Netherlands v USA: World Cup 2022, last 16 – live

With good teams, sometimes, you just need one chance. Good passes through midfield. The first touch from Dumfries on the right is played back to Memphis, to use his preferred name, at the top of the box, and he rips it into the net.


A thing of beauty for the neutral. A kick in the knees for the US.

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Netherlands 1-0 USA (Depay 10)”,”contributors”:[] ,”primaryDateLine”:”Sat 3 Dec 2022 10.19 EST”,”secondaryDateLine”:”First revealed on Sat 3 Dec 2022 08.00 EST”},{“id”:”638b554a8f082ef70a2443ee”,”components”:[{“_type”:”model.dotcomrendering.pageElements.TextBlockElement”,”html”:”

The imposing Noppert is in goal, with van Dijk in the middle of the back line between Manchester City’s Nathan Ake and young Ajax back Jurrien Timber.


Daley Blind, who had a long spell with Manchester United but whose surname is synonymous with Ajax, is on the left, Denzel Dumfries, who moved last year from PSV to Inter, is on the right.


Martin de Roon (Atalanta – the Italian club, not a misspelling of Atlanta United) and Davy Klassen (Ajax) will do their best to help de Jong control the midfield against the USA’s outstanding MMA trio. (To be clear – “MMA” refers to their initials, not their style of play.)


Gakpo and Memphis Dupay, a former Manchester United afterthought who scorched the nets for Lyon and has moved to Barcelona, play up front.


Here’s a nifty tactical look.


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And there’s big news: Jesus Ferreira, the young goal-poacher who plays for FC Dallas (at the moment – he’s destined to join Weston McKennie, Kellyn Acosta, Shaq Moore and other players in the USMNT talent pool as graduates of The Best Academy in the States who have gone to good clubs overseas), has been controversially omitted so far. Not today. He’s starting in place of Josh Sargent, who was banged up against Iran.


Walker Zimmerman returns to the back line despite Cameron Carter-Vickers doing quite well in that space against Iran.


The rest is unchanged. Tim Ream, the Fulham veteran who had been out of the picture for quite a while but has served honorably alongside Zimmerman or CCV at center back, is still there, as is the MMA midfield of Adams, McKennie and Yunus Musah. The marauding outside backs of Antonee Robinson and Dest keep their spots as expected. Tim Weah, scorer of the goal against Wales and the man who had a goal called back against Iran in a razor-thin offside decision, remains on the front line.


And yes, Christian Pulisic starts.


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Welcome to The Biggest US Men’s Game Since the Last One …


It’s typical of a World Cup, of course, for each game to be “bigger” than the last, and we knew that about the US when we saw the draw.


Wales? OK, fine, typical group-stage game.


England? Now we’re talking. The Land Where the Game Began has a losing record against the US in the World Cup. (And still does.)


Iran? Uh oh. Flashbacks to 1998 and The Biggest Humiliation the US Ever Had in a World Cup. And a game that would surely determine whether they would advance.


So this game, against … (checks notes) … the Netherlands is “bigger” in the sense that it’s a round of 16 game.


But it feels different, doesn’t it? The concern that the US would embarrass itself has disappeared. Now, they’re playing with house money. Is that the right term? I don’t know gambling.


So it’s a different type of nerves. Being the underdog is fun.


And this is winnable, isn’t it? The oddsmakers generally give the Netherlands a 50% chance of winning outright, and then “draw” and “US win” split the other 50%. This being a knockout-stage game, “draw” means “penalties,” and which team will be feeling the pressure then?


This should be fun. Let’s talk for a bit and then watch, shall we?

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Key occasions

Please activate JavaScript to make use of this characteristic

17 min: Robinson makes a run into the field, however there’s simply no passing lane.

I feel it is likely to be a tad harsh on Pulisic to name his shot a “miss.” I recall folks saying that after the good German keeper Oliver Kahn made an terrific save on Landon Donovan in 2002. Pulisic had little time to shoot, and Noppert made a terrific save.

16 min: US nonetheless possessing. The Dutch gamers seem like they’ve figured issues out and would possibly have the ability to get via on the counter.

Mary Waltz: “Pulisic ought to discuss to Lukaku. You may’t miss once you get an opportunity. Pulisic missed, Memphis didn’t. Unhappy truth for my eagles. The US has by no means gained a WC match when giving up the primary objective.”

14 min: Tyler Adams takes a forearm to the face from Dumfries and checks his tooth. Look, you may arrange a objective, however depart Adams alone, ‘ok?

13 min: Pulisic once more has an opportunity to cross, however the Dutch gamers outnumber the US gamers this time, and the ball goes again the opposite method.

Richard McGahey: “Some US participant trailing Depay didn’t rush to meet up with him a lot for the press and depth.”

Man, we’re cynical on this nation today.

GOAL! Netherlands 1-0 USA (Depay 10)

With good groups, generally, you simply want one likelihood. Good passes via midfield. The primary contact from Dumfries on the correct is performed again to Memphis, to make use of his most well-liked identify, on the high of the field, and he rips it into the online.

A factor of magnificence for the impartial. A kick within the knees for the US.

Knife via butter: Netherlands’ Memphis Depay scores their first objective {Photograph}: Matthew Childs/Reuters
Memphis Depay celebrates
Memphis Depay celebrates {Photograph}: James Williamson/AMA/Getty Pictures

9 min: Lastly, the Dutch get into the attacking third, however the possession is temporary.

Now de Jong is racing backwards and forwards with the ball in his personal field as a result of Ferreira isn’t letting him play it out simply.

8 min: Effectively, that’s higher from Pulisic. He races down the left and places in a harmful cross for Weah that’s headed clear.

Then the magnificent Tyler Adams rapidly wins the ball because the Netherlands attempt to get into the attacking third with objective for the primary time within the match.

7 min: Robinson races up the left facet and forces a sort out out for a nook. Such a pest, this Jedi.

Pulisic’s nook kick sails over the field like a aircraft flying over Arthur Ashe Stadium. Two huge touches from Pulisic to date that haven’t been the perfect, to be trustworthy.

6 min: Nonetheless the US urgent. Weah will get the ball within the field however can’t flip and has to play it again out.

Put a pin on this. I’ve one thing profound to say at halftime. Effectively, hopefully profound. It’ll be a broad touch upon US soccer historical past.

4 min: Virgil van Dijk casually shields the ball out of play. Dest virtually climbs round him in an effort to get it.

Didn’t hold it in play, however the message is obvious right here – NOTHING can be simply given to the Netherlands at present.

3 min: CHANCE! Dest’s cross is headed away, however the ball comes again to Pulisic in the course of the field, and Noppert has to make use of all of his lengthy legs to maintain it out.

Christian Pulisic of the United States, left, takes a shot against goalkeeper Andries Noppert of the Netherlands
Christian Pulisic of the USA, left, takes a shot towards goalkeeper Andries Noppert of the Netherlands {Photograph}: Martin Meissner/AP

2 min: Noppert’s contact 90 seconds in the past was the final substantial contact by a Dutch participant. US knocking the ball round.

1 min: Noppert appears somewhat informal taking part in the ball whereas US gamers buzz round him. The press is on.

Electronic mail proper now has two main themes: Extra discuss of music to play after the sport, relying on outcomes, and people of us who bear in mind after we have been all known as impolite issues for taking part in or watching soccer.

Brian McBride modified the picture of soccer by bleeding. Loads. In 2006, after an elbow within the Italy sport busted open his face. That made folks notice this …

… we’ll decide this up later. Kickoff.


The one-time nice hope of the nation remains to be an excellent supporter …

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸GOOD LUCK TO THE @USMNT ! HUGE sport at present!

— @FreddyAdu (@FreddyAdu) December 3, 2022


Many scenes like this …

Guilford Corridor Brewery 🇺🇸

— (@DMVSoccerDotCom) December 3, 2022


Christian Pulisic really seemed form of relaxed whereas singing the anthem. They seemed pumped as much as play. Would you count on much less?


Earlier than the Cup, I posited that the US males had a terrifying assault however a protection that terrified its personal followers.

So … I used to be kinda mistaken. The US has scored solely twice, with each objectives involving Pulisic. However the protection has conceded solely as soon as, a penalty kick after a rash sort out by Zimmerman.

Then I stated Iran would in all probability get a draw with the US. However, I figured, if the US scored within the first half, they’d power Iran to return out of its bunker and plenty of objectives can be scored.

In different phrases, I’m the mistaken individual to ask.

The Fox commentators are all-in on the US. Landon Donovan says it goes to PKs (I’m sorry – are we allowed to say “PK” with out being in contrast with Ted Lasso?), whereas Clint Dempsey sees a US win outright, and Alexi Lalas shouts “2-0” and virtually stage-dives, Fishbone-style, into the pit of US followers behind the set.

Again to music for our DJ good friend …

Joe Pearson suggests Neil Diamond’s America and inquires about my substitute instructing gig this week. I missed quite a lot of soccer however very a lot loved it, thanks.

Kari Tulinius says to go together with Prince.

Fox, in the meantime, is taking part in Miley Cyrus’ Occasion within the USA.

Additionally within the mailbag, Jim Brockton is pretending he hasn’t heard of the school that UNC beat in final 12 months’s Ultimate 4 however has gained 5 nationwide males’s basketball championships, the primary in my senior 12 months. (Sure, I’m previous.)

Extra mailbag …

I’ve corrected the textual content lineup under that talked about Pulisic twice. Apologies to Tim Weah.

Fellow roller Alan MacNeill would really like Fox to again up only a bit: “I notice soccer is a metaphor for struggle, and has even precipitated worldwide battle….however can we get fox to dial down the patriotic rhetoric all the way down to a 6-7 vs the 13 we’re at proper now? It’s solely the spherical of 16…I’m half anticipating if we made the semis or finals a dance line of rifle wielding cheerleaders capturing random issues.”

Proof that we’re nonetheless, at coronary heart, a “NFL and the US Military” nation.

How huge is the game now within the US?

Dave Hanratty: “Greetings from Eire – I’ve all the time loved cheering on USA in World Cups, probably due to USA ‘94 being the primary correct World Cup I skilled and Eire’s thrilling run in it. That, and I do get a kick out of ostentatious American soccer/soccer commentary and so forth. I used to be questioning when you may shed some gentle on simply how revered the attractive sport is or isn’t within the US in 2022? For a very long time it appeared prefer it was dismissed as a ‘woman’s sport’ or another sexist nonsense, however there appears to be, 12 months on 12 months, a notable uptick in soccer being taken extra severely over there? Similar time, it’s by no means ever going to eclipse baseball, basketball, or American soccer, proper? Simply trying to take the general temperature, actually. Better of luck at present!”

I’m a substitute instructor in native faculties as a result of I’m a contract journalist and due to this fact somebody who wants facet hustles (and since I take pleasure in it). I’ve been amazed this 12 months to see how a lot pleasure there may be. I walked by a classroom and heard USA-Iran emanating from their huge display screen. Youngsters are strolling round in Pulisic shirts.

On the very least, the hostility towards soccer is dying out. However I actually wrote the ebook on why the US has a low ceiling on this sport. No gratuitous plug right here (Google the ebook when you like). However to sum up: We’ve got an excellent fan base, and we all the time handle to get in our personal method with issues like lawsuits. Story on a type of arising quickly, possibly in every week or two.

However overlook the pessimism for now. There has by no means been a greater time to be a soccer fan right here. We was once underground. Now we rule.

Douglas Gibson guesses mistaken: “Greetings from a UNC alum! You went to NC State, I take it? Anyway, due to you and the remainder on the Guardian crew for nice safe-for-work World Cup protection. I wouldn’t go wherever else.”

No, I went to UNC’s greatest rival in UNC’s greatest sport apart from girls’s soccer. (And sometimes victorious over UNC in that sport, too. Apologies to my fellow Nationwide Soccer Corridor of Fame veterans committee member Anson Dorrance.)

Lineup discuss …

First, a easy textual content model by request:


Goalkeeper: Matt Turner

Defenders: Antonee Robinson, Tim Ream, Walker Zimmerman, Sergiño Dest

Midfield: Tyler Adams, Weston McKennie, Yunus Musah

Ahead: Christian Pulisic, Jesus Ferreira, Tim Weah


Goalkeeper: Andries Hoppert

Defenders: Jurrien Timber, Virgil van Dijk, Nathan Ake

Midfield: Daley Blind, Frenkie de Jong, Marten de Roon, Denzel Dumfries, Davy Klassen

Ahead: Memphis Dupay, Cody Gakpo

The graphic is somewhat odd anyway, says Nick White: “Relating to the US Lineup tweet…Do they all the time blow up participant’s heads like that and I haven’t ever realized, or is that photoshop job of Dest uniquely horrible. His head is frightfully out of proportion together with his physique.”

Now a query from Rahul Vanamali: “Absolutely there’s one thing happening behind the scenes between Berhalter and Reyna – can’t think about why a participant of Reyna’s talent has seen such restricted sport time with no apparent harm issues, except I missed one thing…Does anybody have something?”

Berhalter has been treading a line between brilliance and consternation. Bringing again Tim Ream was clearly a stroke of genius. The substitutions have been … odd. Absolutely the US would’ve been higher off with Reyna holding the ball on the finish of the Iran sport as a substitute of Haji Wright.

I’m additionally a fan of the music YouTuber Todd within the Shadows, who contributes this:


— Todd within the Shadows (@ShadowTodd) December 3, 2022


Yeah, however Arby’s removed their potato muffins, so …

David Partitions disagrees with my evaluation of the US nationwide anthem: “It may not be fairly up there with the Marseillaise (the apparent winner within the World Cup of Anthems) however I feel the Star Spangled Banner is a contender to make the final eight no less than (particularly within the absence of Russia and Italy this time). It might even be in with an opportunity for the semi-finals if they may get Enrico Pallazzo to carry out it.”

Which will certainly be my favourite rendition of the anthem.

Colin Younger wants musical recommendation: “Hello Beau, like many others I believe, I’m discovering it exhausting to name this one. So as a substitute I’m taking requests. I used to be born stateside however have lived most of my life within the UK.. Even so, nothing brings out the Stars n Stripes in me greater than a USMNT sport. I’m dj’ing this night in Brixton.. Ought to they prevail, what tune shall I play to have a good time? And what in the event that they lose…? And no, it gained’t be ‘Born In The USA’. Any concepts on the market? :)”

You’ve come to the correct place, Colin. I may discuss music all day. It would clear the dance ground, however might I counsel a little bit of Ray Charles both method?

First query for me from the inbox is … who’re you?

Effectively, not fairly phrased like that. From Steve Wiles: “I’m not as updated with the MBM as I was, so possibly you’ve been round some time. Don’t acknowledge the identify although. Simply needed to say: ‘This needs to be enjoyable. Let’s discuss for a bit after which watch, lets?’ I like your model!”

Why, thanks, although I’m sorry you weren’t with me after I was up till all hours live-blogging the US Open this summer season. I’ve an eclectic resume of MBM or lap-by-lap or game-by-game or skateboarding run-by-skateboarding run commentary.

Enjoyable story: Once I was at USA At the moment within the 2000s, I did our on-line Olympic sports activities and soccer protection, and I blatantly ripped off The Guardian’s MBM model. And now they let me do it right here.

The opposite fast observe: I’m the co-coordinator of the Saturday Morning Breakfast Extravaganza at Potomac Curling Membership. I’ve needed to hand over the ice to our different volunteers at present.

Sure, I’m lacking curling to do that. (Within the Canadian video games, I did work in quite a lot of curling references.) It is a Very Huge Deal.

And please e-mail my editors to get them to let me do end-by-end curling commentary someday.

John Shuster. Gold medalist. Just in case the US needs any more inspiration.
John Shuster. Gold medalist. Simply in case the US wants any extra inspiration. {Photograph}: Rebecca S Gratz/AP

I wasn’t kidding about Biden …

"It's known as soccer. Go USA! You guys are going to do it" – @POTUS 🇺🇸

— FOX Soccer (@FOXSoccer) December 3, 2022


In a extra conventional setting, the Fox studio crew this morning consists of their stalwart host Rob Stone, the “good man in actual life however provocateur on TV” Alexi Lalas, the drawling Clint Dempsey, and an unusually animated Landon Donovan.

Sure, unusually animated Landon Donovan, the man who typically radiates California cool except he has simply scored an immense objective.

And now, Weston McKennie is in a film trailer. That’s a jarring transition.

One hour to go …

Samuel L. Jackson simply did the intro on Fox. I’ve obtained chills, regardless that I’d’ve cherished for him to say, “WHAT DOES WESTON MCKENNIE LOOK LIKE?!” Or Tarantino’s tweaking of a verse from Ezekiel.

And … whoa … Joe Biden?

That is beginning to look like an enormous deal.

Ship in your emails whereas ye might, and I’ll reply to as many as my typing pace and a focus span will permit.

Netherlands lineup

The imposing Noppert is in objective, with van Dijk in the course of the again line between Manchester Metropolis’s Nathan Ake and younger Ajax again Jurrien Timber.

Daley Blind, who had a protracted spell with Manchester United however whose surname is synonymous with Ajax, is on the left, Denzel Dumfries, who moved final 12 months from PSV to Inter, is on the correct.

Martin de Roon (Atalanta – the Italian membership, not a misspelling of Atlanta United) and Davy Klassen (Ajax) will do their greatest to assist de Jong management the midfield towards the USA’s excellent MMA trio. (To be clear – “MMA” refers to their initials, not their model of play.)

Gakpo and Memphis Dupay, a former Manchester United afterthought who scorched the nets for Lyon and has moved to Barcelona, play up entrance.

Right here’s a nifty tactical look.

Listed below are each #USAvNED lineups:

— Paul Kennedy (@pkedit) December 3, 2022


US lineup

And there’s huge information: Jesus Ferreira, the younger goal-poacher who performs for FC Dallas (in the intervening time – he’s destined to hitch Weston McKennie, Kellyn Acosta, Shaq Moore and different gamers within the USMNT expertise pool as graduates of The Finest Academy within the States who’ve gone to good golf equipment abroad), has been controversially omitted to date. Not at present. He’s beginning instead of Josh Sargent, who was banged up towards Iran.

Walker Zimmerman returns to the again line regardless of Cameron Carter-Vickers doing fairly effectively in that area towards Iran.

The remainder is unchanged. Tim Ream, the Fulham veteran who had been out of the image for fairly some time however has served honorably alongside Zimmerman or CCV at heart again, remains to be there, as is the MMA midfield of Adams, McKennie and Yunus Musah. The marauding exterior backs of Antonee Robinson and Dest hold their spots as anticipated. Tim Weah, scorer of the objective towards Wales and the person who had a objective known as again towards Iran in a razor-thin offside determination, stays on the entrance line.

And sure, Christian Pulisic begins.

Our Knockout Spherical XI. 🇺🇸

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The numerous ties between these footballing nations …

As talked about, Dest grew up within the Netherlands and was a part of the Ajax youth machine.

Additionally rising up within the Netherlands: Earnie Stewart, the US Soccer sporting director who scored among the most vital objectives in US historical past, together with the winner towards Colombia in 1994.

Additionally spending a part of his profession within the Netherlands: Gregg Berhalter, the US Soccer coach who went to some little state faculty* earlier than shifting to the Netherlands.

All this, plus an harm replace on Christian Pulisic, in our preview by our US man in Doha, Bryan Armen Graham:

(* – the College of North Carolina is a superb establishment. I attended their biggest rival.)

Within the Netherlands’ favor …

Effectively, they’re the Netherlands, proper?

However are they a traditional Dutch crew? As “the man who is aware of soccer” in lots of a social setting, I’m usually requested to offer advert hoc scouting studies of US opponents. “Oh, the Netherlands are nice,” I stated. “They’ve nice gamers like …”

Um …

OK, OK – Virgil van Dijk, sure. He’s the bedrock of many a latest Liverpool success.

Barcelona’s Frenkie de Jong is nice, even when Barcelona isn’t actually Barcelona today. (Sergiño Dest, by the way, is a Barcelona participant on mortgage to AC Milan, and he grew up within the Netherlands at Ajax, which rivals Barcelona within the race to be The Most Lauded Youth Academy on Earth.)

Their goalkeeper, Andries Noppert, is … tall.

Barely even had to jump.
Barely even needed to leap. {Photograph}: Bernadett Szabó/Reuters

And Cody Gakpo remains to be comparatively unknown as a result of PSV Eindhoven isn’t a glamour crew today, however that’s going to alter when an enormous membership or three. comes calling after this Cup.

With that, I’ve ripped off most of Tom Dart’s scouting report, however please do learn the remainder:

Oh – and so they’re not uninteresting, insists Louis van Gaal.

Within the USA’s favor …

Eric Wynalda, whose lengthy historical past with the US crew features a objective within the 1994 World Cup, says this US crew has an excellentgoalkeeper in Matt Turner, a much-scrutinized participant delivering the products in Christian Pulisic, a stable protection, and a captain who evokes on and off the sector in Tyler Adams.

And please do learn extra about Tyler Adams. His midfield tenacity is essential, giving the US exterior backs the liberty to assault, one thing that paid off towards Iran when Sergiño Dest put within the cross for Pulisic. And his composure in a press convention when requested a fragile query on race relations needs to be the envy of any world chief.


Welcome to The Greatest US Males’s Sport For the reason that Final One …

It’s typical of a World Cup, in fact, for every sport to be “greater” than the final, and we knew that concerning the US after we noticed the draw.

Wales? OK, superb, typical group-stage sport.

England? Now we’re speaking. The Land The place the Sport Started has a shedding document towards the US within the World Cup. (And nonetheless does.)

Iran? Uh oh. Flashbacks to 1998 and The Greatest Humiliation the US Ever Had in a World Cup. And a sport that will absolutely decide whether or not they would advance.

So this sport, towards … (checks notes) … the Netherlands is “greater” within the sense that it’s a spherical of 16 sport.

Nevertheless it feels completely different, doesn’t it? The priority that the US would embarrass itself has disappeared. Now, they’re taking part in with home cash. Is that the correct time period? I don’t know playing.

So it’s a special sort of nerves. Being the underdog is enjoyable.

And that is winnable, isn’t it? The oddsmakers typically give the Netherlands a 50% likelihood of successful outright, after which “draw” and “US win” break up the opposite 50%. This being a knockout-stage sport, “draw” means “penalties,” and which crew can be feeling the stress then?

This needs to be enjoyable. Let’s discuss for a bit after which watch, lets?

Beau can be right here shortly, however within the meantime right here’s how the 2 groups’ campaigns have gone to date.

How USA obtained right here

  • Within the opener, the US got here storming out the gates and seemed like they’d carve up Wales for a convincing victory after Tim Weah’s objective. However the Individuals light badly within the second interval and the sport resulted in a 1-1 draw.

  • USA then confronted England, and maintained their unbeaten document towards the Three Lions on the World Cup. The Individuals have been the higher crew however couldn’t convert their possibilities in a 0-0 draw.

  • The US wanted to beat Iran of their closing group sport, and did so due to Christian Pulisic’s effort, during which he undoubtedly didn’t injure his unmentionables. The 1-0 victory despatched the Individuals via as Group B runners-up

How Netherlands obtained right here

  • The Dutch left it late of their opening sport, with their first objective coming within the 84th minute of their 2-0 victory. Additionally they relied on efficiency from their keeper, Andries Noppert.

  • Cody Gakpo scored an early objective however the Dutch have been put below stress for big elements of the sport of their 1-1 draw with Ecuador.

  • Gakpo was harmful once more as Netherlands coasted to a 2-0 win over the already eradicated hosts of their victory towards Qatar. The win meant they progressed as group winners, at the same time as supervisor Louis van Gaal bristled at solutions watching his crew is like “grinding tooth”.