girls school in September. I was a naughty however major gamine, with a brief mop-top hairstyle, consumed with roller blading, The Simpsons, Tamagotchis and the Backstreet Boys . My daddy was Peter Blake , among the leaders of British Pop Art in the 1960s, and all I desired was a Nintendo 64. I absolutely wasnt prepared for huge school.

We were going to LA for 2 weeks vacation (Disneyland! Tootsie Rolls! Substantial pizzas!) and David Hockney had actually used to let us remain in his visitor home on Pacific Coast Highway . On the very first early morning I keep in mind consuming Pop-Tarts for breakfast and seeing seals bobbing up and down in the ocean right in front of the living-room window. The flowery wallpaper was hand-drawn by Hockney himself. In my bed room he had actually painted an area of his Road to Malibu straight on to the wall, and hung a genuine frame over it I drew an unsteady photo of it in my note pad.

Hockney had actually assured to take us on among his musical drives around Los Angeles a choreographed trip through the mountains set to music and timed with the sundown.

We got a taxi approximately his home in Laurel Canyon and were allowed though a small gate into a tropical wonderland. Your house was painted in main colours, and there were huge succulents all over. It was sweltering light and hot appeared to bounce off every surface area. The bottom of his swimming pool was painted to appear like among his water photos. Wed got to your house a bit late and Hockney was somewhat stressed as the drive counted on accuracy timing, You cant be late since nature is doing the lighting, he stated. We turned around and went back to his vehicle. When we got back, I was assured I might have a swim.

I keep in mind the brown leather seats of his Lexus, Hockney and Dad in the front, me and Mum in the back. There was the odor of smoke from his relentless cigarette, his soft northern drawl and transmittable cackle, and the unusual, thriving symphonic music from the automobile stereo in the house, my moms and dads paid attention to rock n roll.

It was an absolutely sensory experience, a living artwork, as well as a kid I knew this. It had to do with light, landscape, colour, music, time passing and, above all, the satisfaction of truly looking. Hockney thought in this enjoyment more than anybody. As we owned through the rolling hills he stated: Looking at the world benefits you. When you look at it, the world is really stunning. As the sun set and the music crescendoed, I understood this drive had to do with living, remaining in the minute and being a small human remaining in this huge gorgeous world. At that minute huge school didnt matter one bit.

Meet the Artist: David Hockney by Rose Blake is released by Tate at 6.99. See David Hockneys brand-new exhibit at Tate Britain from 9 February to 29 May (

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