German police detain ‘French Spiderman’ after Frankfurt feat

Urban climber Alain Robert scales 153-metre Skyper building in financial capital

German police detain 'French Spiderman' after Frankfurt feat

An urban climber known as the French Spiderman has been detained by German police after scaling a high-rise building in Frankfurt.

Alain Robert took 20 minutes to climb the 153-metre (502ft) Skyper building in the heart of Germanys financial capital early on Saturday.

After descending from the glass structure, Robert, 57, was escorted away by police.

Police officers escort Robert away after his descent. Photograph: Daniel Roland/AFP/Getty Images

Robert has climbed many of the worlds tallest buildings, often without permission.

In October 2018 he was arrested after scaling the 202-metre Salesforce Tower, one of Londons tallest buildings, without a rope or other safety equipment. Other landmarks tackled include Dubais Burj Khalifa, Taiwans Taipei 101 and the Lloyds building in London.

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