What Britons wanted from May’s Trump meeting

(CNN)Britain and America, it is often said, are two nations divided by a common language. Ahead of Prime Minister Theresa May’s presser with President Donald Trump on Friday — the first for Trump having a foreign head of government — that capability for near miss communicating was entirely on display.

Right from the beginning, in fact — the traveling British press corps was briefly refused access after some confusion over qualifications as well as using the dd mm-yy birthdate structure (something used not only in Britain, but much of the world).


    But that isn’t the single pressure point for the British Prime Minister in Washington. Through the recent EU referendum, critics of the European Union assured by looking to America as an important partner, British voters they might expect to get an improved trade deal.
    Then-President Barack Obama caused some bitterness here by declaring Britain would be at “the back of the queue” for deals should it leave the EU, and some viewed Trump’s looking love affair with all matters Brexit as a possible opening. So there was consternation in Britain following Trump’s inaugural address, which appeared to herald a fresh age of protectionism and commerce tariffs. (“Two simple rules: purchase American and hire American.”)
    Thus May confronted national pressure to supply on two things: An American promise to refrain from torture — yet broadly defined — as well as the assurance of an important US-UK trade deal exempted from Trump’s protectionist rhetoric.
    She made some headway, at least judging from some careful parsing of President Trump’s noncommittal language. Trump guaranteed to demur to Defense Secretary James Mattis, a waterboarding skeptic, on the subject of torture, while both leaders spoke of a start commerce discussions when you possibly can.
    While sharing a podium with all the mercurial new President moreover, May prevented any major plays. (Inconvenient pictures of Trump getting her hand in a walk through the White House colonnades reach front pages, but will likely just be classed as a fortunate escape).
    However, some in Britain WOn’t forgive May for her haste to meet with the new President. Plus it is a fact that her look beside Donald Trump, in the White House Palm Room, did appear to help “normalize” him as a valid international leader. Trump’s critics will be disappointed the political insurgent prevented any of his characteristic outbursts, which might assure other world leaders concerned about sharing a podium
    The President’s selection, hours after she left the White House, to control the entrance of Muslims to the US — including Muslim refugees from Syria — will instantly tarnish May’s claims to have tempted him into the diplomatic mainstream, at least with liberal British audiences. But May was also unafraid to school Trump facing GOP leaders Thursday night, invoking Ronald Reagan when warning him to keep clear of Russia.
    Reagan is a tough power to get a Republican president to dismiss, particularly when invoked with a Tory Prime Minister that is female. Liberal British commentators would have favored May to get in touch with Democrats — Britain’s camaraderie, she might have included, extends to all American citizens rather than only those who voted for Trump. But having a public back home truly fearful of short temper and Mr Trump’s trigger finger, flattering UK factory outlets praised even him as the greatest means to maintain British citizens safer.

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    The sole distressing minute for May arrived in the White House during her first appearance. Within an frosty picture call, a bust of Winston Churchill, which the President can be said to have moved back to the Oval Office in the request of Mrs May’s UKIP adversary, Nigel Farage photographed both leaders.
    Farage is a mostly discredited figure in Britain — exiled in the official Brexit campaign, that has been run by figures that are more mainstream. But he’s made much of his camaraderie together with the newest US President. The alleged disrespect shown by President Obama to Churchill has been one of his favourite strategies to drum up injured British pride among nationalists. (In reality, Obama’s “snub” has been revealed to be mostly a mistake).
    Needless to say, few Americans will totally understand the indignity of being immobilized in a photo shoot that emphasizes a Farage diplomatic success for May. But she’s improbable anyhow to stress too much. Obama may not have been the favourite president of Britain, but his approval ratings far outstrip those of Trump.
    Thus, while Farage might have won the race that is early to be President Trump’s finest pal that is British, May understands full well the British people expect her to be a cautious partner, not a pal that is pandering.

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    Netherlands moves on abortion funding after Trump reinstates ‘gag rule’

    (CNN)The Dutch federal government states it wishes to assist establish a global abortion fund to assist households throughout the world after United States President Donald Trump renewed the so-called Mexico City policy.

    On Monday, Trump signed an executive order , commonly called the “worldwide gag guideline,” which bars worldwide nongovernmental companies that carry out or promote abortions from getting United States federal government financing.

          Trump’s relocation has actually exasperated numerous charities and political leaders around the world, with Dutch authorities Lilianne Ploumen stating the absence of financial backing will cause” harmful backroom treatments and greater maternal death.”
          “This choice has significant effects above all for the females it impacts, who must have the ability to choose on their own if they desire a kid, however likewise for their kids and spouses and for society as an entire, “Ploumen, the Dutch minister for foreign trade and advancement cooperation, stated in a declaration.

          “Banning abortion does not minimize the variety of abortions.”
          Trump signed the policy that the Reagan administration at first put in location . President Bill Clinton later on rescinded the gag guideline, however President George W. Bush then renewed it. When again withdrawed the guideline, President Barack Obama.

          During the Obama years, United States law prohibited direct financing for abortion services, however nongovernmental companies were permitted to get financing for other programs, consisting of those associated to birth control gain access to and post-abortion care.

          According to the Dutch federal government, the brand-new fund would permit females in establishing countries to get to contraceptives, clear info and abortion.
          “We need to comprise as much as possible for this monetary blow, with a broad-based fund that federal governments, business and civil society companies can contribute to, “Ploumen stated.
          ” So that females can continue to make their own choices about their own bodies.”

          ‘ Catastrophic’

          Trump’s order is”disastrous,”inning accordance with Marie Stopes International , an NGO that offers birth control and abortion services.
          Women in establishing nations will wind up”paying the rate,”stated Marjorie Newman-Williams, the group’s vice president.
          ” All the medical proof, along with whatever we understand from our day-to-day interactions with females, is unquestionable: If you take safe abortion services from the reproductive healthcare plan, it exposes females to run the risk of,”Newman-Williams stated.
          Marie Stopes International stated the loss of its services throughout Trump’s 4 years in workplace might trigger 6.5 million unexpected pregnancies, 2.2 million abortions, 2.1 million risky abortions and 21,700 maternal deaths.
          The company stated it likewise would be avoided from reaching 1.5 million females with birth control every year.
          “Attempts to stop abortion through limiting laws– or by keeping household preparation help– will never ever work, due to the fact that they do not get rid of ladies’s requirement for abortion, “Newman-Williams stated.
          “This policy just worsens the currently considerable difficulty of guaranteeing that individuals in the establishing world who wish to time and area their kids can get the birth control they have to do so.”
          Marie Stopes International stated it offered 2,843 gynecological and basic examinations and carried out 586 contraceptive implant insertions in the wake of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal — all supported by United States financing.

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        In Miamis Little Havana, Castros Death Sparks Celebration

        Cuban-Americans required to the streets in Miami Saturday early morning as news spread that Fidel Castro, the daddy of the Cuban transformation and a guy who triggered numerous to get away the island, leaving houses and relative, had actually passed away at 90.

        Fidel Castro
        Photographer: Roberto Schmidt/AFP through Getty Images

        While Havana stayed strangely peaceful after the statement of Castros death on state media, hundreds had actually collected on a stretch of 8th Street in Miamis Little Havana, banging pans and pots and dancing. Automobiles rolled gradually through the streets, beeping and waving American and cuban flags. Other events were seen in Cuban-American communities like Hialeah.

        Members of Miamis blossoming Venezuelan neighborhood signed up with the event, too. Numerous consider themselves kindred spirits of the Cubans, having actually left a location that the late Hugo Chavez envisioned in Cubas image.

        For an obituary on Fidel Castro, click on this link.

        The autocrat is lastly gone, stated Guillermo Ramon, 67, who pertained to Miami 26 years back from the island, anticipating that the death would quicken the death of the program run by Fidel Castros bro, Raul. The suffering has actually concerned an end.

        People respond to death of Fidel Castro in Miami on Nov. 26, 2016.
        Photographer: Angel Valentin/Getty Images

        Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado stated in a declaration: For fifty 7 years Fidel Castro has actually been the sign of tyranny and injustice of our individuals. I get in touch with the Obama administration and the Trump administration to require genuine modifications from the Cuban routine, on behalf of numerous Cubans who have actually passed away in the United States and in Cuba awaiting this day and for flexibility.”

        For all the festivity in the streets, Castros death comes at a time when the future for the United States relationship with Cuba doubts. President Barack Obama checked out the island previously this year and assured to alleviate sanctions in location because the early years of the Cold War, however the triumph of Donald Trump has actually left lots of questioning whether the detente will last.

        Read more: Want to Invest in Cuba? Meet Your Partner, Castros Son-In-Law

        Trump won the state of Florida thanks in part to support from Cuban-American citizens crucial of the routine they left. In Little Havana, Trump-Pence indications might be seen in the crowd on Saturday early morning. Trump tweeted: Fidel Castro is dead! to his 16 million fans. Later on, in a declaration, the president-elect stated the catastrophes, death and discomfort brought on by Castro couldnt be removed, however that his administration will do all it can to guarantee the Cuban individuals can lastly start their journey towards success and liberty.

        Theres a great deal of need to believe that lastly things will alter in Cuba, stated Angel Ali Gonzalez, a 32-year-old security personnel with a fat Cohiba stogie in his t-shirt pocket, who was born in Miami to moms and dads who immigrated in 1969.

        Trump-Pence indication seen in Miami throughout responses of Castros death.
        Photographer: Angel Valentin/Getty Images

        On 8th Street, Gonzalez was waving a Trump-Pence: Make America Great Again indication and using among the projects signature baseball caps. Surveys reveal indications of modification in political views amongst lots of more youthful members of the neighborhood, Cuban-Americans have actually been an electoral bulwark for the Republican Party in Florida for years.

        During his see to Havana in March, Obama stated Cubans had actually basically developed Miami as it presently exists. The multilingual Spanish-English neighborhood in South Florida has actually made a credibility as the de facto capital of Latin America, drawing waves of immigrants from nations consisting of Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela, and ending up being a location where Latin American magnates invest and enjoy their cash.

        Many immigrants initially from the island, and their kids, have actually gone on to play essential functions in American politics, while others– like billionaire property designer Jorge Perez– have actually personally assisted form the Miami horizon.

        Olivia Carlos, 29, immigrated with her moms and dads from Cuba when she was 10, signed up with the United States Navy, and ultimately went back to the island when she was stationed for a year in Guantanamo Bay. For her, Castro has actually long belonged of her twisted individual story.

        This is an extremely psychological day for me, and I hope this indicates theres light at the end of the tunnel, she stated. Perhaps theres hope that things will lastly alter in Cuba.

        Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-11-26/cuban-americans-take-to-miami-streets-to-mark-castro-s-death

        Fidel Castro, Communist Former Leader of Cuba, Dies at 90

        Fidel Castro, who developed a communist routine in Cuba that endured the collapse of the Soviet Union, brought and motivated advanced motions 2 superpowers near to nuclear war prior to stepping down after 49 years in power, has actually passed away. He was 90.

        The previous leader passed away at 10:29 p.m. Friday regional time, his sibling, President Raul Castro, who has actually ruled the nation because 2006, stated on state media Nov. 25. He will be cremated early on Saturday and the federal government set a funeral service for Dec. 4.

        Reaction to Castros death, like his life, was deeply divided. World leaders consisting of South Africas President Jacob Zuma, Indias Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a number of Latin American political leaders released tweets and declarations highlighting Castros accomplishments and proclaiming his virtues.

        President Barack Obama provided a declaration providing acknowledgements to Castros household, acknowledging the effective feelings being experienced by Cubans, and stated the United States extended a hand of relationship: the Cuban individuals should understand that they have a pal and partner in the United States of America.

        President-elect Donald Trump stated Castros tradition is among shooting teams, theft, unthinkable suffering, hardship and the rejection of essential human rights.

        Our administration will do all it can to guarantee the Cuban individuals can lastly start their journey towards success and liberty, Trump stated in a declaration.

        Venezuelan President Nicols Maduro tweeted: To all the revolutionaries of the world, we need to continue with his tradition and his flag of self-reliance, of socialism , of homeland.

        At the exact same time, crowds of banished Cubans and their fans collected on the streets of Miami to commemorate the death of an often unyielding ruler who ruled and divided households with an iron fist. Havana, on the other hand, stayed peaceful.

        Cuban Revolution

        French President Francois Hollande composed in a declaration that Castro embodied the Cuban transformation, in the hopes it had actually excited then in the disillusions it had actually provoked and revealed his acknowledgements to Raoul, his household and the Cuban individuals.

        The Cuban federal government stated public occasions to mark Castros death will start Monday, with a rally a day later on at Plaza de la Revolucion in Havana and after that a three-day procession to bring his ashes to Santiago de Cuba for a funeral service on Dec. 4.

        This smart and strong male constantly looked with self-confidence to the future composed Russian President Vladimir Putin, highlighting the relationship in between the 2 nations. In a telegram continued reading China Central Television, President Xi Jinping stated Castro was the creator of Cuban communism, and a fantastic figure in our times and history.

        One of the worlds longest-serving politicians, Fidel Castro led rebel forces that wrested control of Cuba from Fulgencio Batista in 1959. As prime minister and after that president, Castro improved literacy and healthcare for the islands bad, while locking up countless dissidents, taking personal property and stimulating an exodus of Cubans who braved hazardous waters on homemade rafts to reach U.S. coasts.

        Its not yet clear how Castros passing will affect the fragile detente in between the United States and Cuba. Relations in between the 2 nations have actually defrosted because 2014, with President Barack Obama going to Cuba this year and guaranteeing to alleviate sanctions that have actually paralyzed the islands economy for half a century. On the project path President-elect Donald Trump slammed Obama for making concessions to the routine.

        Fidel Castro waves to a cheering crowd upon his arrival in Havana, Cuba in 1959.
        Source: Bettmann Collection through Getty Images

        The bearded Castro declared a put on the world phase at the height of the Cold War by making Cuba a station of the Soviet Union just 90 miles (145 kilometers) from Florida. He pressed the superpowers towards nuclear war in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 and offered political and military assistance to advanced groups and Marxist federal governments in Latin America and Africa, sealing his credibility as an enemy of the United States

        Deep Impact

        Starting in the 1960s, Cuba has actually been a big gamer, out of proportion to its size, on the world phase which mostly due to the fact that of Fidel, stated Geoff Thale, program director at the Washington Office on Latin America. Cuba and Fidel are the sign of the little man withstanding the hemispheric giant. Individuals still have this romantic picture of Cuba as a sign of transformation.

        His routine endured a U.S.-sponsored intrusion, referred to as the Bay of Pigs, in 1961, while he personally endured a minimum of 8 assassination plots by the Central Intelligence Agency.

        Castro constantly protected the Cuban transformation.

        I have not one iota of remorse about exactly what weve performed in our nation and the method weve arranged our society, he informed author Ignacio Ramonet for Fidel Castro: My Life, an narrative history released in 2006.

        Castro, left, consults his bro Raul Castro in 1999.
        Photographer: Adalberto Roque/AFP/Getty Images

        That year, he began to reduce his grip on power when he delivered short-term control to his more youthful bro, Raul, while recuperating from surgical treatment. He resigned as president and commander-in-chief in favor of Raul on Feb. 19, 2008. The switch of management caused reform, though not the democracy that succeeding U.S. presidents and generations of Cuban-Americans had actually expected.

        Recognizing Revolution

        On Dec. 17, 2014, President Obama revealed strategies to bring back diplomatic relations and alleviate the five-decade embargo on the island, actions numerous Cubans and Cuban-Americans believed would never ever happen in Fidels life time.

        The following month, Castro provided his assistance to a thaw in relations while staying doubtful of U.S. intentions.

        I do not rely on the policy of the United States nor have I exchanged a word with them, he composed in a letter released by state media. This does not imply, nevertheless, that I would oppose a serene service to disputes or dangers of war.

        Obama check outs Havana, Cuba in March 2016.
        Photographer: Eliana Aponte/Bloomberg

        In March 2016, President Obama checked out the island country. I have actually come here to bury the last residue of the Cold War in the Americas, he stated.

        Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born upon Aug. 13, 1926, in Biran, Cuba, among 7 kids fathered by Angel Castro y Argiz, a Spanish immigrant worker, with Castros mom, Lina Ruz Gonzales, a member of the family personnel.

        Castro was sent out to schools run by the Roman Catholic Marist and Jesuit spiritual orders. He was enthusiastic about baseball and was called Cubas exceptional college professional athlete in high school.

        He informed author Ramonet that his defiant streak established early. I didnt like authority, since at that time there was likewise a great deal of corporal penalty, a slap on a belt or the head required to you, Castro stated.

        Law School

        Fidel Castro in his 1945 high school yearbook.
        Source: AP Photo

        In 1945, Castro registered in law school at the University of Havana and took his initial steps into advanced politics.

        While still in school, the future Cuban leader signed up with 1,200 males who set out to attack the Dominican Republic and topple totalitarian Rafael Trujillo. The Cuban navy turned the exploration back.

        In 1952, 2 years after getting a law degree, Castro ran for Cubas Chamber of Deputies. The race ended when Batista, then a basic in Cubas military, staged a coup and canceled elections.

        Castro led about 165 guys in an attack on army barracks the list below year, wishing to stimulate a popular uprising. When the battling was over, the soldiers eliminated 8 of his males and carried out ratings. The survivors ran away and were later on recorded and attempted.

        Representing himself at the trial, Castro provided a two-hour speech that ended with an often-cited statement: History will discharge me. He was sentenced to 15 years in jail and launched after 2 years as part of a basic amnesty.

        In Exile

        Castro entered into exile in Mexico, where he signed up with forces with Argentine communist innovative Ernesto Che Guevara.

        Castro with Che Guevara in 1956
        Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

        In 1956, the 2 crossed the Caribbean with about 80 males on a luxury yacht called the Granma to begin a guerrilla project versus Batista. Cuban forces eliminated all however 12 on landing.Castro pulled back into the Sierra Maestra mountains with the survivors. There, he grew the beard that would become his hallmark.

        Everybody simply let their beards and hair grow, which developed into a type of badge of identity, he informed Ramonet.

        Castros rebels rallied public assistance, and on Jan. 1, 1959, owned Batista into exile. Castro was 32.

        Over the next 2 years, changing Cuba into a communist dictatorship, Castro took land and nationalized sugar mills, cattle ranches and oil refineries owned by U.S. interests. His federal government put behind bars or eliminated political challengers, stated the nation atheist and closed 400 Catholic schools.

        U.S. Embargo

        Former Cuban President Fidel Castro smokes a stogie in Havana in 1977.
        Photographer: David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images

        In 1962, U.S. President John F. Kennedy enforced a trade embargo, which was continued under succeeding U.S. leaders, denying Cuba of its biggest trade partner and starving the economy of dollars. In 2014, the federal government declared the United States embargo had actually cost the island $117 billion.

        From 1960 to 1965, the CIA installed a minimum of 8 assassination plots versus Castro, inning accordance with the 1975 report of a U.S. Senate committee headed by Senator Frank Church, a Democrat from Idaho.

        Ive endured 600 efforts on my life, Castro stated in Cordoba, Argentina, in July 2006.

        The Bay of Pigs intrusion was licensed by President John F. Kennedy. On April 17, 1961, refugees equipped by the CIA staged an amphibious landing at the bay on the islands southwest coast with the objective of stimulating an uprising. Castros forces eliminated more than 100 intruders and caught more than 1,100. He launched the detainees after protecting a ransom from the United States of $53 million worth of food and medication.

        Missile Crisis

        Eighteen months later on, pictures taken by a U.S. spy airplane revealed Castro had actually enabled the Soviet Union to develop nuclear-missile bases in Cuba. The discovery marked the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis, 13 days throughout which the world looked down the weapon barrel of nuclear war, in the words of Kennedy speechwriter Theodore Sorensen.Kennedy enforced a marine blockade on Cuba and purchased nuclear weapons filled onto airplane.

        Kennedy indications the order of marine blockade of Cuba, on October 24, 1962.
        Source: AFP/Getty Images

        After nearly 2 weeks of crisis, Kennedy provided to covertly withdraw U.S. rockets from Turkey and Italy if the Soviet Union withdrew its rockets from Cuba. The next day, Radio Moscow transmitted a declaration by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev that the weapons would be taken apart.

        While Cubas economy stagnated over the next years, Castro sent out military forces to support guerrilla motions in establishing nations throughout the 1970s and 1980s, typically encountering U.S.-backed federal governments.

        During Castros duration in power, 10s of thousands left Cuba, primarily to the United States, where they developed anti-Castro neighborhoods in South Florida and the New York location.

        Mass Exodus

        The biggest decampment, the so-called Mariel boatlift , occurred in 1980. After groups of Cubans aimed to leave the nation by combating their method into foreign embassies, Castro eliminated security forces from the structures. Within a week, 10,000 Cubans pressed their method into the Peruvian substance.

        Castro reacted by revealing that Cubans were complimentary to leave. He welcomed emigres in the United States to choose them up at the port of Mariel. The harbor was quickly obstructed with boats that assisted shuttle more than 125,000 individuals to the United States; consisted of amongst the Marielitos were bad guys whom Castro had actually launched from jail, psychologically ill individuals and others he discovered unfavorable.

        The loss of Soviet help after 1991 sent out Cubas economy into a deep anxiety, with Castro allocating food and purchasing individuals to ride bikes to conserve gas. He produced forex by enabling Spanish-built hotels, filled with European travelers, to line the countrys resort beaches. He continued to spar with the United States over migration.

        Papal Visit

        The Communist Party raised its restriction on subscription in spiritual companies in 1991. Castro welcomed Pope John Paul II to go to in 1998, enabling 4 outdoor Masses and reacting to the popes require a detainee amnesty by launching 300 prisoners, consisting of about 70 hung on political charges.

        Chavez fulfills Castro in Rio de Janeiro on June 29, 1999.
        Photographer: Adalberto Roque/AFP through Getty Images

        In 1999, a brand-new customer emerged when Hugo Chavez ended up being president of oil-rich Venezuela and connected to form financial and political collaborations with Castro. Under Chavez and his follower, Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela supplied Cuba with 100,000 barrels of oil a day in exchange for the services of 30,000 health-care suppliers and athletic fitness instructors.

        Castro preserved a repressive grip on society and, in 2003, executed a brand-new crackdown on dissidents that resulted in worldwide condemnation.

        Castro participates in a Communist Party Event in 2011.
        Photographer: Adalberto Roque/AFP/Getty Images

        As Castros health degraded, his extensive speeches, as soon as a component of Cuban life, were changed by viewpoint columns in state-controlled papers, where he protected socialism, even as the federal government run by his bro Raul took apart some constraints on own a home, travel abroad and personal services.

        When Raul and Obama in December 2014 revealed strategies to enhance ties, Fidel didnt provide any public remarks.

        Castros marital relationship to the previous Mirta Diaz-Balart, whom he wed in 1948, ended in divorce in 1955. They had a boy, Felix Fidel Castro Diaz, nicknamed Fidelito.

        In 1961, Castro started a relationship with Dalia Soto del Valle, an instructor whom he wed in 1980, inning accordance with Fidel Castro: My Life. They had 5 kids: Alexis, Alex, Alejandro, Antonio and Angel.

        Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com//news/articles/2016-11-26/fidel-castro-who-turned-cuba-into-communist-outpost-dies-at-90

        Reality Check: Sean Spicer hits the media over crowds

        (CNN)White House press secretary Sean Spicer released into a tirade versus the media Saturday, knocking exactly what he stated was unjust reporting of the presence of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, together with other criticisms.

        Many of the realities he mentioned, nevertheless, are unreliable.
            Here’s a take a look at a few of Spicer’s claims.

            Floor coverings

            Claim: “This was the very first time in our country’s history that flooring have actually been utilized to secure the yard on the Mall. That had the result of highlighting any locations where individuals were not standing, while in years past, the yard removed this visual.”

            Fact: Photos from the 2013 inauguration plainly reveal white ground coverings being laid on the National Mall ahead of President Barack Obama’s 2nd swearing-in. Press reporters who covered the occasion likewise remember the white plastic floor covering that was laid along the National Mall to safeguard the turf.
            “(The National Park Service) utilized a comparable lawn protective layer in 2013,” a previous senior Interior Department authorities informed CNN Saturday, asking that his name not be utilized.
            Verdict: False.

            Metal detectors

            Claim: “This was likewise the very first time that fencing and magnetometers went as far back on the Mall, avoiding numerous countless individuals from having the ability to access the Mall as rapidly as they had in inaugurations past.”
            Fact: The Secret Service, the firm accountable for protecting the occasion, acknowledged that the safe and secure location for this year’s inauguration was bigger than in years past, however the additional procedures consisted of just fences and bag checks and not magnetometers.
            “The security boundary for this inauguration was extended due to lessons found out and world occasions,” a Secret Service representative stated. “Security fencing was positioned around the National Mall this inauguration. There were 7 gain access to points where bag checks just were carried out.” The representative included that magnetometers– that includes hand wands– likewise weren’t utilized.
            Verdict: False.

            Crowd price quotes

            Claim: “No one had numbers, since the National Park Service, which manages the National Mall, does not put any out.”
            Fact: It’s precise the National Park Service does not offer a main crowd count for the inauguration.
            Verdict: True.

            Filled areas

            Claim: “We understand that from the platform where the President was sworn in to 4th Street, it holds about 250,000 individuals. From 4th Street to the media camping tent has to do with another 220,000. And from the media camping tent to the Washington Monument, another 250,000 individuals. All this area was complete when the President took the oath of workplace.”
            Fact: It’s unclear where Spicer’s numbers stemmed, and the White House didn’t react when requested more information. The claim those locations were complete when Trump took his oath of workplace is clearly false. Images taken at twelve noon on Friday reveal broad swaths of white floor covering where individuals were not standing.
            Verdict: False.

            Metro riders

            Claim: “We understand that 420,000 individuals utilized the D.C. Metro public transit the other day, which in fact compares with 317,000 that utilized it for President Obama’s last inaugural.”
            Fact: Spicer is utilizing a series of numbers that do not produce an accurate contrast. It’s unclear where the 420,000 figure originates from– in reality, the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority stated the overall ridership on Friday was greater: 570,557. The 317,000 Spicer mentioned from 2013 was just up until 11 a.m., not the whole day. Overall ridership on the day Obama was sworn in 4 years ago stood at 782,000.
            Verdict: Misleading.

            Trump at the CIA

            Claim: “The President was likewise at the– as you understand, the President was likewise at the Central Intelligence Agency and welcomed by a raucous overflow crowd of some 400-plus CIA workers. There were more than 1,000 demands to participate in, triggering the President to keep in mind that he’ll need to return to welcome the rest. They provided him a five-minute standing ovation at the end in a display screen of their patriotism and their interest for his presidency.”
            Fact: Trump was welcomed by passionate CIA workers at the CIA on Saturday, a lot of whom cheered loudly for the brand-new President when he left the space. Press reporters in the space stated there were approximately 400 individuals in participation.
            The length of his standing ovation, nevertheless, isn’t really exactly understood.
            The electronic camera feed of the space was cut quickly after Trump ended up to secure the identity of a few of the nationwide security authorities in the crowd. While audio of the feed continued for a minute or two later on, music played over the noise and it wasn’t clear the length of time the applause lasted. Press reporters were likewise moved from the space as the ovation was continuous. Trump left the CIA about 6 minutes after he ended up speaking.
            Verdict: Inconclusive.

            Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/21/politics/sean-spicer-fact-check/index.html

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          Xi, Putin Lead Tributes as Trump Tweets Fidel Castro is Dead!

          Leaders from all over the world and of all political colors responded to the death of Fidel Castro, the 90-year-old previous Cuban leader and revolutionary, with tweets and declarations of compassion, appreciation and criticism of exactly what his project let loose.

          This sensible and strong guy constantly looked with self-confidence to the future, composed Russian President Vladimir Putin, stressing the enduring relationship in between the 2 nations. He embodied high perfects of a resident, political leader and patriot , was truly persuaded of the rightness of the cause, to which he provided his entire life. His memory will live permanently in the hearts of Russian residents.

          Twitter: Donald J. Trump on Twitter

          In a telegram read out on China Central Television, President Xi Jinping explained Castro as the creator of Cuban communism, and a terrific figure in our times and history.

          U.S. President Barack Obama provided a declaration using acknowledgements to Castros household and stated the United States extended a hand of relationship: the Cuban individuals should understand that they have a buddy and a partner in the United States of America.” President-elect Donald Trump kept it basic initially, tweeting to his 16 million fans: Fidel Castro is dead! Later on, Trump stated in a declaration Castros tradition is among “unthinkable suffering” which his administration “will do all it can to guarantee the Cuban individuals can lastly start their journey towards success and liberty.

          French President Francois Hollande composed that Castro embodied the Cuban transformation, in the hopes it had actually excited then in the disillusions it had actually provoked. Star of the Cold War, he represented an age which had actually ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union. He had actually had the ability to represent for Cuban individuals the pride of the rejection of external dominance.”

          Castro passed away in Havana late Friday and will be cremated on Saturday. The federal government revealed prepare for public occasions beginning Monday, with a rally a day later on at Plaza de la Revolucion in Havana then a three-day procession to bring his ashes to Santiago de Cuba for a funeral service on Dec. 4.

          Apartheid Opponent

          In South Africa, President Jacob Zuma stated Castro motivated Cubans to support the battle versus apartheid. The Cuban individuals, under the management and command of President Castro, joined us in our battle.

          Twitter: Rafael Correa on Twitter

          Indias Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his country grieves the loss of a fantastic buddy. We stand in assistance with the Cuban Government and individuals in this terrible hour, he tweeted. Fidel Castro was among the most renowned characters of the 20th century.”

          Twitter: Enrique Pea Nieto on Twitter

          Nicols Maduro, the Venezuelan president, required to Twitter with a call to arms: “To all the revolutionaries of the world, we need to continue with his tradition and his flag of self-reliance, of socialism , of homeland.” Castro and Maduros predecessor, the late Hugo Chvez, had actually been close political allies.

          Elsewhere in Latin America, Rafael Correa , president of Ecuador, tweeted: “He was a huge one. Fidel dead. Long live Cuba ! Long Live Latin America!” Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto composed in a tweet: “I lament the death of Fidel Castro Ruz, leader of the Cuban Revolution and the emblematic referral of the 20th century … Fidel Castro was a buddy of Mexico, a promoter of a bilateral relationship based in uniformity, discussion, and regard.”

          Former Sweden Prime Minister Carl Bildt was less favorable. With his transformation in 1959 Fidel Castro established a still having a hard time Communist dictatorship, he stated. Neither a political nor a financial design. RIP

          Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com//news/articles/2016-11-26/world-leaders-react-to-death-of-ex-cuba-leader-fidel-castro

          First family settles into White House life

          Washington (CNN)One day after the inauguration, President Donald Trump is settling into his brand-new responsibilities.

          The very first household is likewise getting used to life in their brand-new functions as very first girl, very first children, very first grandchildren and very first children.

            Saturday early morning, the whole Trump clan dressed up and signed up with the President and Vice President Mike Pence for a church service at the National Cathedral in Northwest Washington.
            Then it was time to have a look at the brand-new digs at the White House. Trump’s brand-new house has 132 spaces, 35 restrooms and 6 levels in the home, per the workplace of the manager, and there’s a lot to check out.

            Some relative went bowling. Donald Jr. published an image of partner and child Saturday afternoon in the White House basement’s street.
            “Family bowling session at The White House,” he tweeted.

            They might have likewise had a look at the South Lawn and its view of the Washington Monument, or the cinema, the swimming pool, the increased garden, or the basketball court.
            Hungry? The White House chefs– who have, up until now, remained on from the Obama administration– have actually equipped the refrigerator with the Trump household’s preferred treats. The existing White House executive chef has actually been feeding presidents and their households considering that George W. Bush, and began in the White House kitchen area under President Bill Clinton.
            President Trump himself is a fast-food enthusiast– he informed CNN’s Anderson Cooper at a CNN city center last February that he likes McDonald’s.
            “A fish pleasure in some cases? The Big Macs are terrific. The Quarter Pounder. It’s fantastic things.”
            He tweeted a picture from his airplane with a container of KFC throughout the project.
            “Not the worst thing worldwide,” he informed Cooper of the fried chicken.
            Generally, the household will offer the White House with dietary limitations and private choices. President Barack Obama notoriously snacked on almonds in the White House. The New York Times reports that his follower chooses Doritos and Lays potato chips.
            In 2009, it was a leading concern for inbound First Lady Michelle Obama to settle young children Sasha and Malia into their brand-new spaces and make the White House a house as efficiently as possible. This brand-new administration is various, as First Lady Melania Trump and child Barron Trump will not be residing in Washington full-time till completion of the academic year, and the majority of Trump’s grown kids will continue to reside in New York City.
            It was not right away clear the length of time the New York-based Trumps will remain town– however as the President gets to work, his capacity will lessen.
            The very first woman will go back to New York with Barron, 10, in time for school on Monday. Eric and Donald Jr., in addition to their households, are likewise anticipated to go back to New York, as Trump’s adult boys will run the Trump Organization while their dad remains in workplace.
            Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who will act as senior advisor to the President, will reside in Washington full-time.
            Last week, movers were spotted discharging furnishings at their brand-new house in DC’s Kalorama area, simply a couple miles from the White House.
            Ivanka Trump, who does not yet have an official function in the White House however worked as a crucial advisor to her daddy’s project, published on Facebook previously this month that she was preparing to require time to settle their 3 kids into their brand-new house and schools.

            Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/21/politics/trump-family-white-house-life/index.html

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            Bush library releases presidential notes of encouragement

            Washington (CNN)On the eve of President Barack Obama handing off the reins of power to his follower, Donald Trump, the George W. Bush Presidential Library has actually launched the letters that previous President Bill Clinton and Bush penned to their followers.

            The library on Thursday launched the notes the 42nd and 43rd presidents composed on the last day of their presidencies, a routine that Obama will meet on Friday.

                “You lead a happy, good, great individuals. And from this day you are President of everybody,” Clinton composed on January 20, 2001. “The problems you now take on are frequently overstated however terrific. The large happiness of doing exactly what you think is best is inexpressible.”
                The letters’ release was previously reported by ABC News.
                In October, Clinton’s spouse, previous First Lady Hillary Clinton, shared on social networks a message previous President George H.W. Bush composed to Clinton on Inauguration Day in 1993. In sharing the note, Hillary Clinton composed, “This is exactly what management appears like.”

                Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/19/politics/bill-clinton-george-bush-final-letters/index.html

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              Final days inside the Obama White House

              Washington (CNN)When President Barack Obama emerged to welcome an enormous, cheering audience at the spacious McCormick Place convention center in Chicago on January 10, he was seeking to the course ahead and showing about the tradition he was leaving.

              “It is up to each people to be those distressed, envious guardians of our democracy,” the President stated. “To accept the jubilant job we’ve been offered to continuously aim to enhance this excellent country of ours.”

                Watch CNN Films’best of its documentary, The End: Inside the Last Days of the Obama White House , on Sunday at 8pm ET/PT on CNN.

                But prior to he said the words that will decrease in history as his last address to the country, his speechwriting group needed to address one, huge sixty-four-thousand-dollar question: What in the world should the president even state?
                CNN Films was enabled special gain access to into that discussion and other minutes hardly ever seen by the public as part of a brand-new documentary, “ The End: Inside the Last Days of the Obama White House .” The movie gets right after the November 8 election, which introduced Donald J. Trump as America’s president choose.
                In the weeks that followed that unmatched win, cams tracked Obama staffers as they tackled the job of preparing to shift. CNN recorded the sincerity that happened in personal, as the West Wing handled election results that nobody in the White House anticipated.

                From the early morning after the election, to the last yearly turkey pardon, to Obama’s goodbye address, go behind the scenes of 4 remarkable minutes from completion of Obama’s presidency.
                1. The early morning after the election

                Keenan– being in that personal conference with his personnel– informed his coworkers he believes youths have actually enjoyed to have Barack Obama as their leader.
                “I believe it’s time to pass the torch to them,” Keenan stated. “It’s essential to advise individuals of the tasks of citizenship.”

                Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/17/politics/the-end-last-days-obama-white-house-video-moments/index.html

                Prince Charles plans to visit Cuba. Sen. Rick Scott says he should visit Florida instead.

                (CNN)Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are slated to make the English Crown’s first visit to Cuba this spring — but Sen. Rick Scott thinks they should go to Florida instead.

                “A trip of this magnitude by the Crown provides unwarranted legitimacy to a dictatorship with a decades-long history of persecuting and imprisoning its defectors and repressing its people,” Scott wrote.
                He accused the Castro regime of both being and supporting “ruthless dictators,” including embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The United States has endorsed opposition leader Juan Guaido as the nation’s head.
                  “I urge you to reconsider this trip for another alternative,” Scott added. “I invite you to visit Florida to learn firsthand about the six decades of atrocities, oppression and misery inflicted on the Cuban people by the regime. In Florida, you will be met by a vibrant Cuban population dedicated to putting an end to the decades of torture, repression incarceration and death the people of Cuba have endured.”
                  Scott said Prince Charles could opt to support Cubans by visiting Florida — or the regime by visiting Cuba.
                  “By visiting Florida, you have the opportunity to stand with the people of Cuba and fight for a new era of freedom and opportunity. Conversely, a visit to Cuba signals your support for a ruthless dictatorship that has denied Cubans their basic rights for far too long.”
                    Scott’s anti-Castro stance echoes long-standing Republican criticism of President Barack Obama’s decision to reopen diplomatic ties with the island nation in 2014. Many conservatives saw the move as appeasing the Castros in exchange for insufficient humanitarian improvements.
                    US-Cuban relations have also been hampered by recent “sonic attacks,” as the State Department continues to investigate the unusual sounds and physical symptoms plaguing some American diplomats in Cuba. Researchers determined last fall that the head injuries could have been caused by microwave weapons.

                    Read more: http://edition.cnn.com/