Teaching cybersecurity skills to special needs children with Alana Robinson: Lock and Code S02E18

School is completely back in session for kids all throughout the world, and for lots of trainees, that indicates logging back online to find out, do research, send projects, and perhaps even continue some range knowing, depending upon their school’s pandemic safety measures.

But with more Internet activity comes likely more tension for households who, naturally, stress over how to keep their kids safe online. The good news is, there are many guides for kids’s Internet security—– not to discuss Malwarebytes Labs’ own thorough guide —– however a lot of those guides, through no destructive intent, presume a comparable ability level for all kids.

But what about kids with unique requirements?

How do you teach strong password development for kids with discovering impairments? How do you teach kids how to separate truth from fiction when they have a various grasp of social hints? And how do you make certain these lessons are not just kept in mind for many years to come, however likewise rewarding for the kids themselves?

Today, on the Lock and Code podcast with host David Ruiz, we speak to Alana Robinson, an unique education innovation and computer technology instructor for K –– 8, about cybersecurity trainings for kids with unique requirements, and about how, for some lessons, her trainees are much better at keeping in mind the guidelines of online security than some grownups.

” I teach 100 trainees, 10 classes, [and] I utilized not an extremely strong password for each trainee in this one class … … and I stated ‘‘ By the method, everybody has this [password] ,’ ’ and they ’ re like, when I stated everybody has this exact same password, they’’ re like ‘ Oh no no! That ’ s not a strong password, oooh’ ’ and they actually let me have it.””

Alana Robinson.

Tune in to hear all this and more on today’s Lock and Code podcast, by Malwarebytes laboratories.

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