This gadget promises to increase productivity inside your vehicle by converting ICE screens into displays — and even includes Samsung DeX compatibility for free

Mayton Motion has developed a wireless adapter that transforms a car’s navigation screen into a functional laptop-like display. Users can access a range of new features by connecting the device via the car’s USB port.

AutoPro X is powered by Android Auto/Samsung DeX (it only works with Samsung Galaxy models that support DeX) and offers Bluetooth pairing, so users can connect game controllers, keyboards and other devices to the screen. This isn’t necessarily the greatest of ideas, since it could end up being a distraction for the driver, but we’d hope for some common sense to be used here.

Mayton says the AutoPro X allows all manner of functionality such as GPS, YouTube or OTT streaming, internet browsing, email, social media, Chat GPT, document processing, gaming, and voice recognition.

Back on Kickstarter

AutoPro X has a ‘Screen Select Mode’, which allows drivers to adjust the display size to either fill the screen or show it in the original ratio.

AutoPro X is available to back on Kickstarter, with Early Bird pricing at $140.

The device is compatible with vehicles that can be connected to Samsung Galaxy phones and Android Auto. Your car does have to support wired Android Auto. Mayton says, “The easiest way to check is to connect your vehicle with a cable and see if Android Auto works. If it does, you should be able to use our product.” You can also browse the compatible phones and vehicles list on the Kickstarter page.

As with any crowdsourced projects, you should be aware that backing a product doesn’t mean that it will be completed or that you will receive the item you backed. That said, at the time of writing, $142,984 had been pledged, well above the $5000 goal, so it’s looking positive. 

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