Discord Overlay Not Working? 9 Ways to Fix

Discord is the most popular chat program amongst players. Users can develop their own servers for their preferred video games, for their guild, or simply for a group of buddies. Whatever the factor, Discord programs when you’’ re online, what video game you’re playing, and a lot more.

It holds both voice and text chat servers that permit players to talk while playing their preferred titles. It likewise consists of an in-game overlay that can be triggered by striking the keyboard faster way while in-game. The overlay makes it simple to react to messages, change chat servers, and more.

If the Discord overlay is not working, here are a number of various repairs you can attempt.

.Make Certain the Overlay is Enabled.

The Discord overlay need to be allowed by default, however in some cases users disable it or a problem triggers the overlay to shut down . The initial step you must take is to guarantee the overlay is triggered.

Discord Overlay Not Working? 9 Ways to Fix

Click the User Settings icon in Discord. This is discovered to the right of your username, next to the microphone and earphone icons. Scroll down and click Overlay and guarantee the Enable in-game overlay slider is turned on when this opens.

If made it possible for, the slider will be green with a check mark. If not, it will be grey with an ““ X ”.

. Guarantee Specific Games Are Enabled.

The initial step is allowing the overlay for all of Discord. If that doesn’’ t fix your issue, ensure the particular video game you wish to play has the overlay made it possible for. Go to User Settings> Game Activity and take a look at the list.

Discord Overlay Not Working? 9 Ways to Fix

Any video game that has the overlay allowed will reveal a grey display next to it. You can likewise hover your cursor over a video game and it will reveal Overlay: On or Overlay: Off. The screen will have a red ““ X ” through it. You can click the display to rapidly make it possible for the overlay for that particular title.

.Run Discord as Administrator.

Many capacity problems like Discord overlay not working can be avoided by running a program and opening as the administrator. This informs your system the program can be relied on and is without malware and infections.

Discord Overlay Not Working? 9 Ways to Fix

Right-click Discord and select Run as administrator. This will open the program as typical, however will provide it complete administrative benefits and prevent any firewall softwares or security programs that obstruct it.

.Inspect Your Display Scaling.

You can personalize the scale of your display screen from within Windows settings. While this can make text and icons simpler to find , it can likewise conceal the Discord overlay. In some cases a distinction as little as 5% is all it requires to conceal the screen. The bright side is that you can alter the scale with simply a couple of clicks.

Discord Overlay Not Working? 9 Ways to Fix

Open Settings>> Look and show for the Scale and design subheading. Try to find the alternative to ““ Change the size of texts, apps, and other products” ” and click the drop-down box. Set it back to 100%. Offer the system a minute to re-scale prior to screening Discord once again.

.Totally Close Out Discord.

A typical mistake amongst Discord users is that part of the application might stay running in the background even after whatever else has actually closed. If this holds true, Discord may not open when you attempt to begin it, much less run the overlay.

Discord Overlay Not Working? 9 Ways to Fix

Open your Task Manager and end every procedure including Discord. You will likely see several procedures called Discord (32 bit) or Discord (64 bit) depending upon your os. End these procedures and after that re-start Discord.

.Reboot Your Computer.

It’’ s such an easy action, however one that is frequently neglected. Rebooting your PC can deal with a bulk of problems with nearly any program. If totally closing down Discord doesn’’ t work, reboot your PC prior to taking any other actions.

.Make sure No Other Overlay is Active.

Discord isn’’ t the only program that utilizes an overlay. Streaming software application like OBS and tools like the Xbox Game Bar both create overlays for usage in-game, and often these programs can hinder Discord ’ s overlay. Close down any third-party software application that may disrupt Discord.

. Discord Overlay Not Working? 9 Ways to Fix

Once you do, reboot Discord and after that check the Discord overlay again to validate if it ’ s working.

. Disable Hardware Acceleration.

Hardware velocity is a function in lots of applications that utilizes resources from theCPU and GPU to make sure the program runsmore efficiently. This is especially helpful on weaker systems that can utilize a little extra aid. Hardware velocity can often interfere with Discord ’ s overlay.

. Discord Overlay Not Working? 9 Ways to Fix

To disable hardware velocity, open Discord and browse to Settings> Appearance and after that scroll down to Hardware Acceleration. Guarantee the toggle next to the choice is shut off. Not just can this proper issues with the overlay, however it can likewise assist video games run more efficiently while Discord plays in the background.

. Re-Install Discord.

If all else stops working, and the Discord overlay is still not working, you can re-install and uninstall Discord. There islittle at danger in this action. Details associated to your account, servers, and more is kept server-side, so even if you clean your PC, you can gain back access to that details by logging back in.


Open Control Panel> Uninstall a program and scroll up until you discover Discord on the list. Click Discord, then right-click and pick Uninstall. After you have actually entirely gotten rid ofDiscord from your maker, you can re-install the program by going to Discord ’ s site.

. Discord Overlay Not Working? 9 Ways to Fix

Download the current variation of Discord from the website. If you still have one, Don ’ t rely on a previous download. After you have actually re-installed Discord and logged back in, checkthe overlay.


Discord is a terrific service that ’ s worth having, whether you wish to have fun with good friends or simply discover a neighborhood of individuals with the exact same interests as yourself . There are various Discord servers for cooking, retro video gaming, therefore a lot more. Attempt these various suggestions to guarantee the Discord overlay works if you desire to make sure you can stay part of the discussion even in the middle of gameplay.


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