Product Review: Airfree T800 Air Purifier

Our “typical” utilized to be working and living in different little boxes we called house and the workplace. Covid made complex that, I’m sure you ‘d concur. Great deals of us are now home regularly, or constantly. And air quality and freshness is absolutely a thing now especially. When I was used to chance to examine out the Airfree T800 air cleanser and freshener, I enthusiastically accepted.

.Prior to Airfree.

I have a Recreational Vehicle, and I likewise made the leap to scale down into a small house this year. Both of the locations you’re apt to discover me are little. And little areas are well-known for establishing their own unique smells. Not that they’re smelly. It’s simply their signature fragrance.

Like the majority of us, my nose stopped signing up the normal smells. As long as I was present many of the time, I could not actually notice it. Whenever I left the area for a day or 2 and then returned, it was quite apparent. There was certainly a house-a-tosis thing going on.

.Setting it Up.

The T800 needs to be the most convenient unboxing and setup ever. Open package, and plug it in. Done. There’s no filter to set up, or modification, ever. No switches, button, knobs, flashing lights providing signals you need to find out.

The T800 is created for a little area, however obviously there are other designs for bigger areas. This one fits perfectly out of the method and runs calmly.

.My Impressions and outcomes.

After leaving the area vacant for the Memorial Day weekend, and with the air here in the southwest really smokey today, I was happily amazed. Strolling into the location where the T800 lies, there was an obvious “tidy” in the air.

I ‘d offer this rather low-cost option to bad air a huge “yes, purchase it.” Whether for your Recreational Vehicle or for a small house, it’s a winner. Now, I’ll be desiring a 2nd one!

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