Guidance for our ‘Points of Departure’ section

As part of our journal’’ s continuous advancement and enhancement, the editors have actually modified the assistance for our ‘‘ Points of Departure’ ’( POD) area.

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This alternative motivates submissions that move far from the basic scholastic paper, and into more speculative area to take on originalities. It exists to make it possible for coworkers to send us reflective and important posts, images, poems, strategies, polemics, debates and actions: crucial work that might not be finest represented through a traditional journal short article. The editors are eager for PODs to be examined in such a way that shows the procedure for other posts, despite the fact that they are a various type of composing.

They can be an area for arguments to be made like op-eds, and rapidly authorized for publication. PODs can, for that reason, have numerous functions, consisting of being a method of: motivating submissions from those who can not devote to composing a complete research study short article; venting out fresh concepts; revealing and going over the concepts behind an unique problem or conference style.

In examining PODs, we recommend the following requirements:

1) The submission need to function as a crucial commentary on any modern concern that requires additional research study, reflection, difficulty, review or justification on (well-) developed approaches, concepts, or standards;

2) The point of departure need to be plainly mentioned. This could, for instance, be within the title as ‘‘ Why we require Sustainable Development Goals in Higher Education’’, followed by extensive argument regarding why this point of departure is essential;

3) The POD need to attend to a global audience that shares a crucial interest in the element of mentor in college being gone over;

4) Articles ought to follow citation conventions and attribution;

5) The submission need to be around 3,000 words in length.

With PODs there is a flexibility to move beyond the constraints enforced by a routine research study short article. This is a fantastic chance that, if efficiently made use of, can enable an essay to stick out as a genuine contribution to the field as it presently stands. You might likewise discover our pointers on composing for the journal helpful.

Ibrar Bhatt, Executive Editor


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