6 Best Compass Apps for Android

When it pertains to browsing in the outdoors, major hikers, backpackers, or survivalists understand the value of having a dependable compass in their treking sets.

With the development of innovation, you can bring your phone into the backcountry and still have the benefit of a compass on your phone.

A compass app is a hassle-free, problem-free, and simple method to track your path, elevation, speed, and range. The app likewise assists you inform what instructions you might require to head if you get lost on the path.

While a compass app won’’ t change the simple, precise hand-held compass, it can be an excellent buddy in the outdoors. Have a look at our leading choices for the very best Android compass apps.

.Finest Android Compass Apps.1. Compass 360 Pro Free

The Compass 360 Pro Free app integrates ease of usage and performance with simply sufficient additional functions to make it stick out in the crowd. Unlike other compasses, which work well just in one hemisphere, the Compass 360 Pro Free app works anywhere around the globe.

The app provides you degrees in decimal format making it simple to utilize specifically if you put on’’ t have much navigation understanding. Plus, it reveals bearings in either magnetic north or real north, that makes it a convenient compass app for usage with a topographic map or for basic navigation.

6 Best Compass Apps for Android

You can utilize the app for treking, outdoor camping, rowing, taking a trip, and other outside occasions. It orientates naturally and quickly while offering comprehensive instructions. The app is likewise multilingual and works offline, however needs area gain access to and WiFi to work efficiently.

The primary drawbacks with the Compass 360 Pro Free app are that it just deals with Android gadgets that have a magnetic sensing unit, utilizes a great deal of battery, and includes advertisements.

.2. Digital Field Compass

Digital Field Compass app is an easy app without all the fluff like elegant backgrounds or maps, making it light on battery usage.

The app is totally free, precise, and has a user friendly design with a digital center panel that shows your heading in degrees, however needs access to WiFi for much better outcomes.

6 Best Compass Apps for Android

Plus, the app can inform if you’’ re having magnetic disturbance, and it’’ s excellent for digital orienteering on land. The app likewise consists of pitch and roll fields so you can utilize it in a marine environment for boating or cruising.

You can change the declination of your existing place by hand, and utilize the Nighttime Mode to maintain your night vision.

Digital Field Compass app will enhance the map app on your Android gadget. This makes it a fantastic app for map reading training, strolling, hill climbing, treking, and basic outside navigation.

.3. Gyro Compass

The Gyro Compass app operates identically to a real-world compass. You can discover your compass bearing, magnetic north, and your real north and the app will deal with variation.

The app is complimentary, simple to utilize, and an effective navigation help. Plus, it has a slope sign, great deals, and big turning bezel so you can utilize it like a physical compass.

6 Best Compass Apps for Android

If you like traditional navigation, the Gyro Compass app has a classic compass style, and you can track your course and speed with an odometer. The app doesn’’ t deal voice navigation however, however it guarantees that you reach your location properly with speed, and cover your range in the ideal instructions.

Gyro Compass app works for a lot of outside activities consisting of hiking, outdoor camping, travel, picnics, or boating, and works properly all over the world. The app needs access to place and a web connection (GPS or network-based).

.4. 3D Compass Plus

The 3D Compass Plus app is an enjoyable app to play and utilize with as it provides enhanced truth view, GPS details , and map updates in genuine time. The app’’ s AR see utilizes your gadget ’ s electronic camera to show a 3D map, compass, collaborates, speed, address, and time on an easy-to-read screen.

To get a bearing, you can point your electronic camera towards an item, or take videos revealing your course or course and share it with others to follow you. The app likewise includes a little additional taste through geocaching, and is a fantastic tool particularly if you’’ re thinking about orienteering.

6 Best Compass Apps for Android

The app works for teaching about the relationship in between bearings and travel particularly for individuals who are brand-new to compass navigation. You can likewise take screenshots, and embed place EXIF tags, date, or time in the screenshot files.

3D Compass Plus app has a totally free variation supported by advertisements, however you can update to the PRO variation and take pleasure in an ad-free experience.

For finest outcomes, the 3D Compass Plus app needs access to your area, video camera, web, microphone, and storage connection.

.5. Compass Galaxy

If you invest a great deal of time hiking, fishing, typically breaking path and heading cross nation, you’’ ll discover the Compass Galaxy app to be determine really practical and precise.

6 Best Compass Apps for Android

Compass Galaxy has exceptional graphics and simple calibration . Plus, it’’ s without any mistakes so you can utilize it when you require compass navigation while you’’ re out outdoor camping, boating, or hiking.

The app is basic to utilize, and it doesn’’ t need unneeded authorizations like many apps do.

.6. GPS Compass Navigator

The GPS Compass Navigator is an enjoyable compass app to utilize on journeys, when fishing or hiking. You can conserve your position , for instance where you parked your cars and truck or the hotel you’’ re staying at, and utilize the app to browse back following the assisting arrow.

The app provides vehicle mode to get right bearing when driving, and a basic, easy to use user interface that’’ s enhanced to conserve your phone battery . All these make the GPS Compass Navigator the very best Android compass app for taking a trip, treking, or other outside activities.

. 6 Best Compass Apps for Android

Other functions the app provides consist of voice navigation, map export, display screen or import GPX files , and navigation on lock screen. Plus, it reveals the sun and moon position, and your existing place in DMS, Decimal, or MGRS.


You can likewise view your speed, range , existing latitude or longitude, existing address , approximated time of arrival, GPS precision and GPS elevation, magnetic field strength, and took a trip course visualization.


The app can work offline with or without a magnetometer, however needs access to your gadget ’ s storage, area, photo/media/files, and web connection.

. Discover Your True North.

Poor exposure and indistinct landscapes can make navigation in nature really difficult. With all these options and various compass apps for Android, you ’ re sure todiscover one that matches your specific requirements. We advise combining your conventional compass with your compass app and a map app for finest outcomes.


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