How to Delete Downloads on Android

Keeping an eye on media and other files on your Android gadget can be challenging. You might have downloaded something from the web, social networks apps or e-mail and it doesn’’ t appear in the Downloads folder.


Similarly, if you’’ ve not handicapped the auto-download function on your gadget, some files will still be downloaded to your gadget without your understanding. Plus, erased files likewise stay in storage till they’’ re overwritten with brand-new information or you format your gadget .

All these together make it more difficult to put all your downloaded files together and erase what you wear’’ t requirement.


This guide discusses the various choices you need to erase downloads on Android.

.3 Ways to Delete Downloads on Android.

There are numerous choices to assist you erase downloads on Android gadgets consisting of utilizing a USB cable television to see your files on a laptop computer and by hand erasing the files. You can utilize the native My Files app on your gadget, or set up a third-party app to assist you pick the files you desire and completely erase them from your gadget.

Note: Before erasing your files, make certain you back them approximately your favored cloud storage or external hard disk drive simply in case you mistakenly erase a crucial file or memory.

.How to Delete Downloads on Android Phone Using a USB Cable.If you have a USB cable television and laptop computer, #ppppp> You can erase downloads on your Android gadget.

.To do this, get the USB cable television that featured your Android phone and utilize it to link the gadget to a computer system..How to Delete Downloads on AndroidThe computer system will spot your phone and a brand-new File Explorer window will appear. Select your gadget from the list of linked gadgets, and go to the folder which contains the files you wish to erase..How to Delete Android File Downloads through My Files App.

You can likewise erase downloads separately from various folders on your Android gadget. These folders consist of media file downloads from social networks apps like Facebook or Twitter , cloud storage and from your SD card if readily available.

.To do this, open the My Files (or Files) app on your gadget.How to Delete Downloads on AndroidNext, tap the Downloads folder. Here, you’’ ll discover all your basic downloads, however it would take longer to discover the precise files you wish to erase, particularly if you put on’’ t understand the file name or kind of file.How to Delete Downloads on AndroidOnce you discover the file or files you wish to erase, pick the file and after that choose Delete (garbage icon) at the bottom of your screen.How to Delete Downloads on Android

Note: If you wish to erase all files from the Downloads folder, press and hold one file and after that tap the circle on top left side of your screen to choose All files.

How to Delete Downloads on AndroidTap Delete and after that tap Delete once again to verify your action.How to Delete Downloads on AndroidHow to Delete Media File Downloads on Android.

If you simply wish to erase all video or a video downloads from your Android gadget, open My Files app and choose Images, Videos or Audio classification. Either of these folders will consist of all the image, music or video downloads in your gadget and you can pick private files or all declare removal.

How to Delete Downloads on AndroidIf you pick the Images folder, you’’ ll discover all image downloads consisting of Screenshots , social networks image downloads, and other image files saved money on your gadget. How to Delete Downloads on Android The Videos folder consists of videos downloaded from social networks consisting of Videos and gifs you taped utilizing your gadget ’ s cam.How to Delete Downloads on Android The Audio folder consists of all audio files downloaded or minimized your gadget consisting of any telephone call recordings , music, alert ringtones and external audio files. How to Delete Downloads on Android How to Delete Document Downloads on Android.

The Documents folder on your gadget consists of all the files you might have conservedor downloaded from your e-mail, social networks apps, andother sources.

. To erase file downloads, go to My Files and tap the Documents folder. Here, you ’ ll discover all the files on your gadget in various file formats suchas Word or PDF files, and more. How to Delete Downloads on Android Press and hold the file download you wish to erase, tap Delete and after that validate the action by tapping Delete once again. To erase all file downloads, press and hold among the files, choose All on top left side then tap Delete. How to Delete Downloads on Android Third-party Apps You Can Use to Delete Downloads on Android.

You can likewise completely erase information from your Android gadget ’ s storage utilizing a third-party removal app. One such app is the File Shredder , which works by erasing the files you choose and after that bypasses the information with random information to eliminate the files entirely.

. How to Delete Downloads on Android

You can likewise utilize an app like Secure Delete to erase personal files permanently, specifically if you plan to deal with or offer your gadget.

. Completely Delete Downloads From Your Device.

Deleting information from your phone or tablet is an excellent method to redeem your valuable storage area and eliminate mess that would otherwiseimpact your gadget ’ s efficiency.


The finest method to erase undesirable downloads is by utilizing a USB cable television and erasing them by hand from a computer system as the files will go directly to the Recycle Bin. If you’put on ’ t desire toleave any trace of such files, you can delete them directly erase your straight.


Were you able to erase downloads on your Android gadget utilizing any of these actions? Share your experience with us in a remark.


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