Hulu Cartoon Mocks Police as Illiterates With ‘Hardline Conservative Opinions’

Crime is skyrocketing across the nation and cops are regular targets of vitriol from BLM and Antifa-inspired leftists. So naturally a new season of the adult cartoon Solar Opposites on Hulu mocked law enforcement as such stupid morons that they cannot read, lack empathy, and possess (gasp!) “hardline conservative opinions.”

Hulu premiered season 2 of Solar Opposites, by Rick and Morty creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, on Friday, March 26. Like the Cartoon Network animation that originally made Harmon and Roiland famous, Solar Opposites is often dark and cynical.

This season had a particularly ignorant scene mocking police officers (and conservatives) as illiterate and unempathetic dolts. Teen alien Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone) shoots police officers with a ray gun that gives anyone or anything the ability to read.

Women: This alien is educating my things!

Police Officer 1: Stop right there, you dirty alien! Oh God, I can read? What if I gain empathy? What if I learn things that force me to re-evaluate my hardline conservative opinions?

Police Officer 2: Ahh!

Police Officer 1: Oh my God!

If the series creators had any real day-to-day interaction with law enforcement they would learn the training and education that goes into joining a police force.

The nasty dialogue was not the only moment in which the series took a pot shot at conservatives. Earlier in the season, one of the weird aliens, Korvo (Justin Roiland), protests while in prison on a false accusation, ”We’re nice, pupa-fearing, Fox-News believing members of society.” (“Pupa” is a pet-like creature from Korvo’s home planet.)

The show also smears whites as racists in a joke about white dogs in a different episode. Korvo kills a card player at a bachelor party and then brings him back to life with another ray gun. “Whoa. I don’t want to go into too much detail here, but, uh, it turns out only some dogs go to Heaven. The other dogs are racist. White dogs,” the card player whispers after he is resurrected.

Solar Opposites does break from woke ideology to mock the idea of trans people in sports. When the show’s two alien teens, Yumyulack and Jesse (Mary Mack), have to run a long distance race at their high school, they use specially-designed cheating helmets and backpacks to win.

Coach: What’s with the helmets and backpack?

Yumyulack: Um, you’re actually not allowed to ask us about it because they power our gender identity or whatever.

Coach: Fine. You two better blow me away with your mile time this year.

Later in the episode, “President Michelle Obama” bets the entire U.S. treasury on the two aliens winning the Teen Olympics.

Popular adult cartoons by male Generation X cartoonists have generally refused to go along with the transgender flight from reality, no matter how socially liberal their individual creators may be on other issues. This includes cartoons such as Family Guy and South Park. Solar Opposites is no exception.

That does not mean the series is worth watching, of course. With the exception of a few funny moments, it is mostly a vulgar and mean-spirited mess of a show relying heavily on its creators’ former Cartoon Network fame.

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