Tories overturn Labour majority to win Copeland byelection

Pressure on Jeremy Corbyns leadership increases after Trudy Harrison secures Cumbria constituency that Labour had dominated since 1924

Jeremy Corbyn is under further pressure after a humiliating byelection defeat at the hands of the Conservative party in Copeland, a heartland seat dominated by Labour since 1924.

Gillian Troughton, the Labour candidate, was defeated by the Conservatives Trudy Harrison, marking the first time a governing party has taken a seat from another party in a byelection in 35 years.

The Conservatives took 13,748 votes to Labours 11,601 after a turnout of 51%. The Lib Dem candidate, Rebecca Hanson, came third with 2,252 votes.

Troughton left the count at Cleveland Sports Centre within minutes of the dramatic result being announced and without making a concession speech. She was heckled by a passerby who shouted Sack Corbyn! as she was rushed into a waiting car.

Harrison, a political novice, said in her victory speech: What has happened here tonight is a truly historic event. Youd have to go back more than a century to find an example of a governing party taking a seat from the opposition party in an election like this.

Weve had Labour here for more than 80 years but its been very clear talking to people throughout this campaign that Jeremy Corbyn doesnt represent them.

They want a party which is on the side of ordinary working people, which will respect the way we voted in the referendum, and which will build a country which represents everyone. Thats why they voted for me tonight.