Michelle Obama, not Melania Trump, makes International Best Dressed List and people blame politics – Trending Stuff

Vanity Fair just released its annual International Best Dressed List, but there’s one title in particular that’s missing and people have taken notice.

First Lady Melania Trump didn’t make the cut, although her predecessor, Michelle Obama, did (not for the first time). But while no Trump family members are on the list, the Washington Post points out who Melania’s go-to stylist, Hervé Pierre — who dressed the First Lady for her husband’s inaugural ball, along with many other high-profile events — was named.

Along with Obama, who appears in the “couples” part of the listing alongside former president Barack Obama, a small group of other politicians made the cut, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron (along with his wife, Brigitte).


Trump’s wardrobe has been discussed by Vanity Fair previously — recent topics include her penchant for pink, and her choice to board a flight to flood-ravaged Houston in stiletto heels — but the website has also reported on her more innocuous style choices, too. In late August, the site ran an article titled, “Melania Trump Takes a Fashion Cue from Michelle Obama,” that likened Trump’s more affordable ensemble to the J.Crew outfits Obama was fond of wearing.

In response, fans of the First Lady are fuming over the Trump family’s exclusion from the Vanity Fair list, with some accusing the publication of ignoring her purely.

While many are claiming Vanity Fair apparently left Trump off the list due to the magazine’s political position, The Cut notes that both Obama and Macron made the list as a best dressed couple, so maybe Trump would be contained if her husband dressed otherwise.

Not everybody agrees that Trump should’ve made the list, sparking a heated discussion on Facebook.

“Just as Melania is ‘First Lady’ — she needed to wear a tacky hat in Texas to remind us — does not give her an automated entrée to the Best Dressed List; especially since every time I see her she’s dressed like a ‘high-end’ hooker,” one person commented.

Another wrote: “Vanity Fair and Vogue have standards than our personal taste. ”

“It’s not ONLY about clothes, but instead someone persona. Melania has been on the job almost a year and has done NOTHING but wear clothes, she’s the least interesting First Lady in history. Sorry, she’s not good enough,” another person wrote.

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