hyper-real whale found beached in Madrid – Trending Stuff

After sightings in London and Paris, whale is now making waves in Spanish capital

hyper-real whale found beached in Madrid – Trending Stuff

Call me Ishmael. Or, better still, Spanish whale.

Madrid awoke on Friday morning to find that a 15-metre sperm whale had managed to swim up the Manzanares River before coming to an abrupt halt by the arches of the citys oldest bridge.

The intrepid mammal turned out to be the hyper-real model previously sighted as far afield as London, Paris and Antwerp that a Belgian art collective is using to shock people into thinking about the environment.

The installation, by the Segovia Bridge, comes complete with a team of actors dressed as rescuers, who hose down the beached creature.

Madrid residents take in the scene. Photograph: Anadolu/Getty Images

Madrids city council said the whale, which will remain stranded until Sunday, was intended to act as a catalyst. Its meant to get people thinking, through art, about the kind of city they want to live in and what sort of part they can play in looking after the environment, it said in a statement.

Captain Boomer, the collective behind the work, said it was aiming for something a little more primordial: A dumb question from the sea to man. A riddle from the deep The beached whale is a gigantic metaphor for the disruption of our ecological system. People feel their bond with nature is disturbed. The game between fiction and reality reinforces this feeling of disturbance.

Madrileos appeared to be taking the cetacean incursion as a badge of honour. One tongue-in-cheek Twitter user regarded its arrival as further proof of the capitals excellent water. A sperm whale has come to die in the Manzanares, they wrote. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?

An actor tends to the whale. Photograph: Anadolu/Getty Images

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