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Washington (CNN)Democrats have won key races in Virginia and New Jersey, CNN projects, their first major wins during the tenure of President Donald Trump and a boost heading into the 2018 midterms, when control of US House and Senate will be up for grabs.

The blue wave along the East Coast saw Ralph Northam winning the governor’s race in Virginia and Phil Murphy victorious in New Jersey. Democrats are also on pace to capture control of the Virginia General Assembly, and several liberals, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio won their mayoral elections.

Virginia’s gubernatorial contest was the first major test of Democrats’ ability to rebound after Trump’s victory. The fundamentals of the state were in their favor: Under Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, unemployment is lower than the national average, and voters have generally told pollsters that they see the commonwealth as on the right track while the nation is on the wrong track.

Northam’s victory over GOP lobbyist and former George W. Bush aide Ed Gillespie — clinched much earlier than nervous Democrats had expected — left party leaders jubilant about their chances in the 2018 midterm elections, particularly in heavily suburban, Republican-held House districts that look much like the northern Virginia suburbs.

Gillespie distanced himself from Trump personally, but embraced much of the President’s agenda, including a focus on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. Gillespie also echoed Trump’s calls to keep Confederate monuments in place and invoked NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

But Trump immediately disavowed the GOP candidate Tuesday night even as votes were still being counted.

“Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for. Don’t forget, Republicans won 4 out of 4 House seats, and with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win, even bigger than before!” Trump tweeted.

Democrats also made significant down-ballot gains in Virginia. Justin Fairfax won the lieutenant governor’s against Republican Jill Holtzman Vogel, a state senator known for her sponsorship of a 2012 bill that would have required women seeking abortions to undergo vaginal ultrasounds. Social issues were prominent in another statewide race, where Democratic attorney general Mark Herring defeated Republican challenger John Adams, who has hit Herring for his refusal to defend Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban in court.

And Chris Hurst, whose girlfriend Alison Parker was the Virginia TV reporter killed on live television in 2015, won a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Around the country

Murphy’s Garden State win will return the state to Democratic control after eight years under the leadership Republican Gov. Chris Christie.

Murphy defeated Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno in a state where Christie’s unpopularity — with approval ratings in the teens, making him the least-liked governor in the country — proved too much to overcome.

Elsewhere in the country, New York City, Atlanta and other cities are electing mayors. And in Utah, CNN projects voters picked Republican John Curtis to be a replacement for the retired former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, also a Republican.

In New York City, de Blasio — who campaigned with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and has fashioned himself as a leading progressive voice — easily won a second term.

Across the country in Washington, a state senate match-up will decide whether Democrats take control of the chamber — and therefore land the “trifecta” of control of both chambers of the state legislature and the governor’s office.

Gillespie, Northam appealed to base voters

Gillespie leaned hard into the cultural battle in the race’s final days.

His campaign’s closing message was that Democrats had gone too far and portrayed all Republicans as racists — pointing to a Latino Victory Fund ad that showed four minority children being chased through the streets by a white man driving a pick-up truck with a Confederate flag and a Gillespie bumper sticker. The group spent just $30,000 to air the ad and pulled it almost immediately, but Gillespie’s campaign still seized on it.

Despite the ad strategy designed to turn out Trump voters, Gillespie and Trump never campaigned together, despite Trump spending 15 days at his Virginia golf course between Gillespie’s primary win and the general election. Trump recorded a robocall on Gillespie’s behalf that went to some voters Monday night and Tuesday, and tweeted urging voters to back Gillespie.

Gillespie had mimicked Trump’s tactics — attacking Northam over sanctuary cities while saying he would not remove Confederate Civil War monuments. A Gillespie mailer also referenced the controversy over protests by NFL players. “You’d never take a knee … so take a stand on Election Day,” the mailer reads.

But he has kept personal distance from Trump: The two didn’t campaign together at all, despite Trump visiting his own golf course in Virginia 15 times after Gillespie won the Republican nomination.

Republicans nationally were closely watching to see if Gillespie’s approach works or whether he got too close to Trump for suburban voters’ comfort, or strayed too far away from the President to win over his rural, white base.

Northam, meanwhile, has struggled to motivate the black voters who make up the Democratic base. Former President Barack Obama urged Democrats not to get “complacent” in non-presidential elections during an October rally with Northam in Richmond.

Preliminary exit polls found that Gillespie’s focus on keeping Confederate monuments in place could be popular with Virginia voters — particularly Republicans and independents. Ninety-five percent of Republicans said the monuments should remain in place, and nearly eight in 10 independents agreed. Meanwhile, about seven in 10 Democrats said the statues should be removed.

Helping Northam, though, could be Trump’s 43% approval rating among those who voted, according to the preliminary exit polls. Fifty-five percent of Virginia voters said they disapprove of how Trump is handling his job.

The Virginia race carries national importance as a gauge of how voters are reacting to Trump a year into his presidency — and also because the state is a proving ground for both parties’ approaches in the 2018 midterm elections, when Democrats hope to take control of the House and Republicans seek to expand their 52-48 Senate majority.

The election takes place with Trump overseas on a 13-day Asia trip. The President had thrown his political capital heavily behind Sen. Luther Strange in an Alabama Republican Senate primary in September — but Strange lost to former judge Roy Moore, and Trump has been much less involved in subsequent races, although he continues to tweet to help Gillespie.

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New Clinton book blasts Sanders for ‘lasting damage’ in 2016 race – Trending Stuff

(CNN)Hillary Clinton casts Bernie Sanders as an unrealistic over-promiser in her new book, based on excerpts posted by a group of Clinton supporters.

She said that his attacks against her during the primary caused “lasting damage” and paved the way for “(Donald) Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ campaign.”

Clinton, in a book which will be released September 12 entitled “What Happened,” said Sanders “had to resort to innuendo and impugning my character” because both Democrats “agreed on so much.”

The excerpts represent a Few of the approximately 500-page book where Clinton reflects on her stunning loss to Donald Trump in 2016. The couple pages on Sanders are also candid for a candidate who was known for being careful than dull when it came to the Vermont senator.

A Clinton spokesman declined to comment on the published excerpts.

“Some of his supporters, the so-called Bernie Bros, took to harassing my supporters online. It got ugly and more than a little sexist,” she wrote.

“When I finally challenged Bernie during a debate to name a single time I changed a position or a vote because of a financial contribution, he couldn’t come up with anything,” Clinton wrote. “Nonetheless, his attacks caused lasting damage, making it harder to unify progressives in the general election and paving the way for Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ campaign.”

The excerpts were first posted by a pro-Clinton Twitter account and by a user on a Clinton “super volunteer” Facebook page.

“She says a lot in this book, and some of it is going to surprise people. People should buy it, read it, and consider what she constructively lays out. It’s a great read,” a Clinton aide said, asking not be named because they were not authorized to discuss the book.

Clinton’s decision to step back into the spotlight with the book will probably be met with wide praise from many in the Democratic Party, including a few of the millions of Democrats who backed her over Trump. However, it also could tear at wounds which are still open between the wing of the party Sanders revived and people who backed Clinton.

While Clinton remains a potent force among Democrats — and will be in the forthcoming elections — there are some who have publicly said they would rather the party move on from the 2016 election.

Additionally, Clinton’s public critique of Sanders has her attacking a politician who has stoked speculation that he could run for president against in 2020.

“I am not taking it off the table,” Sanders said in July.

In her forthcoming book, Clinton noted that the Vermont independent “isn’t a Democrat.”

“That’s not a smear, that’s what he says,” she wrote. “He didn’t get into the race to make sure a Democrat won the White House, he got in to disrupt the Democratic Party.”

After outlining how she awakens with Sanders’ view of the Democratic Party, Clinton concludes, “I am proud to be a Democrat and I wish Bernie were, too.”

Clinton wrote that President Barack Obama counseled her to “grit my teeth and put off Bernie as much as I could,” according to the excerpts. That strategy, Clinton wrote, made her feel she was “in a straitjacket.”

She noted that Jake Sullivan, her top policy aide, told her that Sanders’ campaign strategy reminded him of a scene from the movie “There’s Something About Mary,” where a hitchhiker says he has a strategy to roll out seven-minute abs to top the famed eight-minute abs.

“Why, why not six-minutes abs?” Ben Stiller’s character asks.

Clinton wrote: “That’s what it was like in policy debates with Bernie. We would promise a bold infrastructure investment plan or an ambitious new apprenticeship program for young people, and then Bernie would announce basically the same thing, but bigger. On issue after issue, it was like he kept promising four-minute abs, or even no-minutes abs. Magic abs!”

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Clinton Is Even More Unpopular – Trending Stuff

To get a president with historically low poll numbers, Donald Trump can at least find solace in this: Hillary Clinton is performing worse.

Trump’s 2016 Democratic competition is viewed favorably by just 39 percent of Americans in the Bloomberg National Poll, two points lower than the president. It’s the second-lowest score for Clinton because the survey started tracking her in September 2009.

The secretary of state has ever been a figure, but this poll shows she’s even lost popularity among those who voted in November.

Over a fifth of Clinton voters say they have an unfavorable opinion of her. By comparison, just 8 percent of likely Clinton voters felt that way in the closing Bloomberg poll before the election, and just 6 percent of Trump’s Republicans now say they view him unfavorably.

“There’s growing discontent with Hillary Clinton even as she has mostly stayed out of the spotlight,” said pollster J. Ann Selzer, who oversaw the survey. “It’s not a pox on the Democratic house because numbers for other Democrats are good.”

The former first lady and New York senator has made a few speeches and occasionally tweaks Trump on Twitter, but has mostly kept out of sight as a defeat in November that shocked the political establishment and amazed markets.

In follow-up interviews with survey participants, Clinton voters denied that their feelings about her had anything to do with her losing the election and, thus, helping Trump move into the White House.

Read the survey questions and methodology here.

Their remarks reflected the ongoing angst among Democrats about how best to position themselves against Trump and Republicans in 2018 and beyond. Many said they wanted Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont had won the Democratic nomination, or that they never liked Clinton and just voted for her because she had been the lesser of two bad decisions.

“She didn’t feel authentic or genuine to me,” stated Chris Leininger, 29, an insurance agent from Fountain Valley, California. “She was hard to enjoy. ”

Leininger, an independent voter who leans Democratic, said she found Sanders much more likable and also a better story to tell voters.

“But I don’t blame her for Trump,” she said. “There were lots of variables that fed into Trump getting a president and she was one of them. ”

As was the case throughout the campaign, Clinton suffers from gender and racial gaps. Only 35 percent of men hold a positive view of her, compared to 43 percent of women. And she is liked by just 32 percent of whites, while 51 percent of non-whites do.

Low Point

Clinton’s lowest reading ever in the Bloomberg poll — one percentage point lower than her current popularity — was recorded in September 2015, as she battled with Sanders before the first primary ballots were cast and as the scandal surrounding her use of a personal email server escalated.

“I felt like there was a smugness and that she was merely a politician who had been known as a Democrat, but might have been a Republican,” stated poll participant Robert Taylor, 46, a second-grade instructor from suburban Chicago who voted for Clinton, but would have chosen Sanders as the Democratic nominee.

Before the election, Taylor said he felt negatively about Clinton, but he doesn’t blame her for Trump being president.

“I could vote for a capable leader or I could vote for a jackass,” he said of his decisions. “I think my negativity about her are there if Trump was elected or not. ”

Ray Cowart, 75, the retired proprietor of a small software firm from Elk Park, North Carolina, said he voted for Clinton even though he didn’t like her because “she was the better of two bad options. ”

Asked who he would rather have a beer with if neither one of them was president, Cowart said he’d rather stay home. “I wouldn’t move, even when I was thirsty,” he said.

In contrast to Clinton, former President Barack Obama has worked nicely with a few distance from the spotlight. He’s viewed by 61 percent, up 5 points since December and at the maximum level since the survey started tracking him in September 2009.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is just one percentage point below Obama and in his highest level since the survey started asking about him in December 2009.

The telephone poll of 1,001 American adults has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points, higher among subgroups. It was conducted July 8-12 by Iowa-based Selzer & Co..

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The Resistance Now: activists say ‘hell no’ to Republican healthcare bill

Progressives sprung into action with lots objecting outside the Senate bulk leaders workplace, while Democrats took stock after Ossoffs loss

So about that health care expense …

Dozens of individuals were apprehended after objecting outdoors Senate bulk leader Mitch McConnells workplace on Thursday consisting of some in wheelchairs as Republicans revealed Republicans revealed Trumpcare 2.0 (or are we on 3.0 now?).

Activists from impairment rights company Adapt collected outside McConnells workplace to show versus the expense, which would considerably cut Medicaid and strip financing from Planned Parenthood, to call simply 2 procedures.

A protester is led away by cops on Thursday. Picture: Michael Reynolds/EPA

Progressive companies sprung into action to attempt to beat it.

Our Revolution established a page on its site prompting individuals to do something about it to stop AHCA [the Senate expense is called the Better Care Reconciliation Act however a number of the concepts are the exact same as the AHCA House expense] and avoid millions from losing their health care.

The company has actually supplied a number which will link individuals to their Senators workplace, and has actually likewise offered some talking points.

AHCA would leave 23 million Americans without health care.

The costs would enable insurance provider to victimize clients and reject protection based upon pre-existing conditions.

A bulk of citizens highly oppose rescinding and changing the Affordable Care Act (likewise called Obamacare).

Americans wish to broaden health care, not gut it. Two-thirds of Americans support Medicare for all.

Indivisible has its own page too, where individuals can send changes to their senator. This has to do with using your constituent power straight to the procedure, Indivisibles site states. They likewise have a comprehensive list of checking out product and a script individuals can utilize when speaking to their agents.

Ossoff: doomed from the start?

Thats what a variety of progressives informed the Guardian , after the 30-year-old lost to Republican Karen Handel in Tuesdays unique election.

Jon Ossoff operated on a centrist, Clinton-esque platform that concentrated on rather beige, uncontroversial problems like federal government waste. There was no talk of universal health care and little of well-being problems. He ran in exactly what has actually typically been a Republican fortress, and lost by just 5 points, however Ossoff was generally the reverse of the sort of populist prospect the left thinks is the method forward.

Hes not in favour of single-payer health care, hes not outspoken on project financing reform, stated Moumita Ahmed, creator of Millennials for Revolution . Why would I as a Republican elect somebody who isn’t really a Republican, however still has the very same worths as a Republican?

Ossoff plus balloons. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Winnie Wong, from People for Bernie , stated Ossoffs run the election was the most pricey House race in history, by the method was an enormous failure of Democratic celebration management.

He didnt have a core progressive message which eventually is why he lost. The Democratic celebration might invest $ 100m and he would still lose. Since he didnt mean anything.

however there is wish for a Brand New Congress

Thats the name of a group that picks, trains, supports and promotes progressives who wish to run for Congress.

Brand New Congress (BNC), formed in April 2016, presently has 14 prospects who have actually revealed their 2018 mid-term projects, consisting of a number of who are running versus incumbent Democrats.

We basically offer complete project service, BNCs Corbin Trent informed the Guardian today. Brand name New Congress handles press demand, assists with occasions and tally gain access to, does opposition research study on incumbents, and can even aid with speechwriting.

Brand New Congress has actually arranged a weekend canvassing begin for its prospects (who are from throughout America) on Sunday. Each of the prospects all whom are operating on progressive platforms are holding occasions to enhance their projects.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , who is running versus incumbent Democrat Joseph Crowley in New Yorks 14th congressional district, arranged for the Bernie Sanders project in 2016.

We have the capability and chance to be enthusiastic in legislation, Ocasio-Cortez informed the Guardian. Since the world is altering in methods weve never ever seen prior to.

What read

  • Were in the middle of an all-hands-on-deck emergency situation, composes Rebecca Solnit , where brand-new groups and unions are emerging together with unanticipated capabilities in many individuals who didnt formerly believe they were activists. Solnit states there are amazing things occurring in this minute, in an uplifting study of the activist land.
  • Progressives need to aim to speak conservative to score success, historian and LGBTQ strategist Nathaniel Frank composes in the LA Times . He states the successes of the LGBTQ motion came when activists learnt how to speak the language of those they most had to get instead of those who currently concurred with them.

Ron Swanson reimagined as Berniecrat progressive

Parks and Recreations Ron Swanson … a spooky doppelganger for a Democratic prospect whos making headings. Photo: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Randy Bryce, called @IronStache on Twitter, sprung to popularity today when he revealed his obstacle to Republican home speaker Paul Ryan. In his favour? An expressive project advert, a leftwing message, and the mustache, jeans and workboots of an all-American.

That manly, blue-collar image triggered one Twitter user to recommend Bryce was genetically crafted from Bruce Springsteen tunes, while numerous individuals compared the Democrat to the Parks and Recreation character Ron Swanson. Simply not a libertarian .

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Scalise shooter James Hodgkinson had list of Republican lawmakers’ names – Trending Stuff

The shooter who opened fire on congressmen at a Virginia ball park on Wednesday had a list of Republican names in his pocket at the time of the event, Fox News has actually verified.

The handwritten list was discovered in a van coming from James Hodgkinson by the FBI, and the legislators called on the list are understood to be conservative members connected with the Freedom Caucus:

Reps. Scot DesJarlais (R-TN) (noticable day-zharr-LAY), Trent Franks (R-AZ), Jeff Duncan (R-SC), Jim Jordan (R-OH), Mo Brooks (R-AL) and Morgan Griffith (R-VA).

Franks informed Fox News Friday on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” that he has actually been alerted that he is associated with the examination.

Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and 4 others were hurt in the shooting prior to U.S. Capitol Police fatally shot Hodgkinson.

Investigators thought Hodgkinson, 66, did not have any outdoors assistance and acted upon his own. Authorities likewise stated he had a history of encounters with the law, consisting of arrests for battery and intoxicated driving.


Officials knew Hodgkinson was living out of a white freight van in Alexandria for months and was seen bathing and dealing with a computer system at a close-by YMCA.

Hodgkinson seemed a volunteer with Bernie Sanders stopped working governmental project, the Vermont senator stated quickly after the event in a declaration.

“I am sickened by this despicable act,” Sanders stated in a declaration condemning all acts of violence.

Investigators were checking out why Hodgkinson concerned the Washington, D.C. location in the very first location, and just how much premeditation was included.

News that the shooter had a list of names on him at the time of the shooting recommends that it wasnt a random occurrence however rather was a premeditated effort to eliminate the political leaders.

Fox News’ Jake Gibson added to this report.

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Ralph Northam defeats Tom Perriello to win Democratic nomination – Trending Stuff

Virginia Lt. Governor Ralph Northam was forecasted to beat a progressive opposition for the Democratic election in the commonwealth’s closely-watched race for guv, while previous Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie was forecasted to win a closer-than-expected GOP primary.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Northam led previous U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello 56 percent to 44 percent. Perriello had actually run as an unapologetic liberal crusader supported by popular nationwide Democrats like Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren as the very best prospect to handle President Donald Trump.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting on the GOP side, Gillespie led previous Trump state project chairman Corey Stewart by simply over 4,000 votes from almost 365,000 tallies cast. State Sen. Frank Wagner was on course to end up a far-off 3rd.

The close Republican outcome stunned numerous political watchers and reveals Trump’s long-lasting appeal amongst Republican citizens in Virginia. Stewart had actually made his devout assistance for Trump a focus of his project, while Gillespie had actually distanced himself from the president and his policies. The previous RNC head was backed by the majority of the state celebration facility, and had the fundraising benefit.

Stewart, chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, has actually spoken up versus relocate to get rid of Confederate monoliths from city streets and has actually promoted deporting all unlawful immigrants upon arrest.

Virginia is among just 2 states choosing brand-new guvs this year (New Jersey is the other), and the swing-state contest is most likely to draw extreme nationwide examination for indications of how citizens are responding to Trump’s very first year in workplace.

Northam, a subtle pediatric neurologist, won running as a pragmatist with state’s Democratic facility’s company assistance. He provided an intense success speech Tuesday, promising to win over Perriello advocates and lead Democrats in retaking control of the state House of Delegates in the basic election.

“It is time for us to obtain back on offense and stop playing a lot defense,” Northam stated.

At Northam’s occasion in Arlington, there were cheers and high fives as news spread that he had actually been stated the victor.

A tv over the bar showed election returns and individuals analyzed their phones for breaking news.

Hyun Lee, 37, of Centreville, Va., who had actually done phone banking and knocked on doors for Northam, was among individuals at the celebration.

“I trust his management. I trust his devotion to all Virginians,” Lee stated of Northam. “He looks after everybody.”

She stated Northam has actually “shown he can work throughout the aisle.”

Perriello made a surprise entryway into the race in January and dealt with an uphill climb from the start. He stimulated lots of new-to-politics citizens who oppose Trump however was eventually not able to broaden deep space of Democratic main citizens enough to counter Northam’s benefits.

Perriello promised in his concession speech to assist Northam and stated his project had actually revealed that a “motion” is “rising.”

“I do not know about you, however I’m influenced to keep combating tonight,” Perriello stated.

Northam had actually been basically marketing for years, making essential contacts with prominent power brokers like popular Religious leaders and african-american political leaders, and developing a big money benefit that let him outspend Perriello on TELEVISION marketing in the closing weeks of the race.

Northam’s project ran a more standard project focused greatly on his bio– rural training, Army veteran, pediatric neurologist– in addition to his recommendations from essential progressive groups that comprise the Democratic base like abortion-rights and instructors groups.

The Associated Press added to this report.

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Macy Gray talks racism in America and her biggest problem with Trump – Trending Stuff

Los Angeles (CNN) Macy Gray is understood for her edgy, enigmatic voice and her emotional music about love and life, however in her 10th studio release, which will be out this summer season, the Grammy-winning vocalist is getting political in such a way she hasn’t in the past.

“For me, being a black woman, that puts me best in the thick of all the bigotry that’s going on and all the misogyny,” the R&B vocalist informed CNN.

Fans got a taste of exactly what’s to come when Gray launched “White Man” in February– an anthem about bigotry in America. The video includes a tense yet unified dance in between a black female and a white female that represents both the deep departments and the unity that identify race relations in America.

    Gray’s choice to resolve politics and social problems belongs to a bigger pattern as artists– even those who are generally apolitical in their music like Katy Perry and Zedd — have actually just recently made political declarations.
    The “I Try” vocalist, who backed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders throughout the 2016 governmental election, talked with CNN’s #GetPolitical series about exactly what motivated her brand-new music and exactly what she considers President Donald Trump.

    CNN: How was your approaching album influenced by the political environment?

    Gray: “For me, being a black woman, that puts me best in the thick of all the bigotry that’s going on and all the misogyny … So all the backward and forward has sort of put individuals like me right in the middle of all the debate, the difference, the battles and all the demonstrations. As an artist, it’s tough to enter into the studio and not be impacted by that.”

    CNN: What’s the message behind “White Man”?

    Gray: “‘White Man’ was influenced by all the important things that are going on today in our nation and I seemed like it was required. I simply seem like we’re in a time with a great deal of divisiveness and individuals not comprehending each other. (There’s) a great deal of dissent and demonstration and individuals being mad and a great deal of viewpoints and ‘White Man’ was simply my contribution to bringing individuals together.”

    CNN: How is your brand-new album various than other music collections you’ve launched?

    Gray: “The record is incredible. It’s truly, actually fresh music and lyrics. It’s a bit politically owned. I simply believe in this environment and exactly what’s going on it’s tough to be an artist and not be influenced by all the concerns, particularly when it’s individual to you.

    This album will absolutely be more about the world, more about politics than my previous albums even if of the environment that we’ve all been pushed into. I believe that’s a great thing, you understand. I believe truly believe that’s how we obtained from 60s to the 80s, since of music. Due to the fact that you had individuals like Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder and Gil Scott-Heron discussing the times and about transformation and exactly what has to be altered and I do not know if music conserves the world however it absolutely … influences individuals.”

    CNN: Would you want to see other artists get political?

    Gray: “I hope other artists get associated with the entire– not a lot preaching to individuals, however simply making it understood that the concerns are ideal in front of us and it would, I personally believe it would be simply neglectful to let it be, to let it simply come out nevertheless it comes out, to not be included or to not pitch in some method and ensure things enter the ideal instructions.”

    CNN: Who did you elect in 2016?

    Gray: “I did not choose Mr. Trump. I really composed in Bernie. I never ever overcame Bernie. That truly broke my heart.”

    CNN: How do you evaluate Trump’s presidency, up until now?

    Gray: “My greatest issue with (Trump) is he’s an amateur. He’s never ever done this prior to … this man has actually never ever even been a mayor and I believe that’s harmful, that’s hazardous for our nation when he speaks with other world leaders who have actually committed their whole professions to politics …

    With all his insaneness and tweets– that’s whatever, however that he has no concept exactly what he’s doing is frightening to me. I’m simply believing like, you understand, f– it! Let’s provide, why do not we let 2 Chainz be the Supreme Court justice, lets provide Meryl Streep the cosmetic surgeon general. I indicate, who cares at this moment? We have a management that has no experience which’s wild to me … that’s my greatest issue with Mr. Trump. Aside from that, he’s an old, white man from New York, that’s exactly what they do. He’s traditional, he’s from New York, he’s loud, he states exactly what he believes.”

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We couldve avoided President Donald Trump. Now, we must learn the lessons | Rebecca Solnit

There were numerous chances to stop the Republican demagogue. That need to focus our minds as he takes the oath of workplace

T he roadway to President Trump was rough and long. There were lots of turns not taken, numerous alternative paths that would have spared us this result. Rather, we kept going, corruption, infighting and large obliviousness stopping us altering course.

What could have been various? There are a thousand possibilities. You might begin with the long decay of the United States news media into a branch of the show business, primed to take on Trumps star. A smarter society would have required much better, withstood more vocally, criticised more wisely.

Or the increase of Silicon Valley, its hypercapitalist, libertarian principles assisting to damage standard sources of info. We now suffer pandemic attention deficit condition, phony news , hackable whatever, cyberwar, and social networks bullies, of whom Trump is bully-in-chief. A web run as a public commons instead of an ad-driven free-for-all would have had really various social repercussions. We missed out on that turning long back.

Or the disintegration of civil liberties. Individuals of colour have actually been methodically disenfranchised by a series of interventions, consisting of the gutting of the Voting Rights Act in 2013. Millions were successfully eliminated of the election. Their complete involvement would have made Trump difficult. A restored voting-rights motion will become part of how we crawl out of the hole we discover ourselves in. That will need to consist of much better ballot systems and nationwide voting-rights requirements. The abolition of the electoral college likewise is long past due; its strange systems eked out a meagre success for the loser of the popular vote. And we need to reverse the gerrymandering that so drastically favours the Republicans.

Or you might backtrack about 90 exits: picture we had actually taken the threats of environment modification so seriously that, I do not know, we had an entirely various election about entirely various problems, or the a number of such elections our ecological crisis in fact benefits.

<img class="gu-image"itemprop="contentUrl"alt="Many"progressives
got stuck in the main phase, battling hillary clinton as though she were running versus bernie sanders, instead of trump, all the method to november.”src=”″/> <path d= "M4.6"12l -.4 1.4 c -.7.2 -1.9.6 -3.6 -.7 0-1.2 -.2 -1.2 -.9 0 -.2 0 -.3.1 -.5 l2-6.7 h.7l.4-1.5 4.2 -.6 h. 2l3 12h1.6 zm -.3 -9.2 c -.9 0-1.4 -.5 -1.4 -1.3 c2.9.5 3.7 0 4.6 0 5.4 0 6.5
6 1.3 c0 1 -.8 1.5-1.7 1.5 z”/> Many progressives got stuck in the main phase, combating Hillary Clinton as though she were running versus Bernie Sanders, instead of Trump, all the method to November. Picture: Yuri Gripas/Reuters

The roadway is maybe too quite a metaphor call it a highway to hell and begin searching for the off-ramps. Weve missed out on enough currently. This year, youd be forgiven for believing left was brief for left. Numerous progressives got stuck in the main phase, battling Hillary Clinton as though she were running versus Bernie Sanders , instead of Trump, all the method to November. Those who ought to have understood much better appeared not able to think of that anything might be even worse than neoliberalism.

The Democrats bear obligation for many years of compromise and muddle; they went to pieces ineffectually while their competitors strategised with luster. They can do much better a few of them have and will. The management revealed this month by John Lewis and Barbara Lee , inauguration refuseniks, has actually been brave, and the election of the Senates very first Latina and 2nd African-American female were peaks in an election that plumbed the depths.

But more effective Democrats might have worked more difficult to stop Trump, beginning with the outbound president of the United States. Barack Obama had all the intelligence info that was belatedly shown us. He even utilized the so-called nuclear phone to call Vladimir Putin in October and inform him to stop intervening in the election. He had power over the FBI, and may have set up senior personnel who were more faithful to the nation than the Republican celebration. As it was, the FBI smeared Clinton and secured Trump. The latters victory was enabled a minimum of in part by our present presidents commitment to placing himself above the fray, forecasting Olympian calm. This was a season throughout which he ought to have been asking himself exactly what Lyndon Baines Johnson would have done, back when the Democrats were intense fighters.

<img class="gu-image"itemprop="contentUrl"alt="Kamala"harris: the election of the senates 2nd african-american lady was a peak
in an election that plumbed the depths.”src=””/> Kamala Harris: The election of the Senates 2nd African-American female was a peak in an election that plumbed the depths. Picture: ddp USA/REX/Shutterstock

I shut off the radio after Obama stated, in his last speech: In 10 days, the world will witness a trademark of our democracy, the serene transfer of power from one easily chosen president to the next. I desired a leader who would state something like: Hey, there was foreign intervention in this election, in addition to citizen disenfranchisement, so perhaps it wasnt reasonable and totally free. If there was collusion on Trumps part, thats treason, so were putting all of it on hold and asking the supreme court exactly what they think of all these extraordinary issues. Obamas statesmanly grace was, in reality, needless submission.

Other political leaders, along with regular residents, attempted to get the juggernaut to stop. Even Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham required an examination of the Russian service prior to the election, and numerous of the Democrats on the Senate intelligence committee asked Obama to launch the categorized details he was keeping. It ends up that a great deal of individuals had product which they might have utilized to make a hassle prior to the election on 8 November, or prior to the electoral college fulfilled on 19 December, or prior to the joint session of Congress licensed the outcome on 6 January. That day, 7 Democratic congresspeople withstood object, however no senator would stand with them.

Later, Senator Dianne Feinstein stated she thought that Russian intervention and James Comey s sabotage altered the result of the election (and surveys practically validate that Comey provided the coup de grce). We didnt have to understand the minutiae of the Russian intervention; we currently understood that it raised concerns so severe that the entire transfer of power must have been stopped while it was examined. As it is, we now have an inbound president whose biggest dedication appears to be to Russian interests, consisting of weakening the EU and Nato , and full-steam-ahead pursuit of nonrenewable fuel sources .

Now weve reached the inauguration, in an Oldsmobile with 4 flat tires and a boiling radiator, a few of us are looking ahead, to where the U-turn alternatives are. That civil society has actually been galvanised readies news, though its difficult to expect exactly what the battles will appear like: standard rights are at danger and basically the most harmful prospects possible for each cabinet position, from education to the environment, are most likely to be validated. We require electoral reform to re-enfranchise individuals of colour and the bad. We require the wild-eyed young radicals to take control of the Democratic celebration and make it show their dreams and hopes. We require wise strategists to make one of the most of the really appealing rifts in the Republican celebration.

We have to inform our stories much better and discover how to affect exactly what stories get informed. We require an unlimited series of reforms, from media and innovation to education and health care. Theres ample work for everybody. There will be excessive, and each people will need to discover a piece of the issue where we can be reliable and stay with it. Were going to need to construct alliances that implies working together with individuals with whom you concur about the huge things and not quibbling about the youngsters. Were going to need to remember exactly what type of power civil society has and ways to utilize it. Were going to need to be remarkably arranged.

Millions were asleep at the wheel; the shock has actually jolted us awake. What lies ahead is unmapped however a minimum of we are lastly focusing.

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The 2020 Democrats as ‘Game of Thrones’ characters

(CNN)(THE NIGHT IS DARK AND FULL OF SPOILERS — proceed with caution)

  • Is Daenerys going mad?
  • Is Jon Snow (aka Aegon Targaryen) going to wind up on the Iron Throne?
  • Does Cersei have one last devious plot up her sleeve?
  • Is Jaime going to kill Cersei?
  • Has Tyrion lost his strategic mojo?
  • What, exactly, is the deal with Euron Greyjoy?
  • And, of course: When is the sequel featuring Tormund Giantsbane being released?
    Even with the slew of recent deaths on the show — RIP, Jorah Mormont — there are still a massive cast of characters to wrestle with as we move toward the end game.
    What else, you ask, has lots of characters and drama with an uncertain ending? (Amazing segue, right???) Why, the 2020 Democratic presidential primary campaign, of course!
    • With 21 official candidates all seeking the Iron Thro — er, Democratic nomination — it’s sometimes hard to keep track of who’s who. (Sidebar: 60% of the time my wife and I are watching “GOT” is filled with me saying, “Wait, who is that again?”)
      Maybe this will help jog your memory! Below, all of the candidates matched up with the “Thrones” character they remind me most of.
      Important caveat: Many of the “GOT” characters are murderers! Some are horrible people! And then there’s Ramsay Bolton. That’s all to say that you shouldn’t take this literally. “Game of Thrones” is a TV show based on an amazing set of unfinished books. (Come on George!) It is fiction. This is real life. OK? OK!
      One more caveat: CNN and HBO are both WarnerMedia companies, but HBO did not participate in compiling this list.
      Here we go!

      Beto O’Rourke is Jaime Lannister

      O’Rourke, like the Kingslayer, appears at first glance to be born to do this. (He said as much!) But that sense of destiny overlooks deeper internal conflict about who they are and whether they are doing the right thing. See: Beto’s Medium posts.

      Joe Biden as Cersei Lannister

      Both are the de facto incumbents, relying on their inherent knowledge of the system and an air of inevitability to stay on top. But both know their enemies are coming for them — and that doubts remain as to whether they can hang onto power.

      Kamala Harris as Daenerys Targaryen

      From the first time people heard of them, they saw the potential. And to date, both have lived up to the hype. But there are lingering concerns — and fears — about whether they represent too much change for a staid world.

      Pete Buttigieg as Jon Snow

      Granted, “King of the North” has more of a ring to it than “Mayor of South Bend.” But the similarities are there for anyone to see: Initially unheralded and ignored, both men have suddenly become the axis on which the story spins.

      Cory Booker as Beric Dondarion

      The New Jersey senator, like Beric, is eternally optimistic in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Booker has to hope he, like Beric, can be brought back to (political) life in a race where he hasn’t done much yet.

      Julián Castro as Renly Baratheon

      In the very early stages of the story, you thought he might be a major player. He had a solid claim and the right profile. But, so far, not much of anything.

      John Delaney as (Dolorous) Eddison Tollett

      You know both of them are involved in the story — and have been since (almost) the beginning. But you’d be hard-pressed to really say much about what they do — or pick them out of a lineup.

      Tulsi Gabbard as Gilly

      Both are around the main story — and have been for quite a while. There’s some sense that they may have a smallish role in the end game, but for the life of you, you can’t figure out what it is. Oh, also: They hail from far-off locales — Gilly from Beyond the Wall, Gabbard from Hawaii.

      Kirsten Gillibrand as Yara Greyjoy

      Tough. Strong-willed. But also not as effective as you might have thought they would be.

      Amy Klobuchar as Arya

      Both the daughters of strong fathers who heavily influence their lives. (You know about Ned Stark but you should learn about Jim Klobuchar.) Both were underestimated early in their lives but, through their actions, have proven their mettle. And both face very uncertain futures — although it seems as though they are going to be right there when the, uh, stuff hits the fan.

      Seth Moulton as Grey Worm

      A military man through and through, but also someone trying desperately to write a new story for himself.

      Bernie Sanders as Maester Aemon Targaryen

      You remember Aemon, right? A member of the Night’s Watch but, as revealed in the early seasons of the show, also the brother of the Mad King Aerys Targaryen? Well, Aemon predicted much of what was to come in the battle between ice and fire — sort of like how the Vermont senator foresaw the direction his party was headed on issues like health care. Also: Aemon and Bernie are both very old.

      Eric Swalwell as Littlefinger (aka Petyr Baelish)

      Both of them carried ambitions well beyond what it seemed they were capable of. And both had a sense that they might not get the ultimate prize they sought but that there was much to be gained in the effort.

      Elizabeth Warren as Brienne of Tarth

      Deeply disciplined and principled. Loyal, to a fault. Their upbringings have troubled them as they sought to both honor the past and move beyond it. Also, both are sneaky tall! (Warren is, according to the Internet, 5’8″.)

      Andrew Yang as Melisandre

      Both Mel and Yang have attracted passionate followings. In both cases, it’s not clear how much of their pitch is smoke and mirrors.

      Marianne Williamson as Thoros of Myr

      Thoros’ deep spiritual connection — he was a red priest of the Lord of Light — allowed him to raise Beric from the dead. Which is a big deal! And Williamson is a bit of a spiritual guru in her own right. And she’s written a book called “A Year of Miracles!” But what truly unites them? They are heavily overshadowed by better-known characters.

      Tim Ryan as Loras Tyrell (Knight of Flowers)

      Handsome, talented and, also, sort of ignored by the main players in the race. (Side note: Ser Loras has WAY better hair than Ryan.)

      John Hickenlooper as Bran Stark

      Both the former Colorado governor and the Three-Eyed Raven just sort of say weird stuff and then disappear into the background again.

      Jay Inslee as Sander Clegane

      Clegane (aka The Hound) has one mission: Kill his psychopath older brother Gregor (aka The Mountain). (Come on Clegane Bowl!!) Inslee has one mission: Raise awareness of the issue of climate change in the country. Both missions feel somewhat doomed.

        Wayne Messam as Hot Pie

        Both are in the story, sure. You’re just never sure exactly why.

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