Lock and Code S1Ep21: Lesson planning your school’s cybersecurity with Doug Levin

This week on Lock and Code, we talk about the leading security headings produced right here on Labs and around the Internet. In addition, we talk with Doug Levin, creator of the K12 cybersecurity resource center and consultant to the K12 Security Information Exchange, about how schools can prepare for a cybersecure 2021.

Education dealt with a crisis in the United States this year, as the looming risk of the coronavirus required schools throughout the nation to establish brand-new methods for mentor. At Malwarebytes, we wished to find how these shifts affected education cybersecurity.

Revealed for the very first time in our latest report released today , “ Lessons in cybersecurity: How schools coped in the shift to range knowing ,” what we discovered worried us.

Tune in to find out about how schools fared in transitioning to distance discovering designs, what cybersecurity safety measures they did not embrace, and how they can get ready for the 2nd half of the academic year, on the most recent episode of Lock and Code, with host David Ruiz.

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.We cover our own research study on:. Spam roundup for November Germans targeted by return of banking Trojan Baltimore schools struck by Ransomware Deep knowing : what the future holds Facebook rip-offs , and how to prevent them VideoBytes : is it farewell for Maze Ransomware?Other cybersecurity news.Mutual fund leaves files large open to all (Source: The Register) Three years prison time for hacker informed to leave Nintendo alone (Source: Justice( dot) Gov) How to keep health care safe from Ransomware (Source: Help Net Security) MacOS users under fire from upgraded malware (Source: ZDnet) Hunger relief org scammed out of near a million dollars (Source: The Non Profit Times).

Stay safe, everybody!

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