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Los Angeles (CNN) Macy Gray is understood for her edgy, enigmatic voice and her emotional music about love and life, however in her 10th studio release, which will be out this summer season, the Grammy-winning vocalist is getting political in such a way she hasn’t in the past.

“For me, being a black woman, that puts me best in the thick of all the bigotry that’s going on and all the misogyny,” the R&B vocalist informed CNN.

Fans got a taste of exactly what’s to come when Gray launched “White Man” in February– an anthem about bigotry in America. The video includes a tense yet unified dance in between a black female and a white female that represents both the deep departments and the unity that identify race relations in America.

    Gray’s choice to resolve politics and social problems belongs to a bigger pattern as artists– even those who are generally apolitical in their music like Katy Perry and Zedd — have actually just recently made political declarations.
    The “I Try” vocalist, who backed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders throughout the 2016 governmental election, talked with CNN’s #GetPolitical series about exactly what motivated her brand-new music and exactly what she considers President Donald Trump.

    CNN: How was your approaching album influenced by the political environment?

    Gray: “For me, being a black woman, that puts me best in the thick of all the bigotry that’s going on and all the misogyny … So all the backward and forward has sort of put individuals like me right in the middle of all the debate, the difference, the battles and all the demonstrations. As an artist, it’s tough to enter into the studio and not be impacted by that.”

    CNN: What’s the message behind “White Man”?

    Gray: “‘White Man’ was influenced by all the important things that are going on today in our nation and I seemed like it was required. I simply seem like we’re in a time with a great deal of divisiveness and individuals not comprehending each other. (There’s) a great deal of dissent and demonstration and individuals being mad and a great deal of viewpoints and ‘White Man’ was simply my contribution to bringing individuals together.”

    CNN: How is your brand-new album various than other music collections you’ve launched?

    Gray: “The record is incredible. It’s truly, actually fresh music and lyrics. It’s a bit politically owned. I simply believe in this environment and exactly what’s going on it’s tough to be an artist and not be influenced by all the concerns, particularly when it’s individual to you.

    This album will absolutely be more about the world, more about politics than my previous albums even if of the environment that we’ve all been pushed into. I believe that’s a great thing, you understand. I believe truly believe that’s how we obtained from 60s to the 80s, since of music. Due to the fact that you had individuals like Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder and Gil Scott-Heron discussing the times and about transformation and exactly what has to be altered and I do not know if music conserves the world however it absolutely … influences individuals.”

    CNN: Would you want to see other artists get political?

    Gray: “I hope other artists get associated with the entire– not a lot preaching to individuals, however simply making it understood that the concerns are ideal in front of us and it would, I personally believe it would be simply neglectful to let it be, to let it simply come out nevertheless it comes out, to not be included or to not pitch in some method and ensure things enter the ideal instructions.”

    CNN: Who did you elect in 2016?

    Gray: “I did not choose Mr. Trump. I really composed in Bernie. I never ever overcame Bernie. That truly broke my heart.”

    CNN: How do you evaluate Trump’s presidency, up until now?

    Gray: “My greatest issue with (Trump) is he’s an amateur. He’s never ever done this prior to … this man has actually never ever even been a mayor and I believe that’s harmful, that’s hazardous for our nation when he speaks with other world leaders who have actually committed their whole professions to politics …

    With all his insaneness and tweets– that’s whatever, however that he has no concept exactly what he’s doing is frightening to me. I’m simply believing like, you understand, f– it! Let’s provide, why do not we let 2 Chainz be the Supreme Court justice, lets provide Meryl Streep the cosmetic surgeon general. I indicate, who cares at this moment? We have a management that has no experience which’s wild to me … that’s my greatest issue with Mr. Trump. Aside from that, he’s an old, white man from New York, that’s exactly what they do. He’s traditional, he’s from New York, he’s loud, he states exactly what he believes.”

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