‘I quit because I couldn’t be proud of where I worked anymore’ – Trending Stuff

Washington (CNN)A former White House stenographer who quit working for President Donald Trump after years in the Obama administration said she left after losing pride in her workplace under Trump.

Dorey-Stein continued, “I was so proud to serve under the Obama administration, and I felt like President Trump was lying to the American people and also not even trying to lie, like not even trying to tell the truth.”

Dorey-Stein explained that stenographers allow the White House to establish their own complete records of what a president says in an interview with the press, and if the President feels the need to challenge an account of their word in the media or correct a misquotation, the White House can refer to the transcript from the stenographers.

She said that while then-President Barack Obama supported the stenographers’ work, she found Trump bristled at the concept while she was there.

“President Trump, we quickly learned, does not like microphones near his face, which is difficult because as a stenographer we often had to do that,” Dorey-Stein said. “And so, his White House and his press office often didn’t include us in meetings with the press.”

Dorey-Stein penned an op-ed Tuesday in The New York Times reacting to Trump disputing his interview overseas with The Sun, a British paper that posted audio clips of its interview with Trump. In her piece, she said Trump had been averse to being recorded and transcribed even though it would provide a complete record of his words if he really was being misquoted.

“It’s clear that White House stenographers do not serve his administration, but rather his adversary: the truth,” she wrote.

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