Iran v USA: World Cup 2022 – live

The US have done it! They are through to the last 16. It was an incredibly tense finish as Iran had that penalty shout but the US were deserved winner. They had the lion’s share of the chances and possession and Turner didn’t have to make a save worth its name in the 90 (plus) minutes.

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And that’s it for a dominant half for the US. Weah has the ball in the net but he’s just offside. A lovely finish from Weah though. At the moment, USA are going through as group runners up and will face the Netherlands. A long way to go though.


Joshua Reynolds may have diagnosed the true reason for Pulisic’s suffering: “I am in awe that he can go on after full speed kick in the balls.”

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Well, that makes up for his terrible corners. Dest nods across the area and Pulisic taps home. It’s a brave effort as Beiranvand comes out to clear. The keeper’s knee smacks into Pulisic and he’s still being treated. A crucial strike but Pulisic looks like he has been badly hurt.

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Goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand is back in the team after suffering a concussion against England in Iran’s opener.


— Gol Bezan (@GolBezan) November 29, 2022


Iran starting XI: Beiranvand, Rezaeian, Majid Hosseini, Pouraliganji, Mohammadi, Noorollahi, Ezatolahi, Hajsafi, Gholizadeh, Azmoun, Taremi.


Subs: Moharrami, Khalilzadeh, Ansarifard, Amiri, Niazmand, Kanaani, Ghoddos, Cheshmi, Torabi, Karimi, Abedzadeh, Hossein Hosseini, Jalali.

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Youth knows no pain: Berhalter has named the youngest starting XI at Qatar. Josh Sargent is the man charged with leading the attack, replacing Haji Wright. And Walker Zimmerman, who gave away the penalty against Wales, is replaced by Cameron Carter-Vickers.


As Chad Noyes notes by email: “It’s the first time the US have fielded a lineup that includes ZERO players based in the MLS. Every player on the field for us today is based in Europe.”



USA starting XI: 1-Matt Turner, 2-Sergiño Dest, 4-Tyler Adams (capt.), 5-Antonee Robinson, 6-Yunus Musah, 8-Weston McKennie, 10-Christian Pulisic, 13-Tim Ream, 20-Cameron Carter-Vickers,21-Tim Weah, 24-Josh Sargent.


Substitutes: 12-Ethan Horvath, 25-Sean Johnson, 3-Walker Zimmerman, 7-Gio Reyna, 9-Jesús Ferreira, 11-Brenden Aaronson, 14-Luca de la Torre, 15-Aaron Long, 16-Jordan Morris, 17-Cristian Roldan, 18-Shaq Moore, 19-Haji Wright, 22-DeAndre Yedlin, 23-Kellyn Acosta, 26-Joe Scally

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USA: A simple one. They must beat Iran to qualify, the result in Group B’s other match – England v Wales – is irrelevant to their chances.


Iran: Currently second in the group, a win against the USA will put Iran through to the World Cup second round for the first time in their history. A draw against the USA will also be enough for them, provided Wales fail to beat England.


England: A win against Wales will see England top the group. A draw will guarantee qualification. In fact, England will progress with any result except for a defeat by Wales of more than three goals.


Wales: Wales must beat England and hope that Iran and the USA draw. If the USA v Iran match ends with a winner, then Wales must beat England by four goals or more to knock them out directly. Wales have not beaten England since 1984, and have never managed a winning margin of four goals or more against their nearest neighbors.


You can get a full rundown of the permutations from the other World Cup groups here:

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Hello! Given the US’s so-so qualifying campaign, many fans would have been happy before the tournament if they knew Gregg Berhalter’s team would have their fate in their own hands going into the final group game. And yet, things could have been a lot easier if they had managed to follow up their impressive first-half against Wales with a decent second 45 minutes. And, against England, turned their dominance into goals.

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But we’ve known for a long time that the lack of a true goalscorer is this young team’s main problem – and that’s unlikely to be resolved in the [checks watch] 90 minutes earlier than kick-off.


Having stated all that, this proficient era of gamers will peak in 2026, when the US co-host the World Cup, and even when they exit at present, there are indicators that the foundations are sturdy (whether or not Gregg Berhalter survives is one other query).


USA’s World Cup to this point:



  • Within the opener, the US got here storming out the gates and seemed like they might carve up Wales for a convincing victory after Tim Weah’s aim. However the People pale badly within the second interval and the game ended in a 1-1 draw.

  • n

  • USA then confronted England, and maintained their unbeaten file towards the Three Lions on the World Cup. The People had been the higher workforce however couldn’t covert possibilities in a 0-0 draw.

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Key occasions

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Nick Ames’ match report is now in, so I’ll shut issues down right here. A disciplined, mature efficiency from the younger American workforce units up a conflict with the Netherlands on Saturday. We’ll see you then.

Alex Greenberg didn’t assume a lot of Gregg Berhalter’s management in that recreation:

“Berhalter must sub earlier and extra,” he writes. “You’ve acquired gamers lifeless on their toes and he’s holding again his substitutions. It was a miracle we pulled that off.”

Kurt Perleberg has different views: “This was the best soccer recreation I ever noticed.”

Weston McKennie speaks to Fox Sports activities:

“We’re a extremely shut group of men. We love the strain. We have now our personal swagger, our personal fashion,” he says.

Requested about Pulisic he says: “We’re very grateful that he put his physique there. However we’ve 25 different guys who would do the identical factor.”

The US will play Netherlands within the subsequent spherical. England advance as group winners after their victory over Wales, and can play Senegal.

US coach Gregg Berhalter is interviewed on Fox Sports activities. He’s requested how he feels about his younger workforce.

“Proud. The primary half we confirmed what we might do soccer sensible. The second half we confirmed what we might do dedication sensible.”

He’s requested about Christian Pulisic’s damage, which he sustained as he scored the sport’s solely aim. He says there may be “no replace”. He provides: “I can’t say sufficient [good things] about Christian.”

Iran look devastated. It should have been an extremely draining event for them as they contended with the Qatari warmth and the strain of occasions off the pitch as turmoil of their house nation continues.

The US have now reached the final 16 of their final three World Cup appearances. Christian Pulisic was devastated when the People missed out on Russia 2018 and it was Pulisic who put his physique (and presumably his testicles) on the road as he scored the winner.

Full-time: Iran 0-1 USA

The US have executed it! They’re via to the final 16. It was an extremely tense end as Iran had that penalty shout however the US had been deserved winner. That they had the lion’s share of the possibilities and possession and Turner didn’t must make a save price its identify within the 90 (plus) minutes.

Pleasure on the closing whistle for USA! {Photograph}: Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters

90 min+9: Wright has a superb probability. He ought to most likely have run the ball into the nook however shoots. And it’s a horrible one.

VAR REVIEW! Did Carter-Vickers foul Taremi as he bore down on aim?!! No! Play on.

90 min+7: One other throw for the US, who’re working down the clock properly/giving themselves no time to come back again after Iran’s miraculous equaliser.

90 min+6: Jalali is booked as he pulls down Musah, who’s seeking to break. Cameron-Vickers takes a looooong time with the free-kick. Understandably.

90 min+5: Ghoddos whizzes down the left however dribbles the ball out to provide the US one other breather.

90 min+4: Play slows down for the US as they win a throw.

90 min+3: Free-kick to Iran to the left of the realm. It’s a depraved, whipped ball and Pouraliganji’s diving header whisks simply broad of Turner’s close to put up.

90 min +2: Iran play the ball round patiently provided that they should rating very quickly. ZImmerman heads a cross clear. Nearly.

90 min: Musah loses the ball after he stumbles however Iran’s assault breaks down (no) due to a poorly positioned ball.

89 min: Iran win their first nook, a minute wanting the regulation 90. It was not price ready for. The US clear. “Is it simply me or do you hear a beeping sound? It should the the US bus reversing into its parking spot within the 18-yard field,” says Peter Oh.

88 min: 9 minutes of added time. That is going to be tense.

87 min: Iran strive a affected person build-up earlier than a reasonably poor through-ball is hit too far and ambles into Matt Turner’s loving arms. Then the US have an opportunity on the different finish however Iran scramble clear.

85 min: The following 10 minutes or so, might be a wave of Iran assaults. Not nice for the nerves of both set of followers.

83 min: Iran shout for a penalty because the ball rolls up Moore’s physique after that free-kick. It’s not given. The US have 5 on the again now.

In the event you’re becoming a member of us from the US and wish to get day by day updates on the World Cup in your inbox each morning then would possibly we curiosity you in First Factor? It covers all of the US and world information you might want to know every day, in addition to a round-up of the most recent updates from Qatar 2022, written by me.

82 min: Weah clips Jalali and Iran have a set-piece round 45-yards from the US aim. Zimmerman and Moore are on for Dest and Weah. The US wish to protect their lead reasonably than seek for a killer second aim.

80 min: Ansarifard is on for Gholizadeh. Iran shout for a free-kick as Carter-Vickers muscle tissue out the busy Ghoddos however the ref waves play on.

78 min: Hosseini is booked for a foul on Aaronson. And Wright comes on for Sargent, who performed properly this night.

76 min: USA are all the way down to 10 males as Sargent continues to be handled off the pitch.

75 min: Sargent is being handled after touchdown closely – seems to be like he could have tweaked his knee. One among his knees – he has two.

73 min: The sport has slowed a bit because it nears its finish. A bit of unusual seeing as Iran want to attain.

71 min: Torabi comes on for Noorollahi.

69 min: A handball from Iran units up a free-kick for the US round 25 yards out within the centre of the pitch. Acosta and Musah debate who will take it. It’s the birthday boy who will get the chance, however Musah sends the ball over. “A few these younger American gamers (McKennie, Weah) look quicker on the ball than most of their opponents off it. Some spectacular fleetness,” says Alex Whitney.

66 min: Ghoddos has had two attractiveness at aim this half and has didn’t hit the goal twice. This time he finds himself free-ish within the space and curls the ball previous the far put up. Acosta is on for the US instead of McKennie.

64 min: Rezaeian goes down laborious and cries out in ache, loudly sufficient to be heard above the Iranian followers (though perhaps he simply landed close to a microphone). He’s effective to proceed although.

62 min: Iran’s followers proceed to make it sound like they’re the house workforce. Rezaeian has loads of time to pick his man on a cross from the best however Ream clears properly.

“A particular candidate for the day by day pedant award, however Tyler Adams’ identify technically covers three US presidents, not two, as each John Adams and John Quincy Adams had been presidents,” writes Matt Guthrie. No marvel the fellows is such chief.

59 min: Taremi strays an inch or 4 offside. They’re trying distinctly zingy in the previous few minutes.

57 min: Two corners in succession for the US. Neither obtain a lot.

Elsewhere, England have scored twice towards Wales and are 2-0 up. They may nearly actually undergo as group winners. You may comply with the match right here:

55 min: Sargent, whose build-up play has been glorious at present, releases Dest who bumbles into some Iranian defenders. That leaves the US uncovered on the again and Cameron-Vickers does properly to escort Taremi away from hazard as he bursts into the field. It’s an open recreation as Iran go after the aim they want and the US look to kill the competition off.

52 min: Ghoddos, on as a sub, will get forward of Dest and heads over the bar. Iran’s greatest (and solely) actual probability of the sport. The ref and Gregg Berhalter are arguing about one thing. “I’m fairly positive no US president has fathered a prime soccer (spherical model) participant however Tyler Adams’ identify covers two former commanders-in-chief,” says Peter Oh.

Weston McKennie gets away from Saman Ghoddos.
Weston McKennie will get away from Saman Ghoddos. {Photograph}: Susana Vera/Reuters

50 min: The US clearly wish to get a second and save themselves from being weak to a sucker punch from Iran. Pulisic’s damage is an stomach one, in keeping with Fox Sports activities. Undecided if that’s code for a knock to the unmentionables.

48 min: Sargent cuts in and unleashes a left-foot shot however Beiranvand blocks. The ball trickles away from the keeper however he smothers it earlier than any People can pounce.

46 min: Pulisic is off after that heavy collision when he scored – we’re undecided of the precise prognosis but. Brenden Aaronson comes on as his substitute.

Right here’s Kári Tulinius: “I’ve a cockamamie concept that the USMNT is all the time the workforce that the majority matches the vibes of every World Cup. ‘90 they went to Italy anticipating to have enjoyable, and didn’t. In ‘94 that they had pleasure till Brazil rearranged their faces. ‘98, went to France anticipating nice issues, however solely France acquired nice issues. ‘02, when outsiders had good tournaments, that they had their greatest since ‘30. ‘06, they drew with Italy however by some means misplaced. ‘10 they opened up new markets for soccer fandom. ‘14 they had been a scorching mess that by some means acquired to the second spherical. Let’s skip over Russia ‘18, however on reflection perhaps Fifa ought to’ve omitted Russia in 2018. And in ‘22 they’re all midfield and no striker.”

The US have received their final eight matches through which Christian Pulisic has scored. Brendan Might desires his fellow Brenda(e)n to become involved. “Assume we have to go together with Aaronson early for McKennie, even perhaps on the half. US waited too lengthy towards Wales,” he writes.

That was a wonderful half for the US: they fully dominated Iran who, from the primary minute, enjoying for the draw that may nearly actually put them via. The one criticism for the People can be the shortage of a closing ball after creating a lot strain from the wings. It’s price making an allowance for that the US did this towards Wales within the first-half too earlier than fading badly.

Iran’s World Cup is way from over too: they solely want one probability – which can absolutely come – to get again on this and undergo.

“Timothy Weah’s look has me questioning which different worldwide footballers have additionally been the sons of sitting heads of state,” writes Isaac Abraham. “The one different one I can consider is Al-Saadi Gaddafi!”

Half-time Iran 0-1 USA

And that’s it for a dominant half for the US. Weah has the ball within the internet however he’s simply offside. A beautiful end from Weah although. In the intervening time, USA are going via as group runners up and can face the Netherlands. An extended strategy to go although.

Joshua Reynolds could have recognized the true motive for Pulisic’s struggling: “I’m in awe that he can go on after full velocity kick within the balls.”

45 min +4: Dest breaks down the best however he overhits his cross to Weah. Aim-kick to Iran.

45 min+2: Mohammadi is down injured for Iran. Karimi trots on as his substitute.

45 min: An excellent cross from Adams releases Sargent, who faucets it to Weah on the sting of the realm. Weah tries to return the praise however his cross is a bit off and Iran intercept. A surprisingly modest 5 minutes have been added on to the half.

44 min: Pulisic is again on. I wouldn’t be shocked if he struggles on till half-time and is reassessed then. If he’s concussed he ought to, clearly, be nowhere close to the pitch.

43 min: Likelihood for Sargent who fires throughout the face of aim. The US clearly wish to give their largest star time to recuperate however for now they proceed a person down. That additional man advantages Iran, and Adams concedes a foul – and yellow – because the Iranians break on the counter.

41 min: Pulisic is up on his toes however seems to be shaky. I’m undecided if he’ll be capable of proceed. For now, the US play with 10 males.

Pulisc is ion no fit state to celebrate his goal.
Pulisic is in no match state to rejoice his aim after a collision with the Iranian ‘keeper. {Photograph}: Neil Corridor/EPA

GOAL! Iran 0-1 USA (Pulisic 38 min)

Nicely, that makes up for his horrible corners. Dest nods throughout the realm and Pulisic faucets house. It’s a courageous effort as Beiranvand comes out to clear. The keeper’s knee smacks into Pulisic and he’s nonetheless being handled. An important strike however Pulisic seems to be like he has been badly damage.

Christian Pulisic pounces to break the deadlock.
Christian Pulisic pounces to interrupt the impasse. {Photograph}: Molly Darlington/Reuters